A P238 25- hour brow marker: Nichido Acti Brow Tri- Top 24 Hr. Eyebrow Marker in Soft Brunette and Auburn Brown Review, Swatch, Price

Here's a review on Nichido Acti Brow Tri- Tip 24 Hr. Eyebrow Marker in Soft Brunette and Auburn Brown.

PRICE: P238.00
FROM: SM Department Store, SM Aura
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in SM and Watsons stores


One of the highly- talked about products on beauty groups in Facebook is Nichido Acti Brow Tri-Tip 24 Hr. Eyebrow Marker; a lot are impressed by its longevity, pigmentation, and price. I'm here to tell you that if you need an eyebrow product that stays the whole day even up to the next day, try this, but there are some things to consider; read on.


Acti Brow features an innovative tri- tip applicator to create hair- like strokes effortlessly; features a long- lasting liquid formula and comes in four shades: Soft Brunette, Auburn Brown, Honey Blonde, and Soft Latte.

The tri- tip applicator is shaped as such to deliver the following benefits in my opinion: The bigger tip is for mapping the brows, and the two, smaller tightly- packed tips are for creating hair- like strokes on the edges and tails of your brows. Use the three together by placing it flat on your brows and you get hair- like coverage. Props to Nichido for pondering long and hard about the use of the applicator.


Top: Auburn Brown
Bottom: Soft Brunette

If you're wondering where the other pen is, I misplaced it at home huhu. :(

Anyway, I was expecting Auburn Brow to come out a reddish brown and it delivered while Soft Brunette as a more taupe or neutral brown; turned out that the shade difference is not that significant between the two plus both have a red undertone; I'm guessing that the two other shades have a reddish undertone too.

Pigmentation is medium to heavy so you have to use a light hand with this one. The formula has a sheer liquid consistency that sets immediately so you have to use it sparingly and build gradually.


Soft Brunette on my brows

Oddly, Soft Brunette turned dark and the reddish undertone became nearly invisible already; that turned out good for me because it somehow matched my ideal shade, but the challenge here is you won't really know how the shades of this product will come out on your brows just by merely swatching on the back of the hand; you gotta try it on your brows.

My technique with this product is I coat the middle to tail portions of my brow as fast as I could with just a small amount then blend it quickly with a spoolie to distribute the product; as I said, it can yield heavy coverage plus it dries up pretty fast so you don't want to put a lot; I repeat this process if needed. Finally, I coat the edge of my brows slowly to get good, natural coverage. Sounds like a lot of work, right?

No question about its staying power; it stays intact even if you sweat, oil up, or swim; even my cleansing oil is having a hard time removing it, but it gets removed anyway.

This product has intense staying power and it's perfect for really oily skin types and those who work long hours and hate retouching. However, it takes a bit of effort to use and there's a learning curve to it so I won't say it's newbie- friendly, plus the shade selection needs improvement; if you're willing to undergo these because you want intense staying power more than anything else, then go ahead and try it.


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  1. Woah. It looks different I mean the tip of the product. But does it have a glittery effect or it's just the camera or other products? hahahaha.

  2. Hindi ko to kayang gamitin, pasmado eh. Sayang at mura lang. Thanks for this post Ms M

  3. I love the ieea that it stays long in our brows. :)

  4. This is cool! Adding it to my birthday wishlist :)

  5. I think I will try this. Nichido is a good makeup brand, and affordable too

  6. I had this for months but I don't have any idea how to use it. Lol. I think this is not okay to be use by beginners because of its odd shape but actually it really helps in creating natural looking brows mimicking hairs perfectly. It reminds me of maybelline brow mascara that also have this unique tool that people may have a hard time to use but once you get used to it, it is pretty useful actually. I think I might use this again and give it a chance one more time.

  7. I wouldn't mind practicing everyday just to perfect the application as long as i have brows that stays all day long.

  8. I think this kinda tricky to use,it would really take a steady and light hands to achieve a perfect brows using this. But for now I'd rather stick on to my pencil.

  9. Finally! A Nichido Acti Brow Tri- Tip 24 Hr. Eyebrow Marker review. At least now I know what to expect. I've been eyeing this product for months na sa mall pero I can't make up my mind kung dapat ko bang bilhin o hindi dahil dun sa tip nya. I love that it has superb staying power.. but I'm kinda afraid sa tricky application part. Pero dahil nakakaenganyo ang kilay sample sa photo mo, bibilhin ko to :D Thank you sa application tip!

  10. Hi! May I know what eyeliner you used here? :)

  11. Something different for the brows! I like it!


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