A P340 Ticket to flawlessness: Bobbie Cosmetics Two-Be-Fair BB Cream Cream Rose and Poof! Concealer CN-02 Review, Price, Swatch

Here's a review on Bobbie Cosmetics Two-Be-Fair BB Cream (Cream Rose) and Poof! Concealer (CN-02).

PRICE: BB Cream- P240.00; Concealer- P100.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in leading department stores


It only takes P340.00 to have a flawless canvas, big thanks to Bobbie Cosmetics, this very good and very affordable brand that I'm fond of lately. Can't believe how affordable and effective the products are, at least to me.

Where will your P340.00 take you? To the land of sheer flawlessness; just remember these two names: Bobbie Cosmetics Poof! Concealer and Two-Be-Fair BB Cream. Revealing the magic below.


Two-Be-Fair BB Cream comes in two shades and has various plant extracts to protect, hydrate, soothe, and nourish the skin. Poof! Concealer promises to cover discolorations on the face and brighten and protect skin with Vitamin C and E; it comes in three shades.


Hey! Love that the BB Cream is high in Niacinamide, a very good skin care ingredient. However, it has a couple of oil ingredients so test it out first if you have sensitive skin.

L- BB Cream
R- Concealer

The BB Cream has a moisturizing consistency due to the bevy of oil extracts; it has a light floral fragrance and medium to heavy pigmentation; it can actually pass off as foundation. Cream Rose is a medium beige with a rosy undertone.

The concealer has medium to heavy coverage; texture is a bit hard and needs a bit of warming up to make it spreadable. CN-02 is a light medium beige with a yellow undertone.


Bare under eye

With one layer of Poof! Concealer

This is pretty much an amazing concealer because it minimizes dark circles in an instant, plus it works very well in concealing dark spots too. If you have dry under eyes, however, use an eye cream first.

Bare skin

With Two-Be-Fair BB Cream

Thanks to the oil extracts, this BB Cream glides on smoothly and leaves even coverage. It can also even out skin tone and cover moderate discolorations fairly well too.

Yup, can't believe my eyes too. When I took this photo, I had to do a double take and wondered if I was indeed wearing a P340 face base combo or some luxury foundation and concealer. LOOK.AT.THE.COVERAGE!

Staying power of the concealer is pretty good because of the hard texture. The BB Cream doesn't have good oil controlling property so you need to blot and retouch around thrice during wear, if you have combination oily/normal skin; maybe even more if you have very oily skin; a primer and mattifying finishing powder should keep oil at bay for you.

I'm really happy with this duo and will recommend to everyone, whether you're a budget babe or a big spender, because these are simply great products. Now excuse me while I stare at my photo for a few more hours because even if I've used these for a couple of times already, the flawless finish still amazes me!

GIF from Giphy

"Bes, ang mura pero ang ganda."


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  1. I always see this Bobbie Cosmetics at Watsons, but I didn't get the time to check their products. I have seen a review about their eyeshadows and concealer too. But now that I ran out of concealer I might give this a try. It's cheap, coverage is great and it is available at Watsons. Thanks!

  2. Not to mention, Bobbie also have great but underrated lippie. I wish I they were around during my high school days :)

  3. Wow both ang ganda ng packaging at ang ganda din ng finish touch sa face. I really like seeing your own pics when reviewing so we could really see its final touch sa skin.

  4. True Ms. Martha!! Ganda talaga ng products from them especially the concealer I use them to cover my pigmentations and blemishes. Can you please do a review of the Miss Skinny Eyebrow from Bobbie and compare it to Anastasia brow pencil or Nyx Micro Brow Pencil. Thank you!!! So excited for the meet and greet!!!!

  5. Wow. Ang mura nito at ang ganda ng coverage. Thanks for this post Ms. M

  6. wow amazing coverage for that price!

  7. For a mother like me with a tight budget I must give this a try specially the concealer.. Thank you ms. Martha your blog reviews is very helpful to me. More power and happy 8th anniversary!

  8. Wow for that coverage and for the price i never know Bobbie Cosmetics has magic to cover blemishes or what they call "sumpa sa mukha".Thanks for this review Ms.Martha

  9. Wow! Seems great. Makabili nga soon! :)


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