EFFECTIVE: Bioré Micellar Water in Oil Control and Moist Up Review and Price

Here's a review on Biore Micellar Water.

PRICE: Around P300.00+
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all SM department stores


One of my favorite drugstore makeup removers, Bioré has just revamped their Micellar Water packaging and added a new variant. Let's check it out!


Bioré Micellar Water features watery micellar water technology for effective cleansing and water from the Japanese Alps to soothe and nourish the skin. It is gentle and non- comedogenic.

Moist Up is actually the original Micellar Water that now comes in a bigger form and new packaging; the new variant is called Oil Control. Moist Up is ideal for normal to dry skin and Oil Control, for oily skin.



Long- wearing and waterproof lipsticks are my favorites, but I sometimes hate how hard they are to remove. I put these micellar waters to the test and to my surprise, they removed my most waterproof liquid lipstick, Jouer Lip Creme, in a breeze! Whoa! It can also effectively remove medium to heavy makeup and leaves no scent and sticky residue. I also noticed that there's a difference between two formulas, which proves that these are not just similar waters labeled differently: When I use Moist Up, my skin feels moist and moisturized, and when I use Oil Control, face feels a bit matte, but not taut nor dry. However, it cannot remove waterproof mascara.

These are not exactly the cheapest Micellar Water products in the drugstore, but they are effective and that's what matters!


Please visit BIORÉ PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the products.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow, like your review on this. I am glad to hear that they came with another variant of their Biore' brand of Micellar Water. Ganda din ng packaging.

  2. I have garnier micellar water (good heavens I'm glad thy're officially here) and biore in my rotation and I can't decide which is better in terms of quality. I'm glad that Biore now come in bigger size. Yay for that!

  3. Aww... this is so amazing. I only use Loreal Micellar but when I used it I fell a little bit sticky. Now this time I'll try this Biore Micellar soon and I think I'll get the Oil Control one. 😊

  4. Been thinking of what brand of Miscellar Water should I buy but then I saw this (and saw this before on your previous entry) so I decided I will buy this instead. I tend to be lazy in removing my makeup. And sometimes water is not enough that's why I need the help of a Micellar Water. Thank you for this, Ate! 💞

  5. The moist up is the very first micellar water that I've tried and I super love it! Especially for removing liquid matte lipsticks. Love the new packaging! 😊 Will definitely try the oil control pag ubos na tong gamit ko. Thank you for this Ms.M! ❤

  6. My fav micellar water is from garnier ms martha and I would love to try this especially the one for oily skin! Thank you for sharing ms martha I am running out of my garnier, will surely try this!

  7. I haven't tried their Micellar water, I'm using a different brand but I really love Biore's Cleansing oil really melts the makeup. For sure this is really a good one too.

  8. Hindi ko pa natry ung Micellar Water ng Biore pero ung Cleansing Oil, natry ko na, at super effective. Try ko nga din to pag naubos na ung gamit ko. Thanks for this post Ms M.


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