Wayne Goss Foundation Hack: Does it Work?

I'm basically a Wayne Goss fanatic; he's my most favorite beauty Youtuber because I like how impartial he is to brands, he's never afraid to speak his mind, plus his videos are simple, straightforward, and useful. 

When his Foundation Hack resurfaced online, I thought of giving it a try. I didn't buy it the first time I saw it just because foundation comes before powder to me, but this time around, my mind's more open to trying new things so I gave his hack a shot.

Does Wayne Goss's Foundation Hack work? Let's find out.

First step, moisturize your skin properly and apply primer as usual.

Second step- now this is where the exciting part begins-dust loose powder all over your skin.

Final step, apply foundation. Wayne used his fingers to apply foundation so I did the same too. He did not set his foundation with powder, but we all know that that is not practical for a humid country such as the Philippines so I finished it off with a light dusting of powder all over.

Now here's the final look. Some new things I noticed with my skin with this hack:

1. Foundation coverage looked a whole lot better.
2. Foundation coverage has improved; didn't use concealer anymore!
3. Pores look less visible.

Now this is promising.

The come on of this hack for me is Wayne's claim that the foundation will last the whole day with this.

So how did it go?

My face after 6 hours

I did not retouch my makeup for 6 hours and when I got home, I was surprised to know that my foundation was still 90% intact! T-Zone has oiled up for a bit, but the makeup was still there! My face didn't feel sticky or oily throughout the day, plus I noticed that when I enter a cool room from a warm place, the oiliness would subside and my skin will go back to normal and feel matte. HOW.COOL.IS.THAT.

Wayne's right with this technique and I do it especially if I'm going to have a long day. Now this technique has made my so-so foundations more long lasting!

But some people claimed that this doesn't work and here's what I think you're doing wrong:

1. You don't moisturize and use primer. The hack starts with powder and powder needs a moist surface to cling onto and this is why foundation runs off after a couple of hours.
2. You end up with cake face. I saw some ladies using talcum- based powder, tinted powder, and powders with a creamy texture. I think it's much better to use a light translucent powder, specifically something made with mica or silica because it's sheer yet does the job and won't lead to caking.
3. You're not setting the foundation with powder. It is imperative to set the foundation with powder, most especially if you're living in the tropics!

I therefore conclude that Wayne Goss's Foundation Hack works!

Have you tried this hack? Let me know what you think about it and your experiences as well. 

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Guilty as charge in using talcum based powder (why I haven't thought about it?) anyway, I have to re try it again.

  2. I'm excited to try it also. I will test also if the foundation will last on my face cause I have a sooper oily skin especially on my T zone. Well, just want to ask if what foundation did you used for this?? 😊😊

  3. I recently watched Wayne Goss' latest video regarding tips for shine free :) He is also one of my favorite youtuber Ms. Martha :) I am happy that it turned out well on our weather and I am excited to try this hack too :) Thank you Ms. Martha for explaining it very well and for the tips!

  4. I've tried that hack too and it worked on me! Super oily ako that's why I decided to try it. At first try medyo cakey kasi di ako nagset after the foundation. But on my second try, nagset nako ng powder after the foundation and it worked! Plus magtatagal talaga ng bongga ang funda sa face. Try niyo to girls na problema din ang oily skin. 😊😊

  5. I would definitely try this!! My foundation tends to last only for a couple of hours (maybe because I'm acidic? 🤔) thus exposing my horrible acne marks which is a no no for me. I will try this tomorrow to see how it will turn out for me. Thank you for sharing this hack ate! I don't know Wayne Goss so if it weren't coz of u I wouldn't find out about this amazingggg hack!

  6. Thanks for this post Ms M. Gonna try that step. Moisturize, primer, loose powder then foundation.


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