Storm-Proof Brows with Cathy Doll Real Brow 4D Tattoo Tint 02 Ash Brown Review, Price, Swatch

Here's a review on Cathy Doll Real Brow 4D Tattoo Tint #2 Ash Brown.

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It has been raining hard recently, which is so weird for this month because it's supposed to be summer; but I appreciate the damp, cool weather, a much- needed respite from weeks filled with scorching heat.

Anyway, I was walking to the gym yesterday when it rained all of a sudden; it was unfortunate that of all the days, I decided not to bring an umbrella yesterday; I was still 1 kilometer away from the gym so I ran, got soaked (good thing I brought extra gym clothes whew!), but when I checked in the mirror, my brows were still intact despite being drenched in rain water and I was wearing Cathy Doll Real Brow 4D Tattoo Tint. That experience made me dub this as a 'Storm- proof brow product!'


A liquid brow liner with a unique, 4- point brush trip that helps create hair- like strokes. Formula claims to be long- lasting and comes in three shades: 01 Light Brown, 02 Ash Brown, and 03 Dark Brown.

Here's the 4- point tip, an applicator style that's becoming more prominent with brow products lately. Takes some getting used to, but srsly, it does let you achieve hair- like lines in a jiffy and easily at that, if this ain't your talent. I find that the overall size of the applicator fits most brow shapes too.

If there are 4 tips, how come there are only three lines? The two small lines in the middle join forces to create a single line.

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Y 4 tips tho?


Bare brow

With Real Brow 4D Tint

02 Ash Brown is a medium brow with a honey undertone; close up, it looks a bit obvious that I'm wearing a brow thingy, but afar, it looks very decent. Product dries up pretty fast so apply gradually and with light hands. Coverage is light to heavy and I like the watery consistency of the product; makes it less prone to obvious errors and looks fairly natural overall.

For the staying power, my rainy day story is enough to prove that this baby is SUPER LONG- WEARING. In fact, not even oil can make it go away easily. I also swam and worked out in these, and baby, it stayed!

This product is perfect for oily skin, sweaty peeps,  and during the stormy season because it won't fail you!

GIF from gurl.com

YASS MAMA. Time to make your music video fantasy come true!


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  1. Yes I was actually wondering why it's raining every now and then especially in the afternoon but it doesn't actually last for so long so for me it just made the temperature hot. Hahhaa. But it's still good to have some rain during summer.

  2. I can now say yes to my swimming trip with my bff lol!

  3. Thanks for this post Ms M. Ang ganda ng kilay mo at affordable pa ang Cathy Doll. Someday matututo din akong magkilay.

  4. Parang kagaya din yan ms. Martha sa nichido pero mukhang mas ok yan... Affordable din. Bagay siguro yan sa mga may oily skin.

  5. This is a must haves for us women wherein we think of as our kilay as our goals. Lol. But this is really something great for an eyebrow product that would last any weather we have.

  6. Love the memes and gif on this post. Lol. :D It looks fun to try and reminds me of the one from Nichido as well. This is a bit expensive than the local brand maybe you can give us a battle of both? :) Overall, innovations for brow products are everywhere! I'm preparing my wallet (and kilay) for more products on our table ;)

  7. oh wow this product looks promising. it's perfect for summer here because it's humid and it ALSO rains lol


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