5 Eyeshadow Looks That You Can Create with Anastasia Modern Renaissance

Thinking of buying Modern Renaissance? Don't think twice, BUY IT. It's one of the best eyeshadow palettes there; it complements any skin tone perfectly and adds color to everyday neutrals without being too awkwardly bright.

One impediment behind your purchase might be the range of colors it has; Pink eyeshadow? A little scary, right? You might be doubting that you won't be able to pull off the colors more so blend them seamlessly, at least so I'm showing you five looks and five shade combinations from one of Anastasia's best products of all time.

LOOK 1: Buon Fresco + Antique Bronze + Vermeer
GREAT FOR: Weekends, work, lunch gathering

LOOK 2: Burnt Orange, + Love Letter + Cyprus Umber
GREAT FOR: Dates, night outs, parties

LOOK 3: Red Ochre + Cyprus Umber + Primavera
GREAT FOR: Photo shoots, parties, night outs

LOOK 4: Cyprus Umber + Primavera + Realgar
GREAT FOR: Photo shoots, high fashion looks, theatre, pageant

LOOK 5: Raw Sienna + Venetian Red + Cyprus Umber + Vermeer
GREAT FOR: Pageants, photo shoots, parties, night out, special occasions

Hope you like this informative tutorial! Share with me your creations in case you recreated any one of these looks!

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hands down talaga ako sayo ate when it comes to applying eyeshadows. πŸ™ŒπŸ» Sobrang galing mo!!! Yung tipong parang sinukat kasi pantay/balanced sila! Tapos sobrang galing mo mag mix ng colors/shades, lahat maganda!! Kaya naman nung nag eyeshadow tutorial ka, watch agad ako! I remember you already had an entry about this eyeshadow palette. Dun pa lang 😍 na agad ako, and now this, ganito na 😍😍😍😍😍😍! I even have this sa TBJ list ko. Anastasia is one of the makeup brands I want to have. Kaya naman go ipon! ❤ Hands down to you, Ate. My favorites are yung Look 1 and 5. I love the combination of the colors. ❤

  2. Modern Renaissance 😍😍😍 im still saving for this palette coz its a little pricey but i know its all worth it. Love all the looks u made ms martha πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜‰

  3. One of the palettes I am dreaming to have ❤ I have seen many good reviews about it too. I love every look you made Ms. Martha, especially the second one. Saving this link again for future reference. Thank you ❤❤❤

  4. Galing mo po tlga mgblend madam!! I cant do that huhu! 😩
    Really im keeping on practicing and practice makes perfect heehe..napaka girly po ng shades nyan ah..

  5. Love this Ms. Martha! Saving this link because as of the moment I don't have this palette yet. Boo me! Anyway, the last eyeshadow palette I got just a month ago was IT Cosmetics' Naturally Pretty Palette which I still haven't used. Is it just me who is like that? If I find something too beautiful I do not use it because I want to "preserve" its beauty.

  6. Love love love the look number 1 and 2! 😍 Does BYS Berries can be a dupe for this Ms.M? Please do a comparison video or review soon po.

  7. Hello Ms. Martha :) Watching your 5 looks with anastasia as of the moment :) Nandun palang po ako sa 3:20 minutes hihi :) Ang gaganda ng colors :) I heard dupe daw po ito ny bys berries :) I am really curious of that is true :) Ang ganda ipang rampa ng eyemakeup na nagawa nyo Ms Martha and pinaka love ko po ung number 1, 4, and 5 :)

  8. Anastasia omg! Make up goals! 😍 Galing mo talaga mag make up ate martha, love all the looks esp #2 and #5! 😊

  9. Oh my everything is fabulous sobrang ganda. If only I've given the talent to create all this look bonggacious ako everyday hahahahahahahaha pero syempre yung pinakasimple lang para di naman masyadong pansinin. Yung iba eh sa mga big events nalang :)

  10. I already watched the tutorial and I super love it! 😍😍😍 Super ganda ng mga looks na ginawa mo Ms. Martha. Winner tlga yung ABH Modern Renaissance. And because meron akong BYS Berries na dupe dw ng Modern Renaissance ggawin ko din yung 5 looks na ginawa mo po especially yung number 1. Ang ganda, perfect for everyday looks.

  11. Whoa cut crease..I super love every look!

  12. I really like your look number 1 bumagay po talaga sa inyo eeh kung anatasia ba naman eh super ganda bat ganto nakakainggit ms.Martha halos ata ng makeup bagay sa inyo hustisya naman samin hahaha. More review and videos ms.martha! NapakaInformative po ng blogs mo and nakakinggit talaga hehe πŸ’œ

  13. Great suggestions on how to use this Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. That's why I am saving up to buy this baby, this thingamajig. Kakaiyak not to have it! It's a goldmine and a must have!

  14. I might recreate this look but with my BYS Palette naman :) It is somehow similar to that palette. Thanks for this Ms. Martha for giving me an idea for my graduation ball.

  15. The colors are temptingly good to buy it but i need to think pa because it is kind of pricey and most of the colors arent for usual office look. Hope anastasia has mini sizes kasi i hardly finish normal sized ones. πŸ˜€ thank you for the blog on this. Really helps.


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