A Nude Pink that looks good on Filipina Skin Tones: OFRA Liquid Lipstick Manila Review, Swatch, Price

Here's a review on Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Manila.

PRICE: P850.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at glamourbox.ph


I like Pink for my lipstick, but there's one struggle that I can't seem to overcome: finding a nude pink that suits my skin tone.

This is why I love Ofra's new lipstick shade named after our lovely city, Manila, because it's an awesome nude pink that looks practically gorgeous on Filipina skin tones! I'm in love!


Described as a neutral nude, Manila is developed by Glamourbox with Ofra to create a nude that fits Filipina skin tones.

In the package, I got Manila and a lip liner called Maya.

For a detailed review on Ofra's liquid lipstick, click HERE.

Ofra has made a couple of changes with their Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick: First, tube is bigger and formula feels a bit creamier compared to the first one, therefore it's more moisturizing. However, it takes a while to dry compared to the earlier formula, but good thing the lasting formula is retained.


Two layers of Manila

Manila is described as a neutral nude, but on me, it looks a bit pinkish; it comes off as a cool pink nude on me. I saw this shade on some Beauty vloggers and influencers, and the shade varied depending on the skin type; it's the kind of shade that adjusts to your skin tone.

I'm pleased at the outcome of this lipstick on me; the reasons why this shade looks good on Pinays are 1. It has a neutral undertone. 2. There is a hint of mauve that helped the lipstick look good on warm, yellow skin. This shade is well done!

Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick is a very good buy and I have found one nude Pink that I could say will look good on warm skin, especially Filipina skin tones!


Please visit OFRA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It really compliments pinay skintone and of course as always you look gorgeous on it ms. M. It seems like i will have my first ofra liquid lipstick product with this review. Love the shade and the name of it 😊😍

  2. Wow! In close up parang di ko sya bet. Parang di bagay sa Morena but nung suit suot mo na with full face on jusko! Parang gusto kong bumili. Hahaha. BTW, may work na ko Martha! Im so happy! Its my first work and Im sooo happy! Hihi

  3. It really looks good on you Ms. M! It is a really nice nude/pink color. I like nude lippies but it is pricey for me.
    Anyways, this is also a favorite of Kathleen Lights. She said this is a perfect nude, creamy and velvety on the lips.

  4. Been looking for new lippies. Thanks for this informative review! πŸ’•

  5. It's a 10 for me!!! It looks sooooo good sayo ate. I want to have it too. Adding this to my list. I'm sure it is def worth the price naman ❤ and tama ka Ate, sobrang perfect nito sa Filipina skin! 😍😍😍

  6. OMG! I'm so in love with their new shade named Manila! Perfect for every filipina girl who loves or can't live without lipstick. Bagay na bagay sayo Ms. Martha. 😍😍😍

  7. I agree, very nice and good for everyday use! I love it

  8. ganyang shade ng pink ang gusto ko at tlgang bagay sa labi ko madam..kaya ko yan dalhin hehe, i wanna try that product!!����

  9. Ganda bumagay sa morena skin tone mo Ms. M! I Love Manila! ♥

  10. I agree IT IS PRETTY on you!!! I have been stalking #oframanila in IG but I am still half hearted to get it. I see it yields different shades on bloggers who wore it. I am NC 25 in Mac and I am afraid that this might give me a "washed out" look. Have to swatch it and try it on first before I get it... Hopefully it would look nice on me as it is on you, Ms. M😍

  11. Ang ganda! 😍😍😍 Sana dumami pa collections mo nyan ate, nakaka inlove ang shade! πŸ’–✨✨

  12. Ang ganda ng pagka Pink Nude neto Ms. Martha bagay sayo, sa skintone mo. Nude shades suits you,iba ka talaga Madam 😍😍😍 thanks for this Review. More reviews po,enjoy visiting your blog.

  13. Bagay sayo Ms.M! 😍 Lakas makafresh ng ganyang shade sayo. I never had any Ofra products but I've been eyeing their liquid lipstick for so long na. Hoping na mabibili ko din yan soon.

  14. Eto na ata yung pinakamagandang nude na nalabas ng ofra. Talagang umaayon sya sa gusto nating color ng nude!

  15. Wow ganda ng color :) For me pag ganyang price sa lipstick ay reasonable kung international brand naman. Kasi matagal na gamitin, lalo kung hindi ka mahilig or hindi kailangan magretouch palagi. I love liquid lipsticks lalo pag nude colors. Perfect for everyday use! :)

  16. Saw your post ms martha din wearing the manila shade sooper ganda po nya and bagay sayo :) Everytime po na trip ko magmakeup sobrang hirap po ako mgpick ng right color to match my eyemakeup :( I dunno po if my rules po ba dun :(

  17. You look so gorgeous here Ms Martha. You're an example of how morenas should love their gorgeous skin ever pa. Go Morena power (though I am not morena)

  18. The lippie looks good on you. Perfect!!

  19. nakasale sya sa Glamourbox 100php off!


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