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Here's a review on Snoe Awesome Poresome Skin Care Set

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Somebody asked me: What's all this fuss about enlarged pores? Why does everybody want to shrink 'em? Is it really life threatening if your pores are huge and open?

Well, it's not really life threatening, but it is kinda' bad for your skin. Enlarged pores do not only yield a sandpaper- like appearance, but also gives bacteria and all forms of dirt easy access into the deeper layers of your skin. There's also a higher risk of developing acne easily through deep- seated whiteheads and blackheads. Factors such as genetics and health issues contribute significantly to the size of pores and they're quite out of your control, but through a healthy lifestyle and of course, good hygiene, pores will be tighter and healthier, thus less bad skin days for you.

  I don't have a significant problem with my pores, really, although the ones on the sides of my nose are kinda' open and texture is a little grainy, and I sure as hell want them to go away. I remembered that I have Snoe's Awesome Poresome skin care line so I thought of using it since I was quite impressed with the Awesome Poresome Retexturizing Polish scrub.


The Awesome Poresome trio is comprised of a facial cleanser, toner, and a serum/moisturizer, and is sold as a set. The star ingredient of this line is Azeloglicina, a patented skin care ingredient by Sinerga. Azeloglicina is a byproduct of Azelaic Acid (found in wheat, rye, and barley) and Glycine, and is known for its lightening, sebum normalizing, hydrating, and elasticizing properties, but the three products have their very own special ingredients too. (You shall know them as you go along in this post) It's very travel- friendly, and even comes with a free toiletries pouch.

One word to describe this skin care line: EFFECTIVE. Click READ MORE for my results!

Awesome Poresome Pore Minimizing Power Cleanser

- A gel cleanser


- Contains Betaine

Pump dispenser

The cleanser lathers into a rich foam, cleanses well and leaves my skin a lil' matte, cool, and fresh after drying. 

Awesome Poresome Pore Minimizing Clarifying Tonic

- Toner


Contains Witch Hazel extract and Allantoin

Atomizer dispenser

My most favorite item in the bunch! This toner imparts an icy cool feeling, and leaves my skin matte but never dry. I always feel that my pores tighten up whenever I'm using this product! However, too much of it can cause skin to sting and it's a lil' uncomfortable!

Awesome Poresome Pore Perfect Serum

- A cream-gel type of serum


Contains Alpha Bisabolol

Pump dispenser

- The serum has this rich, silicone- like texture: It's not very wet, absorbs easily, has a cooling effect, and leaves skin looking plump. I even think that this moisturizer will fare well under makeup due to its texture. 

All three products share this tropical floral scent, the same scent that you can find in the Awesome Poresome scrub. The fragrance is a lil' too strong so if you're not a big fan of scented skin care, sniff the entire line first in any Snoe counter before purchasing, especially if you're thinking of buying it online. It's a line that's best for oily skin because the products keep skin matte through and through. For those with dry skin, use in moderation and follow up with an extra rich moisturizer as its mattifying effect may cause your skin to feel drier and tighter. Finally, the three products impart a cooling sensation and I know that not everyone likes this, so I thought of reminding you guys again!


Now here are my results:

Left: Before using Awesome Poresome
Right: 1 month after using Awesome Poresome

Whoopsie! I've deleted the after photo of the right side of my nose, but result is pretty much the same as the left side. :)

I used the products on the sides of my nose as it's the only part of my face that has prominent pores. (I think other people have this same pore problem too as it's pretty common!) The first remarkable change I have noticed was the way this area felt to touch after a month of using Awesome Poresome: It's smoother because the bumps went away! My pores became smaller, although they're still obvious. It's completely okay because I've never seen my nose pores THIS small in my entire life! :D

Now I can even out my foundation on this area properly, and I'm getting lesser and lesser whiteheads on my nose pore strips. This stuff is awesomesauce.

I've had no luck with the other skin care products of Snoe, but this one. Whatever Azeloglicina is, man it's truly effective! Of course I will recommend it to you if you want a line that really helps you deal with enlarged pores: It's affordable and above all, it works. I just wish the products were sold separately and come in bigger sizes. Try the scrub as well!


Please visit SNOE BEAUTY on Facebook for more information about this line.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I do have the same problem regarding enlarged pores :( I really hate it. But this review seems a very good help!

  2. Wow glad you liked it! I only have the polish though and its been doing a great job ever since I bought it. I'm about to run out of my usual toner so I might give this one a shot for a change! I do hope they sell these individually! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one! xx

  3. i'm starting to have bad enlarge pores on the sides of my nose too >.< i;m using the ponds toner hoping it would work but it didnt :( do they sell the snoe awesome toner separately ms. m.? :( might work on me.hehe

  4. i would just like to know,where can i purchase the product,specially the underarm whitening?

  5. I have large pores and they are really noticeable. I have tried Krave poreless toner and it did a good job on me. I wpuld love to try this one, thank you for sharing this post.

  6. I have problems with my pores and maybe that's one of the reason my face is always breaking out. I hope this product is effective on me as well. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. Louise: welcome! Let me know how it works on you :)

    Anonymous: You can purchase them from any snoe branch. please refer to their facebook page for the list. :)

    Majorie: Welcome! I have that one and I have to try that out yet. :)

    Jemimah and CJ: Yeah, I hope they sell these individually esp. the toner! For now, you have to buy the three as they come in a set. :)

    Betsbygolly: It's my fave snoe skin care product. Highly recommended! :)

  8. Hi! Awesome review! Since my pores are really big and visible, I would like to find a remedy for this problem T.T I would just like to ask if is it okay to use the pore serum only? Would it still be effective or do I really need to follow what's on the set? Thanks so much for replying! God bless ❤


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