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Here’s a review on Safeguard Derma Sense Skin Care.

Price: Face And Body Wash- P120.00; Facial Wash- P199.00; Body Bars- P88.50/set of 2 90g bars
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The good ol’ Safeguard soap has played an important role in my life, especially in terms of hygiene: From Dog bites, scratches, wounds, to general cleansing, and from my bright- eyed, childhood days up to today, Safeguard has always been there to the rescue whenever I’m in need of disinfection and cleansing.

I still use Safeguard, but my hygiene needs have already changed over the years. Disinfection is still a priority, but I equally prioritize beauty as well so I prefer products that protect and beautify my skin (and prevent Acne!) at the same time. Here comes Safeguard to my rescue once again with the new Derma Sense line that promises germ protection and skin care. I’m mighty curious on Safeguard’s take on skin care so I am excited to try out this bunch!

I’ll be documenting my journey with this line, specifically with the Derma Sense Facial Wash For Acne Prone Skin, in a two- part blog post series.

Let’s begin!


Derma Sense is the newest skin care range by Safeguard and it is designed to fight Acne- causing bacteria and maintain a healthy skin. The range features Body Bars, Face And Body Wash, and Facial Cleanser in Acne Prone and Sensitive Skin variants.

Derma Sense For Acne Prone Skin- formulated to get to the root of Acne by getting rid of bacteria that cause it along with excess oil and dirt, inflammation, and pore blockage. It is dermatologically- tested and promises to reduce Acne by up to 89% in 8 weeks of consistent usage.

Derma Sense For Sensitive Skin- designed to cleanse sensitive and easily- irritated skin. It is dermatologically- tested, Alcohol, Dyes, and Fragrance- free, and cleanses deeply yet gently without compromising the skin’s defense layer, thus I believe it is suitable for normal skin as well.

My first impressions on this promising skin care range after the jump!

 Ingredients, Derma Sense For Acne Prone Skin
(Left: Face And Body Wash; Right: Facial Cleanser)

The Facial Cleanser has a generous amount of Salicylic Acid to effectively fight Acne bacteria as well as Niacinamide, a wonder ingredient that helps skin repair steadily.  Suffice to say, this cleanser will help restore your skin’s health and keep it clean at the same time. The Face And Body Wash, on the other hand, contains Zinc Pyrithione. A complex of Zinc (another well- known Acne- busting ingredient), Zinc Pyrithione is as good (if not better) as the former because it is known for its antifungal and bacteriostat (inhibits the multiplication of bacteria) properties.

I’m pretty impressed with the kind of ingredients that went into these products!

Ingredients, Derma Sense For Sensitive Skin
(Left: Face And Body Wash; Right: Facial Cleanser)

The Facial Cleanser from this variant has a good concentration of Glycerin, a moisture- attracting and retaining ingredient.

Acne Prone Face And Body Wash has a milky, greenish consistency and it foams up to a generous lather. It is also laced with a light Eucalyptus scent that is refreshing to the senses and cooling to the skin.

Acne Prone Skin Cleanser has a light cream consistency and a virtually non- foaming formula, which is great news because that means it won’t dry out my skin. I believe its formula will suit those with combination oily/dry skin as well. It has a very light floral scent, the signature floral scent of Safeguard. Oh, the scent brings back a lot of bath time memories!

Sensitive Skin Face And Body Wash is a clear gel that lathers pretty well, just like the one for Acne Prone skin.

Sensitive Skin Skin Cleanser has a slightly pearly consistency, which I believe is intended by Safeguard for the product to provide a moisturizing effect to the skin. I alternate this product with Acne Prone Skin Cleanser, most especially when I want to use something fresh and light.

For boys, dudes, and men who are into body bars, rejoice because Derma Sense Acne Prone and Sensitive Skin variants come in soap form too.

 Derma Sense body bar comes in a set of two 90g bars. You will get to save more (by 50%) if you buy this set compared to buying the two bars separately.


I’ve been using the Face And Body Wash and Skin Cleanser for two weeks now. The cooling effect of the Acne Prone Face And Body Wash is heaven sent in this hot weather. The Sensitive Variant, I use when my Atopic Dermatitis strikes because its gentle formula helps me manage this skin condition of mine, but please take not that it is not a cure.

