How To: Effectively Curb Impulsive Makeup Spending

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As makeup lovers, I know we've all had that "I already have enough lipstick OOOH LOOK A NEW LIPSTICK BRAND!" moments; we've tried our best to curb the habit of impulsively buying makeup, but one red lippie is always never enough; we always need to get all sorts of red there is! Well, we're not called makeup lovers for nothing!

I've read this tweet one time that blatantly says: "Your bills don't care!" Yup, we can go on and on about how broke we are because of makeup shopping, but bills will always be at the doorstep every month, demanding to be paid. Moments like that, you wish that your bill collector is willing to accept a highlighter kit as payment. Sadly, that is not the case.

I've been through this and I'm proud to say that I can now say no to a new makeup collection or product without being tormented afterwards; it was tough for a makeup lover like me, but I can assure you, it's doable and I'm sharing some techniques on how you can curb impulsive makeup spending.


- It can be travel, a house, a luxury hand bag, jewelry or anything that is valuable or requires a huge sum of money; this should help you curb the spending habit pronto!


- Admit it, there are more makeup that you don't use compared to you use. Go through your makeup stash every once in a while to rediscover products or to remind yourself how much money you wasted LOL.


- Keep a diary of your makeup to know if you still have a lot of a certain color or item, or if there's anything that you can combine, mix and match, or use as an alternative to a new makeup that you're eyeing.


- We all have dreams of having our own property, car, or business someday. Now think of that often. Think where you would like to be 5- 10 years from now and estimate how much money you will need to get there.

In my case, a lot has changed since my boyfriend proposed to me. Now all I can think about is our house, our bills, appliance and furniture, and future investments. Exciting times!

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- Invest in education, in fitness, in insurance, or in any money- generating activities. Adopt a money- growing mindset.

That's all! What are your tips and ways in curbing impulsive makeup spending?

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  1. I am so thankful that I am not addicted to anything, I always have control over my self. Hahaha. I am also the mother figure kasi in my circle of friends. ako yung nagpapayo in in different aspects especially when it comes to spending. I am born naman kasi in a not so well off family na we can't literally buy anything and we were all exposed to business at a young age kaya I know how hard it was to earn money. I always say, it's all in the mind. We have to have control over it. We must always distinguish things to be a need or just a want. :)

  2. Sobrang relate! I binge buy things in the last two months and it has to stop pronto! My bills, food and transpo is way more important than these things. Thank you for this relatable article Ms. Martha! I will surely follow your tips above. Wish me luck! haha

  3. This is a must read to every makeup addict. I dont understand why some ladies get mad or offended when someone told them ang gastos na nila sa makeup. And sagot nila pakialam mo pera ko to. I will spend it the way I want.
    I avoid buying the same shade of lipstick. I only own 5 shades of lipsticks and I just mix it to form a new shade. Same with blushes.

  4. As for me, I don't work so I don't have that much money to buy or splurge on makeup. But when I do have extras yes I do buy at times..its kinda reward for myself. But before I do, I ask myself do I need it badly, will I use it regularly like my other makeup that's been sitting there for awhile. That will make me change my mind. If it's not enough then..it will be kids needs for school that I will have to think instead of buying makeup. It's all about priorities. Actually, I also say to myself.."di naman mauubos ang makeup at lagi naman may lalabas na bago nxt time na lang!"

  5. Haha this post made me laugh but these are realities. What I do is I list down things that I plan to buy, that way I can keep track about where will I get the budget. It also helps me prioritize if which ones should I buy first.

  6. Awwwiieee, guilty fella here! I tend to buy more and more makeups whenever I'm in the mall or there's a new brand or product released. Specially when my favorite brands are on sale too, I kennat >< huhu, ending? I spend too much and has no savings at all. That's sad I know. But lately, I realized that I don't really need more foundie, or lipstick or blushes. They will just expire when not used. That's why I'm trying really hard not to be an impulsive buyer. Will definitely keep in mind your advices, I will think of my future, my better future. :) I'm thinking if I should sell some of my unused makeups, hmm. Thank you so much Ms. M, I hope there's more post like this!

