VLOG 2: A Restaurant inspired by Toilets??? + Youtube Video

After a luxurious dinner at Discovery Shores for my birthday, the fiancé and I searched for Boracay Toilet restaurant, one of the famous restaurants/attractions in the island.

A toilet or bathroom may not exactly be the ideal inspiration for a restaurant, but it makes for a fun one. Here in Boracay, Boracay Toilet Restaurant is what's every tourist is visiting for a poo-rfect mix of amusement and a good meal.

Boracay Toilet Restaurant is the first of its kind in the Philippines, but the concept has been around Asia; I know two and they're in Indonesia and Taipei. 

Upon entering the stairs, you'll immediately get the feel of being in a bathroom because of all the doodles in the walls, a favorite past time of anyone who's releasing some fury LOL.

The seats are toilets and the tables are made from pipes, glass, and bath tubs! How cool is that???

We came from a really hearty meal at Indigo restaurant and only had space for dessert so we ordered Turon with Chocolate Sauce in a toilet- inspired bowl. LOL.

 I ordered Coffee Jelly in a man-let (Man Toilet)- inspired glass haha! How amusing!

Boracay Toilet Restaurant features classic Pinoy fare and some with a twist.

So yeah, if you're looking for a really cool and amusing place to dine in in Boracay, you have to check out this place!

Boracay Toilet Restaurant is located at Station 1, roadside, behind Fat Willy's.

Click HERE for the video.

I also uploaded the second and last vlog of my recent Boracay trip featuring Boracay Toilet Restaurant, plus places that I recommend you visit in your stay.

Hope you enjoyed this series!

Part 1 here:

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This restaurant is a conversation starter itself. Dami interesting sights to see. I wanted to watch the video, clicked HERE but there's no link. Went to youtube na lang

  2. Ang cute ng resto. Is it good to eat in a toilet/bathroom ambiance?? Weird pero If I go to bora maybe try ko din dyan.

  3. Done watching your vlog Ms. Martha :) Super aliw ang place na na-feature mo :) Lalong nkakaenganyo mgpunta sa Boracay :) At least now I know what places are the best to go in Boracay because of your vlog/blog :) Looking forward to watch more travel vlog and everyday vlog on your YT channel soon hihi:)

  4. That's so weird but also super cool. hahaha!

  5. Done watching your vlog! I will surely put this on my list. Ang cuutttee! Haha!

  6. Mababano ako pag kagaya Kong probinsiya. Haha 😆 pero ang Cute,ganda ng theme...di na ako makakakain sa una puro pictures talking magagawa ko 📷📷📷 Thanks for featuring Madam, nakakatuwa.

  7. Sobrang cute ng place!! Nakakatuwa 😍 if only I found out about this sooner I would tell my sister about this kasi kakagaling nya lang ng Boracay (Station 1). But ehhh, saving this for future travels in Boracay! By the looks of it, you had fun there ate. The food also looks delicious 🤤 thank you for this ate. Now I have two Boracay recommendations from you 😍

  8. You both look cute on the last part of the video. It is important to take a pic on the urinal and the toilet bowl..hehe! It is kinda fun and musing going there.

  9. Mapuntahan nga namin to kung sakaling mabigyan ng chance na makapunta ulet sa bora with the family. Thanks for this post Ms M.


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