Eyebrow Stamp: The New Brow Trend

There's a new eyebrow trend that's gaining traction online and I think it's pretty promising; ladies, meet the Eyebrow Stamp. You'll know all about it, how to use it, and my review on the product; everything you need to know about the eyebrow stamp is right below.

I've discovered the Eyebrow Stamp through online tutorials, blogs, and videos; one time, I saw one online seller on Facebook selling one brand called Shezi, messaged her to buy, and voila! I finally have an Eyebrow Stamp to play with!

Btw, if you know the shopping app Shopee, you can get it from there too; a lot of sellers are selling it there.

The other Eyebrow Stamp brand that I know is I-Envy, which is the more popular one and what most international Beauty Bloggers and Vloggers have reviewed; in the Philippines, most sellers sell Shezi probably because it's affordable; this one is only P350.00. 

Shezi Eyebrow Stamp comes in a simple box with an instructions leaflet.

The Eyebrow Stamp looks like this: it looks like a tiny clothes iron; it's bulky to be lugged around in everyday makeup kits. The protruding handles are the stamping tools; the base houses the eyebrow powder.

Here are the stamps; they're cut out from makeup sponge and shaped into a specific set of brows. Luck you if your brows fit the shape of these! Lucky me, the shape of the stamps kinda' fit the shape of my brows! The stamps are removable, btw, and can be rinsed.

Here's the eyebrow powder; it's generously- sized and there's a mirror in the compact; the shade I got is #2 Brown; there are 3 shades for this product.

#2 is a medium brown with a reddish undertone; the powder is chalky and pigmentation is medium to heavy, but despite that, it has a slight staining effect, making it last a bit longer despite the chalkiness.

Now let's go ahead and try this product!

First, brush the stamps on the powder; make sure that the stamps are evenly covered, but don't take a lot to get natural coverage.

Let's try it!

Haven't pulled out the stamp yet, but I already had a feeling that it wasn't gonna come out nicely LOL.


One mistake I did here was I positioned the stamp right on top of my brow, which caused a second brow.

I found that the best way is to position it under the brow to check if the stamp will properly land on the brow.

Now doing that technique, voila! Perfectly- stamped brows!

It pretty long- wearing and good enough for everyday use, but not really ideal for swimming or exercising.

This is a pretty cool product and I love how it gives me brows fast; it will come really handy when I am not in the mood or have no time to do brows.

But this product can still be improved on some aspects; firstly, the powder: I wish it were less chalky so I won't brush a good amount off my brows when I'm spreading the product. Lastly, the stamp: right now, the stamp only comes in a specific brow shape and will surely not fit all brow types; I wish that there will be an option to customize the stamps or stamp cartridges in varying shapes will be introduced.

Have you tried the eyebrow stamp already? What are your thoughts?

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've seen this also in blogs. I haven't tried it yet. But I'm skeptical to try it coz I don't know if the shape of the brow sponge will fit my brows. And I do have oily skin even to the part of my brows, I don't think this will last on me all throughout the day. Maybe this will work for others. I'll just have to stick on my good old eyebrow pencil.
    I'm just thinking, if the sponge can be rinse..what if in the long run it tears there will be no replacement for it. Sayang dn!

  2. Been eyeing this one so it will make my life easier when it comes to make up. Hahahaha. But there's one more that I've been seeing nowadays, a brow tint which is like the lip tint that will be removed afterwards to see the result. Try it next please? :) Thanks! ;)

  3. These beauty innovators never fail to provide us with products that makes our make-up application easier and faster!
    Anyhoo, I think Hortaleza also has brow stamps. I heard about it from my cousin and she said it costs around 300php. I'll go check it out (google or whatever other way I can) and see if it would work for me too. I do hope that the stamps would match my weird eyebrow! ^-^

  4. Finally! My most awaited review of yours Ms. M! :) Kilay is life talaga eh, feeling ko hindi ako makakaalis ng bahay kapag walang kilay haha! BTW, I'm not really fan of powder products kasi di ako marunong mag spread, fortunately, nauso tong brow stamp so yeasss, I'll gonna try this for sure! And yes, I hope they will also sell different more shapes of brows. I think parang merong stamps nito sa Daiso or miniso? Not really sure but will definitely order this product, looks pretty good and easy to use. You just have to master where to place it para bongga ang effect :) love it Ms. M!

  5. Ive watched your video using this at talagang natuwa ako sa unang paglagay m ng isang eyebrow mo. Ang galing lng kasi konting touch up lang on the go na ang kilay mo. So cute kilay goals tlaga

  6. The trends right now are getting crazieeeerr! But no matter how crazy it looks if it does the job it ain't crazy. Lol. I think I will pass by over these trend because I don't want our brows to look universal and I still don't trust products from China for some reasons. Maybe it is good for those on the go people and just want to explore new trends. Looks fun thougj

  7. I'm laughing hard with your first try...I'm picturing what will I look like on my first try hahaha

  8. Never papo akong magtry sa eyebrow ko as in hindi papo talaga hehehe. But thanks po sa review I try to use this one para maiba naman po

  9. Ito ung trending ngaun! Hahaha naisip ko lng, pwede kaya na before ko sya gamitin, ahitin ko muna kilay ko para pantay diba! Haha charot! Pero srsly, same lng kaya ung binebenta online na cheaper dito e ganyan din ang kalabasan when you try it?

  10. Natawa ako sa unang try. Hehehe. Sa tingin ko, bagay to sakin, kelangan ko lang isakto o ipantay ung pagstamp. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  11. Nakabili ako dark brown ung shade i was kinda disappointed kc eggzoited pa naman ako...pero bakit ganun ayaw nmn tumalab...as if joke lang ung paglagay sa totoo lang ung tag 250 lang ung binili ko unlike ung mga orig tlga. Hnd akp natuwa.. Hnd na nga halata nabubura pa parang pulbo lang.. Ask ko lang binabasa ba ung sponge?? Ignorante lang??

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  13. I lol’ed at your first try! Kaloka. Hahaha! I’m surprised this actually trended — is there really a one-size fit all eyebrow stamp? Everyone’s eyebrow is different. My own two brows are in fact not identical hihi.


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