Maybelline Unveils Their Newest Ambassador!

Last week, Maybelline cracked their biggest news for the year; their newest ambassador has been unveiled (plus their newest products) and I'm very happy with the decision! Who's the newest Maybelline girl? Find out!

The newest Maybelline girl is the new superstar, Liza Soberano. Liza first glazed billboards and glossies as a model and face of Kashieca; this Fil-Am Beauty has come a long way ever since. Now she's practically everywhere and demanded by the biggest labels, publications, shows, and events, a sign that this girl's finally made it and her stars are shining bright as ever. The first time I saw Liza as Kashieca's face, I've always thought her face is probably one of the prettiest I've seen; I've encountered her in a beauty event in 2013 and I remember she was this pretty, polite, always smiling young lady and nothing has changed 'til today. 

Liza is indeed made for Maybelline because she's trendy, vibrant, confident, and beautiful.

Along with the introduction of Liza, two fab makeup collections were introduced as well:

ColorSensational unveils the new Creamy Matte Browns, a set of wonderful brown lipsticks inspired by the 90's. You only have to pop P299.00 per tube to channel the chic 90's vibe once more. Shades are Clay Crush, Nude Nuance, Burgundy Blush, Nude Embrace, and Daringly Nude.

Maybelline's beloved Clear Smooth All-In-One Powder Foundation gets a fresh, new look! It now comes in a sleek, Black and Pink case; so chic!

 Here's me wearing ColorSensational Creamy Matte Brown in Burgundy Blush.

Visit MAYBELLINE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the new products and for videos and tutorials featuring new Maybelline girl, Liza Soberano.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Love the new metallic packaging of their Clear Smooth All-in-One powder! I'm excited to try this one again. :) I can definitely see Liza Soberano as the newest Maybelline Girl. She has the same chic and trendy vibe as other Maybelline ambassadresses. :) 2016 is definitely her year! I remember seeing a post that says "Sabi nila pantay pantay tayo sa mata ng Diyos pero parang favorite ni God si Liza Soberano" HAHAHAHA. Definitely true. She's a girl who has it all! Have you heard about her recent stint with Charlie Puth? Haba ng haiiir for real. :)

  2. We were just talking about Liza over lunch because she's trending now as Charlie Puth tweeted her if she'll come to the concert. Haba ng hair! She's really so beautiful and very suitable to be the newest Maybelline Ambassadors as she truly embodies elegance and beauty. Her hometown was near my hometown in Pangasinan just a ride away and she used to go to our spring resorts in my hometown, San Manuel, Pangasinan while she's at Asingan. And finally found out the name of my nude Maybelline Lipstick, IT is Nude Lust 920 :)))) But I do love to have that Burgundy Blush you're wearing. Suits you Ms. Martha ;)

  3. I love Liza soooooo much! Shes perfect enough to be the newest ambassadress for Maybelline. Maybelline's product is so promising. Since high school, their powder is the one I always used

  4. I'm glad that Liza Soberano is the new model of Maybelline. I really like her angelic face. Ang gandang bata.

  5. i got the chance to have the Touch of Spice, Daringly Nude and Burgundy Blush,looks good on you Ms M! It can be a dupe for Mac Runner.:) Hoping you to review other creamy brown nude lipsticks:)TY in advance!

  6. Congrats, Liza!! I can still remember my Mama putting brown lipstick on my lips every time there's a school event! hahaha! #batang90s

  7. Burgundy Blush is DA BOMB. I bought it immediately after seeing a coworker rocking that shade. It's such a gorgeous, eye-catching color.

  8. Liza is one of the most beautiful filipina of our generation. It's really nice to know that she's part of Maybelline now :) Thank you Maybelline for having the best for us. Thanks also for bringing the new creamy Matte Browns :)

  9. I'm a certified fan of Liza, she truly is so beautiful!
    Mas gusto ko ng Nude Nuance among the new shades and the new packaging for Clear Smooth Powder Foundation is really nice and chic... love to purchase again!

  10. Liza is soo pretty bagay syang endorser ng Maybelline. Maybelline is one of my fave makeup brand coz it's affordable talaga and ok naman sya sa skin ko. This Creamy Matte Browns are must have lipstick. The shades are so pretty.

  11. I'm not really a fan of Liza but I can agree that she's a fitting ambassador for Maybelline. Such a pretty and angelic face. :)


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