Let us now get down to my most favorite product in this range: Acne Prone Skin Skin Cleanser. It’s gentle, soft, a bit moisturizing, does not leave any residue on the skin, and even helps me remove more makeup due to its light cream consistency. I have a half cystic/half pustule (lol) zit on my right cheekbone and I noticed that it dried out quickly after just one week of using this product. Promising!

Since I mentioned that this particular skin cleanser has a cream consistency, I suppose you’re all asking in your heads right now if it will aggravate current breakouts or trigger new breakouts. I think no because firstly, it is formulated to fight breakouts. Lastly, little did everyone know that very harsh, high foaming facial cleansers that leave the skin very dry, taut, and squeaky clean are one of the leading causes of breakouts and this is why I like the consistency of this facial cleanser: It fights Acne like a boss, but does not damage my skin by stripping off its natural moisture! But please use with caution and with professional guidance if you have hypersensitive or highly- reactive skin.

So far, I’m having a good experience with the products. There go my first impressions on the Derma Sense Line. In part two, I’ll muse about the effects of these products on my skin. Until then!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My husband is an avid user of safeguard products☺ his loyalty will always be on this product. I will let him try this range, Im sure he's going to love it.

  2. I've been noticing this product in landmark trinoma because therez always a doctora lookalike girl dressed in a lab gown smiling at me as i pass by her aisle.. well because my mom is naturally kind she bought a facial wash for acne prone skin and my lil bro used it :) and it did miracles to him! His acne are all dried now!! :) i hope it will work on you too ms. M :)

  3. I've been wanting to use safeguard products ever since because its antibacterial properties are superb. But my Mom always instruct me to opt for beauty bars with moisturizing properties because the classic safeguard is a lil bit drying to the skin. But when I saw this line from safeguard specially made for acne-prone individuals, my Mom already allowed me to buy it. This is perfect for me because as a teenager, it's inevitable for stress and genes to kick in which result to constant break-outs. I agree to you, with just one week, it effectively dries up my pimples and prevents breakouts (sans the scars though). I just use potato juice to fade the dark marks. :)

  4. I love Safeguard! It's been our household bath soap ever since i was a kid. I love this line that they came up with, the body wash is perfect for those who wants no-fuss body wash.

  5. I honestly didn't know about this line until now! I also trust Safeguard for years and I will definitely test this out myself. I'm glad they're now expanding their range of products. I am more curious to try the one for acne prone skin. :) It really looks so moisturizing. Will wait for your next blog post about this. :D

  6. since i was a kid safeguard bar soap (white, beige and yellow) was always a staple in our bathroom and kitchen sink, and now that i have my very own family, i still keep it staple in my own bath and kitchen area =)

    i love how it makes me squeaky clean and the after bath smell, and finally safeguard releases their very own facial wash, body wash and handwash in VERY AFFORDABLE PRICES! -- oh dear shampoo na lang ang kulang he he

    i love how readily available they are on every counter!

  7. I'm using the Sensitive variant for the body wash and facial wash, and I LOVE THEM! Super great on the skin, with the same standards that I came to expect with Safeguard.

  8. My dad uses Safeguard soap since I was a kid. And as an avid user of the brand, he motivated me to use this new-to-us product he just spotted while we were in the grocery. And yes, I bought the facial wash. Much to my surprise, it was actually good.

  9. Kkumkugo: Which facial wash did you get? The Acne Prone one is great! well, also the sensitive skin version because it's fragrance- free. :)

    Pat: Same! Love that it works just like the good ol' Safeguard, but it's more moisturizing now. :)

    Rhain: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, we have safeguard everywhere in the house, just like you: in the lavatory, bathrooms, kitchen, and garage! :)

    Anne_22: Agree! :)

    Abegaill: Will write the last part probably next week. ;)

    Mickey: Really? potato juice does that? Nice to learn something new! :) Will try that. :D

    Janine: Wow! That just verified that this product is indeed effective. :) My face looks better now and I noticed that I don't breakout as much as before. :)

    Jeremy: let me know how he likes. :D

    1. You're totally right Ms. Martha!!! The Acne Prone Facial Cleanser is so so great. It really works on me. It dried out my pimples and somehow I feel moisturized. I'm so thankful to my dad because he saw and recommended this awesome cleanser to me. Hihi. By the way, thanks for the review!

  10. Hi. I just wanted to ask if Safeguard Derma Sense is available here in texas, Usa?

  11. I experience irritable acne for months cause by beauty soap.Thanks for this blog.I need to try safeguard acne prone to back my flawless skin.


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