DEAR READERS: Do you think Instagram beauty is over the top?

Some people have requested me to bring back DEAR READERS because they enjoyed alternative opinions from co- readers. I thought it was a great idea and second, third, fourth, and so on opinions are always good to hear for a wider perspective. So here you go!

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Our topic today is Instagram Beauty. You know: brows on fleek, megawatt skin, ultra flawless skin, dramatic eyeshadow, thicker than thick falsies, and ultra matte lipstick; all of which contributes to a glamorous, almost doll- like feature that has set a gold standard on Instagram as the ideal makeup look.

The majority find it amazing and beautiful while some thought it has to stop.

Why did this kind of look become popular in the first place; it is because of celebrities and beauty influencers who made heavy makeup seem cool on Instagram. Eventually, fans followed suit and more than the following a trend, a lot have subscribed to Instagram Beauty because it became a process for most women to uplift themselves through makeup and express their artistry.

Artistry--now this is where some people who are not sold on the idea of IG beauty are having trouble connecting the medium to the goal. A lot argued that if the main goal is expressing artistry, why does everyone end up looking the same? Only different colors, but the same look.

Personally, I don't mind Instagram Beauty because I enjoy seeing women play with colors and transform themselves with it; it gives me an idea on which colors look best together too, plus it revived my interest in eyeshadow; finally, my eyeshadows will be touched after so long.

But I believe that there is a time and place for everything. Sure, do Instagram Beauty all you want, but know when to wear it and I don't think it's a good idea to wear very heavy makeup or overly glittered eyes to a job interview.

How about you? What do you think of Instagram Beauty? Is it yay or nay?

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder sabi nga nila. For me, if ang bases ng beauty is physical YAY yan. Nakaka amaze din naman ang artistry sa makeup. Marami na-iinspire. Ang ganda kaya tingnan pero hindi ko rin masisisi ang mga Simple is beautiful yung tipong ano ang bigay ni God contented na. Kanya kanyang opinion lang talaga.

  2. For me it's aesthetically beautiful when it comes to photoshoots, magazines and social media posts but it is not for job interviews and everyday make up especially we are in a tropical country and I think everyone will think it to be absurd, OA and something like that well unless you're Tessa Prieto but I all see this beautiful, It's a work of art because not everyone could do that.

  3. It's nice to look at but a bit excessive for my daily life. I do take their techniques though, try them out, and modify them to fit my personal taste.

    I've never liked Instagram brows though, just had to say it haha but I don't have anything against those who prefer them.

  4. I think Instagram Beauty is ok for me. It gives me a reference. People are free to choose what medium they will use regardless if its IG, or any form. Social media are just tools to express it. I just think that we should just respect the choices of people who opt to use Instagram for beauty purposes. The beauty of democracy.

  5. I see some pinay vloggers doing this on their channel and I cringe every time. It looks good with the western people but not with us. Perhaps our conservative culture is a factor. The looks is overdone for a day to day basis and it does not actually look good on our soft features. It is okay to sport plakado foundie, matte lipstick or bold brows from time to time but when it is all at the same time, it looks cartoon-y and not appropriate. It depends to you if you want to look like you are always ready to be in a club. But yeah, though I love makeup so much, balance is still the key. As all the pro artists and teachers I have encountered, they always say, less is more and balance is the key. Let us just keep the instagram makeup on ig only and not use it on our everyday life. But if you really want to sport that kind of look then why not.

  6. I'm a bit torn about it. I admire the work and effort they've exerted in perfecting their makeup but at the same time, it sometimes makes me feel like this is the beauty that one should achieve, that anything that doesn't come close to this is not beautiful. But it's a good thing that not everything that is posted on Instagram is reality. I guess that's what we need to remind ourselves -- Instagram is a platform where you show off your best face, that best shot, etc. It doesn't necessarily mean that that's the standard we should all be following.

  7. i would love to see the trend change into perfect barely there/no-makeup makeup look. :)

  8. I find it Over or OA as we say here in our country. You are right that hope it is uited to wear that kind of makeup look in a particular event or occasion. But still, it so so so full glam, heavy makeup..and the highlighter of those is so blinding. It made me thinks sometimes that how much of foundation, concealer they use. Plus, when they wash there face for sure the water will turned out creamy biege. Hehe.
    As the great architect says "less is more"

  9. I admire these people who put in extra efforts especially on using make - up. I'd still prefer the no make up look but it doesn't mean I hate these over the top makeup bloggers. It's their passion and I salute their skills and patience applying a thousand different makeup on their faces. If I have their skills why not try it, sayang din ang makeup para masulit LOL!

  10. Para sakin, kanya kanya naman tayo ng gusto eh. Nakakahanga nga ang effort nila to put all the makeup in their face and they look nice. Pero hindi mo din to magagamit sa pang araw araw. Pede siguro sa mga party at holidays.

  11. I think their makeup application skills are amazing but I agree that every kind of makeup has a proper place and time and, IMO, most of the IG makeup is just that--good for IG and not much else. Now, as to their creativity, well, I just don't think that they are as creative or well artistic as legit MUAs who have not just honed their skills but developed their own makeup application techniques and styles.

    But well, at the end of the day, aesthetic is subjective, and for me, I don't find flawless skin that looks like wax, as what I usually see on these people, aesthetically pleasing, especially IRL. But hey, maybe these IG people would tone it down since runway trends are focusing now on fresh, natural beauty.

  12. To each their own. I really admire people who have makeup skills like that. IG beauty may not be everyone's cup of tea but some people do find this helpful. Middle Eastern women do prefer this kind of makeup and they might find this helpful for them. This does not mean that we should copy them. We can use it as a guide if how a product works or how we should apply them--if we should buy it or not. It really depends on someone if she feels that it is something that needs to be copied. Nothing or no one should dictate you on how beauty should be perceived. If you are a glam babe, or a K-beauty enthusiast or if you favor the natural look, it's all up to you. Lets just praise and admire this IG beauty because everywhere we look, it's all inspiration. Grace Coddington once said, "Keep your eyes open, because whatever you see can inspire you."

    IG Beauty is an inspiration, not a standard. But those skills tho, you need to hand it to them.


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