Good and Affordable Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes: Cathy Doll Nude Me Eyeshadow Palettes Review, Complete Swatch, Price

Here's a review on Cathy Doll Nude Me Eyeshadow Palette in 01 Nude, 02 Smoky, 03 Pink Champagne.

PRICE: P499.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at select SM Department stores


Thanks to IG, YT, and FB tutorials, people are now more open to wearing eyeshadows; it's just a matter of education on how to wear, when to wear, and what colors to wear and mix.

There are pretty good eyeshadow palettes in the P1,000 price range; however, I learned through blog as well as social media comments that a lot still found this too steep and so I am always on the lookout for the best eyeshadow palettes I can find that's below P1,000.

And I found some and it's from Cathy Doll called Nude Me palettes, great neutral eyeshadow palettes for any occasion!


Nude Me is a new collection that features lipsticks and three neutral eyeshadow palettes. 

Did you notice the characters on the boxes? They're nude! :D So cute!

Each palette contains 12 shades. There are three palettes to choose from and interestingly, I think there's a palette intended for each skin type.

03 Pink Champagne


Cream (matte)
Pink Beige (Shimmer)
Pink Bronze (metallic)
Mauve pink (matte)
Bronze (metallic)
Warm gold (metallic)
Dusty mauve (matte)
Chocolate bronze (metallic)
Dark Chocolate (matte with shimmer)
Dark Bronze (metallic)
Taupe dark brown (matte with shimmer)
Deep brown (matte with shimmer)

Pink Champagne suits fair skin tones.

02 Smoky


Warm cream (matte)
Bronze Gold (metallic)
Pearl (metallic)
Copper (metallic)
Taupe (matte)
Bronze gold (metallic)
Light bronze (metallic)
Steel (metallic)
Light champagne (shimmer)
Rose gold (metallic)
Dark brown (matte with shimmer)
Black (matte)

02 Smoky is for medium skin tones.

01 Nude


Dirty white (frost)
Pink gold (frost)
Camel brown (matte)
Pink bronze (metallic)
Muted beige (matte)
Gold (metallic)
Taupe brown (matte with shimmer)
Warm pink (metallic)
Green bronze (matte with shimmer)
Black brown (matte with shimmer)
Steel gray (metallic)

01 Nude is good for warm skin tones.

Of course the 'palette per skin tone' is just my idea; you can choose whatever palette that you like and you think will suit you.

The eyeshadows have a soft, buttery texture with minimal fall out. Pigmentation is medium to heavy; I was surprised at how nicely they spread on the skin and are fairly easy to blend. There are nice transition shades in the palettes too such as mauves and muted beige, which I appreciate because transition shades are not common in very affordable palettes; all the colors are stark and intense; it's nice to learn that Cathy Doll took the extra step with Nude Me palettes. I just wish that there were more matte shades.


Wearing 02 Smoky

The eyeshadows have pretty good staying power, but still needs a primer to last the whole day and look vibrant in my opinion.

Btw, do you like this look? Let me know if you want a Youtube tutorial! :D

Overall, Nude Me palettes are great for budding makeup junkies and those looking for a very good neutral palette that's under P1,000 - heck, it's under P500 even! I like that there are three palettes to choose from, powders feel soft and blend easily, and there are transition shades - I live for transition shades nowadays! My favorites are 02 Smoky and 03 Pink Champagne!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yes, loving the look. Yes, please do a tutorial on this Ms. Martha. Loving these palettes of Cathy Doll. Opting for neutrals these days.

  2. Cathy Doll has the cutest packaging ever. Eye catching talaga packaging nila and now they launched make up that perfect for morena. Before I really want to buy Maybelline eyeshadow palette but now I think I changed my mind cause I love how Cathy Doll made a palette that I super love the colors/shades. Thanks for the review Ms. Martha. Can't wait for the video tutorial. 😊😊😊

  3. Yes Ms. Martha :) Makeup tutorial of this look! I saw this on your social media accounts and I am loving it!!! I am not very good on putting eyeshadow and I want to learn how you did this look :) These palettes are full of cuteness from its packing to its color itself :) I am in love with the pink champagne palette Ms. Martha, for me it is best to use in a bridal makeup :) So excited for the tutorial of this look Ms. Martha :)

  4. Finally! Ang inaabangan kong swatches and your thoughts for this product. Will definitely buy the Pink Champagne soon. Excited for the video tutorial! ❤

  5. I would go and heed for your recommendation Ms. M smoky looks hot in your complexion base on the swatches and the I'm loving those gold and copper tones.

  6. Kakainlove mga Shades Ms.Martha 😍😍😍 i go for Nudes , super love nude looks. Can't wait a makeup tutorial using one of these palettes Madam ✋😘

  7. Grabeee, never thought I never tried Cathy Doll products pa since I've been hearing great reviews about them from you and other makeup vloggers/bloggers. Plus, it's a very good value for money. For only 499 you already have an eyeshadow pallette. I like the Pink Champagne and Nude, I think it is just perfect for a morena like me. Don't have an eyeshadow pallette yet so this one will defintely be on my list since it is very affordable for me. Thank you so much ate 💞

  8. The Nude Palette is just perfect! The packaging is so cute! Yung review mo talaga inabangan ko, decided nako kay Nude :) Looking forward for the tutorial!

  9. Let me start by saying how good you are by describing pigments! Feeling ko ako naka experience first hand ng swatches eh.😁 Starting to like eyeshadows now. The picture above looks like the finished look in your smoky tutorial look that I just watched in YT.

  10. Pinakagusto ko ung Smoky Palette, ang mura nito at ang dame pang shades. Thanks for this post Ms M.


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