Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks in Hollywood, Laguna Beach, and Atlantic City.

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If you dislike traditional lipstick because of the heavy, oftentimes drying wax ingredient, liquid lipstick is a good alternative because it's everything trad lipstick is not. My only issue with liquid lipstick is there aren't a lot of liquid lippies with a matte payoff so when I find one, I consider it golden. Lately, Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick came my way and it's more than golden: it's got a PRO quality, gorgeous finish, virtually non-drying formula, and it's so light on the lips! I consider it Diamond! ;)


This best- seller by Ofra has a creamy texture and is formulated with Vitamin E and antioxidants. Claims to stay put and won't feather for up to 5 hours. It comes in 9 shades.

The two shades on top are Hollywood and Laguna Beach, and this one I have right here is Atlantic City, my current favorite Red.

A quick search on Google revealed that these babies are famous internationally, with Beauty Bloggers claiming that it's one of the best liquid lippies ever and after trying them myself, I'm like: "Couldn't agree more!" The ladies at Glamourbox swear by these as well, along with Ofra's regular lipsticks!


Swatches of this must- have lipstick after the break. ;)

Consistency is creamy (yet non-sticky) as advertised and it glides on like a dream, feels like a tulle veil, evens out effortlessly when applied, and is crazy pigmented despite the sheer, lightweight formula-it's like a sheerer, nicer version of NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme. It has a light Caramel scent that goes away after a couple of minutes.

It highlights lip lines and creases, most especially with the lighter colors. Finish isn't totally matte in the beginning, but it eventually dries to that finish after a few minutes. That said, it may highlight dryness so remember to scrub your lips prior usage.


Laguna Beach

- A cool pink-mauve hue. This reminds me of Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me in Style Icon, but it's matte. I'm starting to get fond of hues like this because it's so chic! :)


- A demi- neon Salmon Pink shade. This shade reminds me of anything pop-must be good for you if you're into funky colors.

Atlantic City

- Ending my post with this lovely Red shade that brings to mind Old Hollywood-it's the kind of Red that Louise Brooks, Marilyn Monroe, and Ingrid Bergman would wear. Oh, I know what to call this shade now: Leading Lady Red! :D

It's transfer- proof, budge- proof, beverage- proof, and even burger- proof for around 4 to 5 hours-it's the lipstick that I'd reach for if I'm going to parties or pig- out events because it lasts! It stays feather- free, but I sometimes feel that my lips are flaking for a wee bit with it most especially if my lips are acting up-98% of the time, it stays flake- free and doesn't suck moisture out of my lips so I find that con bearable-believe my lips, it's one of the legit non-drying lipsticks I've ever used! However, I wouldn't recommend it to those with really dry lips and lips that are prone to peeling and bleeding though just because finish is matte and it really clings!

To remove, just slather petroleum jelly on top of the liquid lipstick, leave on for a 2-3 minutes, then tissue off gently.

This product is a lil' pricey though, but if you're willing to pay a lil' more for great quality and for a liquid matte lipstick that won't dry out your lips, try this lipstick. It's arguably the best liquid lipstick I've tried to date as it's super pigmented, gentle to my lips, suitable for almost all lips, it sticks, and it's matte!

P.S. I just visited Glamourbox's website and saw that some shades of this line are on a sale. Go check it out. :)


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wew! I'll go for the Laguna Beach shade.. :)

  2. Wow! Liquid lipstick that clings well and with matte finish! We don't often get to see that kind of lipstick.Laguna beach is so pretty. But it's kinda pricey for me, huhuhu!

  3. I love the atlantic city shade! This will definitely be in my list of next purchases.

  4. I havent tried any Ofra lipsticks yet. But thanks for this review since I am looking for long-lasting yet matte payoff and light on the lips.
    its pricey but I would like to try Laguna Beach shade.----it super chic!

  5. I love how the laguna beach shade looked on you, so pretty! I need a liquid lipstick but there's just so many that makes it hard to choose just one! Hehe.

  6. I love matte lippies this will be on my next to try list. Atlantic city looks very classy :)

  7. i love those liquid lipsticks; i follow divamakeup queen in youtube and she rave's on ofra cosmetics! i hope it reaches the philippines! :) i mean the whole line! thanks martha!

  8. I'm hitting the laguna beach shade! I guess. It fits my skin color though. The Atlantic suits you well! :)

  9. I love the Atlantic City shade! Looks perfect for creating a bold look. :) I like the laguna beach too, for everyday wear. I haven't tried Ofra yet though. I like how the liquid lipstick turned matte. I hate sticky lipsticks too. :/ I'm impressed that it is burger proof. Haha

  10. Ang ganda ng Atlantic Shade for you! Bagay po talaga sa inyo ang red bold lippies! Yun nga lang ayoko ng sticky lipstick! Ang hirap alsin haha!

  11. Oooh! I think it was Laguna Beach that got raves at that event I went to. Heehee. Now I remember.

    I have to ask though, did you have any trouble with application? That's what usually puts me off liquid lip color. Sponge-tips and doe-foots are usually super tricky for me when I get around the lines of the lip. Do you use lip liner, or sanayan lang ba yan?

  12. I'd have to say that I just recently discovered transfer or kiss proof lipstick. This is a really good one but hard to get your hands on. Wish you can do a review on your top liquid lipsticks that are transfer and kiss proof.

  13. Oooh. I love the Atlantic City shade! Reminds me of those classic MAC red shades. :)


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