Tony Moly Panda's Dream Collection Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Tony Moly Panda's Dream Collection.

PRICE: Powder- P678.00; Glossy Lip Crayon- P548.00; Mascara- P648.00; Concealer- P578.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Tony Moly stores and counters


Pandas- the superstars of the Internet. I can't go by each day without watching a Panda video online because they're so cute, fluffy, stubborn, and dumb (but still remain cute at that). Seeing them stumble, eat, or simply sleep in a fleeting video just makes me feel so good and happy! Tony Moly just made my everyday brighter and cuter with the Panda's Dream collection; it's a dream collection for Panda lovers and basically, it's feel- good makeup!


This new collection from Tony Moly features skin care and makeup. It features a pressed powder, lip crayons, contouring and concealing stick, mascara, cheek tint, sleeping pack, whitening cream, hand cream, eye patch, and cooling eye stick.

 I'm swatching the powder, mascara, concealer, and lip crayon today.

 Clear Pact Ingredients

The shade I got is Clear Beige 02; it's supposed to set makeup and keep oil at bay; the compact is super cute, no doubt about that!

The one I got is the darkest shade, but it is too light for my skin tone, unfortunately, and it leaves a tint on the skin so the shade difference is really obvious on me. The powder has light to medium coverage and soft, smooth finish. Given the shade, I use this as highlighter or to set the concealer on my under eyes.

The concealer is part of the highlight-conceal-contour trio. There is only one shade for the concealer and it's a light beige shade with neutral undertones. Pretty universal in my opinion so great job on this, Tony Moly.

Glossy Lip Crayons are hydrating crayons that pack a punch of shine with decent color coverage. The line comes in 5 shades.


 Bare under eyes

 One layer of the concealer

The concealer has a semi- creamy texture and I love the pen format; makes it easier to use and bring. Coverage is light to medium so it's for those with moderate dark circles. It also tends to crease so use an eye cream beneath.

- a tomato red shade.

This is great for those who want to wear a subtle shade of red for everyday. The glossy finish gives it a fresh, young vibe.

- Warm pink.

This warm pink shade complements any skin tone. It's your classic everyday pink.

The glossy crayons are pretty runny due to the texture and need to be retouched during wear. They're pretty hydrating and my lips stay moisturized when I'm wearing these.

Panda's Dream Smudge Out mascara comes in two variants: for curling and volumizing. I got the one for volumizing and it came in a curvaceous packed wand. It delivers a bit of volume and more length though, but stays the whole day without smudging.

Panda's Dream is your everyday makeup essentials...only cuter than average! My favorites in the line are the mascara and concealer!


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I agree with you that Pandas are one the cutest animals on this planet. When I saw one in Hong Kong, I couldn't help but be amazed by their cuteness. They look so fluffy and huggable. :D Now, on to tony Moly's products, kudos to them for thinking of Pandas as their packaging. :) From the products reviewed above, I think I will be purchasing the mascara first. I do love the lispsticks but sadly I have one too many at the moment. :( Thanks for the review Miss Martha!

  2. Waaaaa! This is the goodies for the August Commenter right? So fabulous! and so adorable talaga! So cute din ng glossy crayon napakavibrant for young souls ang shades :)

  3. Super cute I have their curling mascara and love it to bits because it doesn't smudge thus I don't worry about panda eyes lol!

  4. This collection is so adorable! I'm eying on the compact and the pink lipstick... will definitely check this out!

  5. Ang cute cute.... I like the Glossy Lip Crayon in the shade of Warm Pink.

  6. Definitely picking up either the mascara or lip crayons! Love the warm pink one, and the mascara's effect on your lashes is fantastic! Tony Moly really hits the right spot with their packaging <3

  7. Can't get enough of Pandas! <3 I love this collection!

  8. Finally a review about Panda's Dream, thank you again, Ms. M for choosing me as a reader for August month. my favorite from the stash is the lip and cheek tint

  9. Hi ms. Martha, is the mascara waterproof?

  10. Creating a panda collection has got to be one of the best decisions any makeup brand has ever made. Why? Simply because pandas are universally known to be appealing - so fluffy and cute. Add the fact that it was made by an Asian brand, this makes a perfect marketing and selling strategy. Anyone would want to get the entire collection just because of its packaging! I love all the products you reviewed here. I just wish the lip crayons to have more natural shades and matte finish.

  11. The lippies look really good for light mukup or even a no makeup look but I hope they stay long


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