The Science of Contouring: Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette + Review, Price, Swatch

Here's a review on Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette.

PRICE: P2,812.00
FROM sephora.ph
OTHER LOCATIONS: Through online resellers


There are a lot of raves surrounding Kat Von D's Shade and Light Contouring palette; I've always wanted to buy it, but what holds me back is the thought that maybe it's just another contouring palette, plus local reseller price is just way too much! 

When Sephora PH launched the brand, I immediately purchased it along with other KVD products and I'm glad I bought this one; it's a must- have for contouring lovers like me and has some of the prettiest, most natural- looking contouring shades I encountered!


Shade and Light is inspired by Kat Von D's drawing technique wherein she uses shadow and light to create depth and dimension to her creations; this 6- pan palette features matte highlighter and contouring shades that are expertly chosen to sculpt and decrease features naturally, abiding by the true effect of shadow and light on the features.

This is a huge, sturdy carton palette, the one that you'll definitely leave at home and lug around only if you're out for a makeup gig; it's too bulky and heavy for an everyday makeup kit.

 Palette has a magnetic closure.


Inside, there's a pretty huge mirror, which I love.

Here are the shade names of the highlighters and contouring powders; the pans are big and even if you use it daily, I still don't think you can use these up in a year especially since the powders are very pigmented.

 KVD threw in a contouring cheat sheet too!

Lucid is a fair neutral beige. Lyric is a medium fair beige with a yellow undertone. Levitation is a medium beige with a pinkish undertone.

Sombre is taupe with a neutral undertone. Shadowplay is a midtone brown with a neutral undertone. Subconscious is a deep brown with a brown undertone.

I've always been a big fan of matte contouring powders and I love that this palette is all matte; Strobing may be king nowadays, but I still love me some matte highlighters; I started with these anyway.

The powders are VERY pigmented and I say this with conviction - a tap of the brush on the pan is enough to pick up the right amount of powder to contour or highlight your skin. These are also pretty unique matte powders because they are soft and silky, yield no fallout, and blend smoothly and naturally onto the skin; they're long- lasting too.

At first, I thought that this palette is just a collection of all the contouring/highlighting shades she has in mind, which I initially thought was not a thoughtful concept of KVD because...WTH am I going to do with the two other contouring/highlighting products that don't suit me?! Nothing wrong with looking at it this way, but I realized (and according to the product description), here's the real concept behind the palette: the shades are meant to give you a super natural- looking highlight and contour by mimicking the play of shadow and light on your features.

Here's my breakdown of the science behind Shade and Light:

The sides of the forehead and hair line are the most exposed to light, therefore, they have the lightest shadow and highlight so use Lucid and Sombre on these parts. 
The planes of the cheeks and cheekbones get the right amount of light, therefore use Lyric and Shadowplay on these parts. 
The hollows of the cheeks and jawline receive the lowest amount of light, therefore use Levitation and Subconscious on these parts.

The difference between the shades of the powders is glaringly obvious so you can also treat each highlighter and contouring powder as for fair, medium, and dark skin tones, if you don't buy my idea.


Sombre on the sides of my forehead, Shadowplay on my cheek area, Subconscious on my jawline.

Levitation on my under eyes, Lyric on my T-Zone

Jaclyn Hill was right, the highlighters in this palette highlight and lift the eyes naturally and perfectly; I find myself using the highlighters a lot lately to set my under eye concealer: it sets and mattifies without covering up the naturalness of the skin, but don't apply too much since these are pigmented and you might end up with chalky under eyes.

When some contouring and highlighting palettes are meant to give make you glow or chiseled, Shade and Light is meant to add dimension to the face, and that's why I love it because this is contouring and highlighting in its purest form and real mission. Glad I bought this palette!

P.S. There's a new and improved Shade and Light palette now and the pans are magnetic and refillable. Hurrah! It's a great time to buy this product!


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  1. Oh my i love all the shades in this KVD shade and light palette. Ive been seeing a lot of famous beauty bloggers/vloggers use this so im really eyeing to get one as i am a fan of contouring and highlighting. Gonna start saving up for this one 😍😍😍

  2. Wow!!! It looks really good on you, Ms. Martha! This KVD set is the bomb! I was really in awe when I saw the shades of the palette. Sobrang simple,ganda, and warm. I'm impressed with the quality too. Very suitable for Filipina skin. So glad you were able to purchase this and do a review on it as well. Looking forward to more of your posts, Ms. Martha! :)

  3. First, WINNER TALAGA SA PACKAGING ANG KVD!!!! Grabe. No words ❤ Second, WOW pa rin! Matte + soft and silky + no fallout + looks natural + LONG LASTING!! This one is definitely worth the price. Good thing Sephora launched KVD here in PH. I heard you praise KVD products in your previous entries and post, and this one didn't fail you! �� And lastly, I LOVE THE PURPOSE (SCIENCE!!!) OF THE SHADES!!!! Hindi ko alam na may ganyan ganyan pa. Akala ko one for each is enough, pwede na sa face. But with the right shade pala you can nail the perfect contour! You gave justice sa lahat ng shades ateeee. It served its purpose ❤ When the SCIENCE of this contour palette meets with the ART of Ate Martha in contouring = PERFECTION!

  4. Thank you for this very detailed post Ms. Martha! Ang taas ng product rating kaya mukhang maganda nga. And based from the photos, mukhang natural lang talaga ang dating. Gusto ko yung may cheat sheet hehe kasi hindi lahat ng products ay mag ganun. Kaya helpful din lalo para sa beginners. Thank you again for this ❤

  5. I have no budget for this yet so I just use local products. I am into contouring lately because I love how I look like after! Hehe, more chiseled face and more matangos na ilong! I love the one from Happy skin and Snoe and of course, the Balm's Bahama Mama!

  6. Very pigmented pala! Kaya makaktipid ang gagamit heehe, i love your look po madam!! very stunniing! Hair na lang and outfit ang kulang!! I love that palette! Lahat ng shades bet ko! ����

  7. Pangarap ko magkaron neto. 😭 Ang ganda tingnan ng sayo. Love your breakdown of the science behind it Ms.M. Sobrang informative. ❤

  8. I love it ate! Hanep sa ganda! 😍 That highlight and contour palette is my goal in life. Kailangan ko ihide ang aking chubby cheeks, contour is love. 😂

  9. OMG :) Kat Von D shade and light :) Meged It is one of my dream makeup product Ms. Martha :) Amazing po ung pag pagbebreakdown nyo nung product, may natutunan po ako :)

  10. Ang ganda talaga ng packaging ng Kat Von ang cool!!!

  11. I love this review. So informative. Now I now why the Kat Von D Contouring palette was so pretty and I'm happy that you have one. I really love it already kasi it's not just a contour palette kasi every pan has a purpose on the face. This will make me love contouring. 😊😊

  12. Wooohh super ganda as in super! Isa to sa pinakapangarap kong makeup pati yung hourglass eh. Ang gaganda ng shades perfect na perfect then as in wow wala na kong masabi sa pagiging pigmented nya hands down kat von d!

  13. Loving this technical aspect of makeup Ms Martha. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us Ms Martha. I am loving this blog post! Awesome!! Dami ko na namang natututunan!!

  14. Ang ganda Ms. Martha though parang d xa nakakagive ng glow na glow..


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