FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 5 Effective Skin Care Sets that I have personally tried

Happy Friday, guys! Here's a quick FMF from Camilla and she asks:

Hi Martha,
What are the most effective skin care sets you have tried?

Hi Camilla!

I've tried a couple of skin care lines already in my 7 years of Blogging and so far, these are the ones that stand out:

Works well on: maintaining healthy skin; acne- prone skin

 - If you're looking for an affordable skin care line that's effective in dealing with acne and keeping healthy skin healthy, try Safeguard.

Works well on: dehydrated skin; dull skin

 - Moistfull Collagen keeps skin moist and healthy that it can even keep it breakout free. Hydration is truly the secrets to great skin!

Works well on: breakouts; acne- prone skin

- A secret of mine. When I am having painful, uncontrollable breakouts, I let Mario Badescu step in and do its job. My all- time favorites are Buffering Lotion for cystic acne and Drying Lotion for pustules!

Works well on: rough skin; enlarged pores

 - A surprisingly good one from Snoe. This line is effective in shrinking enlarged pores!

Works well on: blemishes, dark spots, and dull skin

- One of the best lines in combating acne, lightening post- acne marks, and giving an overall healthy glow. I'm on my second set now!

That's all! Do share your favorite skin care sets!

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hands down for Mario Badescu it works for me too :D

  2. I definitely agree.once in a while especially when aunt Flo is about to visit my face develop acne.I only use safeguard products and my acne will will heal and become is affordable yet effective.@damdidi1998

    1. Yes, Safeguard is very good too; didn't dry my face at all!

  3. I have tried Etude House Moistful Collagen Line and it really moisturized my skin. Just be careful with the cleanser because it stings a little.

    1. thanks for sharing; haven't tried the cleanser though. :)

  4. Yes true safeguard is very effective talaga lalo na Sa acne..yan gamit namin mgasawa

  5. Of all the 5 products that was mentioned..Safeguard is the one that I have tried. It really dries out pimples and keep it from coming back. It leaves a clean feeling on the it is cheaper and readilly available on market.

  6. I used to like Belo Essentials line for oily skin but i keep on coming back to Garnier. I love Garnier facial washes, toners and Micellar cleansing water because they are affordable but effective in keeping my skin clean and pimple-free.

  7. My first venture into the Korean skincare regimen was with Etude House's Collagen Moistfull line. I got all their items except for the sleeping pack. Before that, all I used were makeup wipes and moisturizer; so a multi-step regimen was a big change for me. But there was a noticeable difference in my skin, it became clear, plump and dewy even without makeup. Since then, I've tried other korean toners, essences, eye creams, etc, but the Collagen Moistfull Cream has been my staple moisturizer, i've repurchased it so many times.

  8. I also tried safeguard dermacare for acne. The best!!! My husband love it too.

  9. Im using Safeguard Derma Sense now. Ang healthy sa balat feeling ko gamit ko mamahaling skincare products hehe 😍😍😍

  10. Yes to Safeguard , if I can recall when I was still young my nanny used to buy dozens of safeguard and she will stock this for the family, it's skin friendly, budget friendly and they smell so good. Till now I use it on my kids lalo na paggaling sila sa paglalaro at Amoy pawis..very effective pangtanggal no smelly Underarms 😁👍😁😁

  11. Oh my it looks like I need to try most of the product lines listed here especially the safeguard as my mom taught as to always use safeguard soap to prevent body odors and acne.


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