5 Wrong Things You're doing with your Brows

I've always been telling you guys what are the right things to do for your brows, but haven't been telling you what NOT TO DO with them. In this post, let me tell you the 5 wrong things that you may be doing with your brows, and how you can fix them.


- Oh yes, this is not new advice, but I feel that I have to reiterate this over and over again because I still get queries from people asking me how to fix over plucked brows. Yikes!

Over plucking is one of the culprits behind sparse, thin brows. People not being able to grow back their brows due to over plucking is really a thing. Also, over plucking it makes shaping brows a lot harder and adds more age to your features.

FIX IT: Use hair growth serums or Castor Oil every night or before applying brow product to grow hair on bald spots; most importantly, quit it with the tweezer!


- Others can't get a little too harsh when combing their brows with a spoolie or shaping it with an eyebrow pencil. I'd like to let you know that friction, especially intense friction caused by rubbing may result to hair loss.

FIX IT: Using brow products with hard, stiff, texture may force you to rub harshly so opt for soft cream pencils, liquid brow products, and gel products. Apply brow product gradually as well so you won't feel the need to over rub.


- We are born with uneven brows and that's okay. Most people would be so obsessed with precision and ratio that they do everything to even out their brows and most of the time, through over plucking.

FIX IT: If the unevenness is bothering you, create the illusion of even brows with a brow product or if you can, brow threading; no need to over pluck or over shave!


- If you have barely there brows, I guess shaping your brows should be fine, but if you have a pretty obvious brow shape, it's best to follow it. Others end up with bad brows due to trying to give it a different shape. I truly believe that we are given the brows that we're going to look good in so my advise is follow nature!

FIX IT: If you really want to try another brow shape, I suggest don't alter your brows; fake it with makeup. Fake a brow shape with little commitment with brow makeup or use brow stencils to sport a new brow. Or if you really want a different brow shape, have an expert do it for you.


- The follicles and skin on your brows are skin as well; period. Most people, after having their brows waxed or threaded, proceed to their beauty routines and life with little to no caution; this results to painful zits between hair strands, sensitive skin on the brow bone area, and redness.

FIX IT: After brow threading/waxing, don't wash your skin with warm water for at least 4-5 hours; don't put strong skin care such as peels, acids, and anything with mint to prevent irritation and redness. Scrub the skin on the brow part gently and moisturize right after to avoid dead skin cell.

Anything from this list that you're doing? Or is there anything that you think you're doing wrong that's not part of the list? Share it with us at the comments section and let's solve it. :)

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  1. Indeed very helpful tips ms m. My brows are barely there so i always ask my sister's help to shape it then from there i just follow it with a eyebrow pencil then fill it with brow powder and finish it with browcara then thats it.

  2. I 100% agree with everything you said, Ms. Martha. A few months ago I accidentally over plucked my brows. I used to shave it as well when I was younger because it always seem too poofy and fuzzy at the same time super thin. Bad idea for me! :( I now know better. I manage my plucking well now. I only pluck to clear out the spaces where my brows are being "makalat." I've had a bad experience with reshaping my brows as well. It just made me look "mataray" in the end. I learned how to fully enhance and love my brows for what they naturally look like over time. Thank you for the Castor Oil and Brow Threading/Waxing Care tips! Always looking forward to your posts, Ms. Martha! :)

  3. Guilty with number 3 too. I keep reminding myself that brows are not twins, they are sisters and I have to embrace their uniqueness. I tried brow threading once in BrowHaus and it was so worth it! Planning to have a brow threading session again soon.

  4. #2 is so me! especially pag itchy sya. one of my problem sa brows ko is manipis na nga may peklat pa ng bulutong. Malalim yung peklat so mahirap applyan ng pencil.

  5. Wow, Now i know the things that i should do. I heard too that castor oil is very good for brows and lashes and i will try them too. Any recommendations where to buy some effective castor oil ate? 😊 Thankyou for this info/tips ate martha! 😘

  6. Thank you Ms. Martha for this very helpful post! Minsan nahihirapan akong ayusin ang kilay ko haha. Ang hirap kapag beginner. Sana magkaroon din po ng tutorial sa pagkikilay :) Tsaka kung meron din po kayong mga tips like paano pumili ng right shade na gagamitin for brows and paano mas magmumukhang natural lang ang kilay 😊 Thank you po 😊❤

  7. Guilty! Guilty ako sa over plucking thats why numipis si kilay 😂 pahabain at padamihin ko na lang ulet hehe..thanks for the advice.. anyway aside from BYS eyebrow prod na nireview mo din can u recommend other eyebrow prod na madalin gamitin? Ang hiraaaap kasi talaga teh, lalo pag nagmamadali 😂 thanks in advance martha! God bless..

  8. I do agree too! actually d naman ako expert sa pagkikilay so di ko tlga iniintindi mga advice ng friends ko kasi I just wanted my brows na di makapal so bunot lan ako ng bunot! result? ang pangit tlga ng kilay ko! meron pa syang magaspang na feeling na di ko maintindihan!

  9. Super agree especially with number 5. Nung medyo bago pa ko sa threading/waxing super pasaway ako at di ko sinusunod sinasabe ng waxing salons saken for after care. Then I've had zits and irritation. Ayun naging lesson na siya for me. 😅 Thanks for this tips Ms.M.

  10. Another mistake is not plucking. I have thin brow hairs so I thought I didn't need to pluck them to keep them "thicker". But a professional makeup artist cleaned up my brows for me and actually made them look better. I cringe now when I look at my old selfies where my brow hairs were all over the place!

  11. Kanina naabutan ko friends ko naguusap about brows. Pagod na raw yung friend ko laging magpluck and shave just to maintain the shape of her brows. Nagtatalo pa sila if ano ang mas okay, pluck or shave. E kakabasa ko lang ng entry na to kahapon kaya sabi ko WALAAAA. Hahaha. Sabi ko thread mas okay. Tapos I saw them this entry kanina, kaya inaaya tuloy nila ako magpathread (I'm scared kasi I heard it hurts bigtime 😂). Pero bahala na 😂 Thank you again ate kasi di lang ako ang nagkaron ng idea about these things, kundi pati friends ko. ❤

  12. Super trulalu to Ms. Martha :) Guilty po ako sa number 1 mas lalo sa number 3 :) Everytime I do my makeup kahit pang palengke look lang po it took me 30 mins or more to do my eyebrows at kahit po ako naiinip na din :) hihi Walang aalis hanggat hindi pantay, though di naman po talaga dapat ganon :) Ginagamit kona po pala ung eyebrow product na galing sainyo Ms. Martha :) Thank you po :)

  13. I am not doing anything with my brows hihihi that's the good side of not knowing how to do your own brows hahahahha. I just have it shape when there's an occasion in a salon.

  14. Ako nga po hindi kilay is life kaya di ko masyadong iniintindi yung mga fleeks na yan. Kasi masaya na ko sa natural na kapal ng kilay ko and minsan lang po ako nagshshave pagMay okasyon kaya di ako masyadong namromroblema sa kilay 😊

  15. He he,I have overplucked before, and I will not do it again. It's ok if it's 1920s na uso ang thin brows. Pero now, noppity nope. I have learned my lesson. Thanks for sharing your kilay expertise Ms Martha!


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