FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Best False Eyelash Glue and my favorite false eyelash brands

Hi guys! I have something to tell you: I'm getting fond of false eyelashes lately haha! I used to hate this product a lot because it takes so much time and effort to apply, but I realized lately that it's worth the effort. I'm still not at a point wherein I'll wear it everyday, but I don't mind wearing it often to special events, something that I don't usually do.

That's why I'm happy to answer today's FMF query from Rolande:

Hi Ms. Martha,
Do you have any recommendations for some good, reasonably priced false lash adhesive? I'm struggling to find good ones that actually work and won't burn a hole in my wallet.
Also, while we're on this topic, do you also have any brand recommendations for false lashes?

Hi Rolande!

Thanks for the question! To tell you the truth, I haven't used enough false eyelash glues to answer this question extensively, but if there's one brand that I will recommend, it's this:


- I've had this product for a while now and it's one of the best, along with Kryolan's Eyelash adhesive. It lasts the whole day, doesn't leave a white residue, doesn't sting eyes, has no glue smell, comes off easily with warm water and cleansing oil, and the glue doesn't dry up quickly in the tube. I buy bigger bottles and tubes of lash glue because I have a lot of events and tutorials wherein falsies are a must.

But if you don't see the point of buying a big tube because you are an occasional user, you can try the following:

1. Nichido eyelash glue (comes in mini tubes)
2. Nippon Esthetic Eyelash glue (comes in mini tubes as well and as a set of 3; get it HERE)

Actually, I'm pretty happy with eyelash glues that come in sets! The ones that are good that I've tried are Etude House, BYS, and Make Up For Ever.

And here are my recommended false eyelashes ranked from most expensive to cheapest:

1. MAKE UP FOR EVER LASH SHOW (Around P900.00/pair)

- If you're looking for the widest selection of false eyelash styles around, from natural to avant garde, try Make Up For Ever; of course quality is really good too; the lash glue included in their sets is dope too that I actually want to purchase it individually!

- The fastest way to apply falsies! These are pre- glued falsies so all you have to do is just pull them out and stick on your lids! However, these are highly dispensable, but there are adhesive refills available so you don't have to throw away the lashes every time along with the used adhesive.

Photo from Google

3. BOHKTOH FALSE EYELASHES (P400.00+ per set of 10)

- Bohktoh is a brand dedicated to creating fashionably light and chic falsies, and they have the nicest styles around, those that are fit for a beauty queen look. My favorite style is J-02!

4. ELISE FALSE EYELASHES (Around P150.00/pair)

- My go- to brand for drugstore falsies. It's super lightweight, sturdy, the styles enhance lashes naturally without the costume-y look, and they're accessible. You can get this from Watsons, SM Department stores, and Robinsons department stores.

5. ETUDE HOUSE FALSE EYELASHES (Around P140.00/pair)

- A surprisingly good, affordable find from Etude House. Their lashes are quite nice, lightweight, and I noticed that the strands are not entirely black; more of black-brown, which gives a softer look and is perfect for pale skin too.


- A makeup artist favorite because the styles are chic, it's lightweight overall, and super affordable! When you take a trip to Divisoria, don't forget to grab these lashes!

Here are other false eyelash resources I wrote that could help you too:

That's all and may your day be as pretty as your false eyelashes!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I am not really fond of eyelashes coz it feels so heavy for me and it's like covering my eyes I can't properly see :D but you'll look good talaga when using one.

  2. I bought Elise dahil alam ko fave mo yan saka yan yung isa sa mga naging faves mo (di ko na sure anong month) i used Nichido glue! Ang weird lang Ms M sa iba ang bilis ko maglagay nito pero sa sarili ko struggle talaga =(

    Yung points ko na nakuha sa SMAdvantage card ang pinangbili ko ng Elise na Falsies (maeexpire na kasi sayang naman kaya naisip ko ibili ng false lashes)

    Will try Bohktoh kasi they are good as raved by most of beauty bloggers! Thank you Ms M!

  3. I have several boxes of Taiwan lashes because I layer them. Bohtok is my favorite in layering falsies they still look natural even though I layer 3 falsies together. As for the glue, nichido have my heart because it is cheap and sticks like a koala on your lids. Since it is cheap I won't mind even it dries out.

  4. Thank you for answering my query, Ms. Martha!

    I'm currently using the Nichido eyelash glue; but, I find that sometimes, my lashes lift up on the corners as the day progresses. I'll try the Bohktoh one next! As for the lashes, from you list, I have only tried the Taiwan Lashes. I'm excited to try the rest of your recommendations.

    Once again, thank you! <3

  5. I have tried the Elise too bad it doesn't come with a glue plus I have a makeup artist to put them on me. Heaven knows what will I look like if I put it by myself. Anyways I know it will take a lot of practice so why not practice on cheap eyelashes, in that case you wont have to waste precious money for eyelashes.

  6. Putting falsies is a challenge for me too. Maybe I just need to practice pa more. Thanks for the glue suggestions Ms M.

  7. Nice Collection

  8. helpful! baguhan lang din po ako sa falsies I even tried using regular glue hahaha pero now I bought the DUO eyelash glue since it's affordable pero nung nabasa ko ung ingredients may nakalagy na formalin! is that okay? diba that's used to preserve dead bodies!

  9. I like falsies too they add drama aand beauty yo ones eyes. But I'm having a hard time putting them on. That's why I hardly wear one. I have Taiwan lashes and also one from Miniso. The glur grom Nichido is the one I use, but they some says Daiso eyelash glue is a good one too.

  10. Hanggang mascara lang ako Ms M. Hehehe

  11. Nabibigatan ako sa falsies pero gandang ganda din ako sa sarili ko pag naka-falsies 😂 taiwan lashes really are the bomb!

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