  7. The plural of makeup is makeup not makeups. (Please feel free to delete comment).

  8. #2 hit me hard! I need to re-evaluate my life. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I'm kuripot at heart so I curb my makeup spending by only buying makeup I need when it's on sale. Hahahaha! Problem is, L'Oreal and Maybelline are ALWAYS having a sale. I'm just thankful that my craving for new lipsticks has subsided somewhat.

  10. Everytime mppadaan na kmi ng asawa ko sa mga make up station or watsons inaakbayan nya na ako agad.😂 thankful kase nkkaiwas magsplurge sa mga bagay na alam nyang hnd ko tlga maiiwasan gastusan.😄😄

  11. me: guilty? well not so ;) My portfolio are red lippie like so I'm in mode for stock shopping right now :D

  12. Ako before i buy makeup not only 1 but more at the same brand but different shade. Then i realized na di ko nman pla sila lahat magagmit and i wasted some of my money instead buying goods. Kya ngayun kapg my nkikita akong make up i use to think twice kung need kb tlga xa or hindi. Then nagiging hapoy nlang ako sa pag swatch. Pero once a month nlng ako nagbuy lalo na kapg sale hehehe di talaga maiwasan. Pero syempre limited buget lng din

  13. Sooo guilty sa no. 2, but I am happy naman kasi I can say no naman sa ibang make up unless kailangan ko talaga, but there are times na hindi ko talaga mapigilan sarili ko. Hahaha! Most of the time I wait for reviews muna before I buy something para I know if its worth it

  14. I also make a list ng brands and products na target ko i buy haha and also look out ako ng dupes. I also de stash from time to time and sell make up na hindi pa expired lol

  15. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Hahaha. Sometimes when my mom sees my makeup collection, she will shout "Ang mahal mahal ng mga makeup mo hindi mo iniingatan!" Or when we go to a beauty store and have swatches on my hand she will say "Makeup na naman? Hindi ba maubos ubos pag aadik mo sa makeup?" Lol. I really have this bad habit of impulsive buying especially when I am not feeling good. My boyfriend noticed it and so he gave me an idea on how to stop it or atleast minimize it by having a beauty diary. I keep track of what I already have, what I bought this month or what I need, really really need. I also have swatches of foundations, highlighters, bronzers, eyebrow products, blush ons and lipsticks so I know what shades I already have on my stash. Sometimes I also include how much I really should just spend and stick with that budget. He also thought me to wait for the right time, a.k.a sale season. I managed not to buy anything from Maybelline and Loreal for months until they have their sale! Crazy but effective since I got tons of discounts and freebies as well. There are times as well when I really want to try that new product but I can't bought it. What I do is I try the tester or ask for samples (this works!) to try it first. If I can't sleep because of it and really really want it, I save for it. Lastly, I only splurge when I achieved something. I am doing thid for a year now and so far so good. Before, I casually go to a Mac store for no reason and buy a lipstick just because. Now, I only buy an expensive lipstick when I achieved something good like my graduation, promotion, achieved my goals etc. I look at cosmetics as a token for what I have achieved. It works and it feels better since I literally worked hard for that Mac Velvet Teddy. It also increase the value of my makeup since I earned it the hard way. Pinagpaguran ko yun! I almost forgot to include, I do an inventory of my collection every six months. I rate my collection, those that I really need and use on a daily basis, I keep it. The rest, I sell it for a very low price to earn or sometimes just give it to my family and friends. I hope this helps :)

  16. Thanks for this post Ms M. Hindi naman ako makeup addict. Paisa isa lang ang makeup ko, full time mom kase ako at ung makeup ko ay hindi ko pa nga maubos for one year na. Hehehe. Pede pa ba ung gamitin? Up to one yr lang ba talaga pedeng gamitin ang makeup Ms M? Sayang naman kung itatapon. Ngayon ang binibili ko ay pang skincare, malapit na kase akong mag 40 this year, toner, serum at moisturizer lalo na pag sale.


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