Set and Correct Pink- Toned Foundations with BYS Banana Powder Review, Swatch, Price

Here's a review on BYS Banana Powder.

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I've been wanting to try Ben Nye Banana Powder, but been reading mixed reviews on it. I learned that BYS has their own version called HD Banana Powder so I gave it a try, and I think I'm fine without Ben Nye for now because this one by BYS sets makeup, makes it last the whole day, and I also noticed that it helps correct foundations that are pink- toned and light for Filipina skin! ZOMG!


BYS Banana Powder can be used to highlight, set, and correct makeup; contains mattifying pigments that help makeup last long.


L-R: Banana Powder; Foundation set with Banana Powder

Texture is fine and airy due to its HD properties. It looks fairly light on its own, but if applied on top of foundation, it tends to look much warmer, but not necessarily dark. It is unscented too.


I used a slightly pink- toned foundation here in a shade that's lighter than my skin tone to demonstrate how it helps counteract that pink, white cast from such foundations.

Now here's the pink- toned foundation set with BYS Banana Powder; it took out the pinkness of it by warming it up for a bit. My camera was not in the mood to capture truer colors the day I took a photo of the product swatch, but I guarantee you that in person, the outcome of my base was much warmer than this. :p

Did I mention that this product helps makeup last long? Yas that's right! I used this together with BYS Creme Foundation and my makeup lasted the whole day and take note, I ran a lot of errands in between...I literally ran!

So if you're looking for an alternative to Ben Nye Banana Powder and something that will correct pink- toned foundations, not to mention help makeup last long, this will do the trick!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I haven't tried banana powder or any special powder that counter acts the color of a foundation. I think this would be perfect for those makeup professionals or even people who love wearing makeup all times. Much lesser in price rather than other banana powders.

  2. i havent tried bys powder Ms M! My first setting powder is Mary Kay (which I bought from my officemate) same lang sila halos ng price. The second one is from Skinfood (included on my gift bag from Ms Gem of rare vanity -- 2 years ago) i like that it was scented -- bihira naman ata ang setting powder na may scent, then yung ginagamit ko lately yung pinurhcase ko sa Althea Korea (Innisfree no sebum powder) scented plus may minty feeling sya, I like that it was much finer than any other setting powder na natry ko will recommend this to my officemate who is in hunt for a good setting powder!

  3. Hi Martha! I'm glad you found a dupe for Ben Nye Banana Powder. I was hesitant to buy it at first too (the time I bought it pa sakto nagtaas ng prices ang online sellers because limited stocks were available then) but I'm so glad I did! I have really oily skin, and silicone primer + matte liquid foundation + Banana powder keeps my face from oiling up until after 5 hours or so. The big bottle lasts really long too. Hope you get to try it out in the future so you could compare it with this. :)

  4. Love the GIF, because who doesn't like minions? Anyway I tried a Banana Lose Powder also from another brand, I don't know but I am expecting it to smell like Banana's hahaha! But I don't like it as much as the cult fave Ben Nye. Anyways I need try this one though looks very promising :)

  5. You had me at "I'm fine without Ben Nye" but the little minion made me laugh so hard. :)

  6. Never tried any Banana Powder before, ang ginagamit ko ngayon na powder ay Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder at effective sya sa oily face ko.

  7. Awesome review!! Very informative and interesting.. Do you know if its able to hide acne? Its not a severe one, just a few bump and acne scars. If not, can you recommend anything that I can use? I've been looking for foundations that might be able to help me with it. I'd like to try this out!! I usually use my Mermaid Makeup Brushes Set for applying any make up like this. Thank you for sharing this! Looking forward to your future post!!

  8. Miss M, hope you could do a comparison review of this together with 3W Clinic's loose powder. Parang mejo similar kasi sila.


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