Club Clio Kill Cover Pot Concealer 04 Ginger Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Club Clio Kill Cover Pot Concealer in 04 Ginger.

PRICE: P820.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Club Clio Trinoma and Lucky Chinatown Mall


For me, Club Clio is one of the biggest contenders in the best full coverage concealer category; it started with Kill Cover Liquid Concealer and proven once again by Kill Cover Pot Concealer; I swear, if you have grave discolorations on the under eyes, this will do the trick! This is a good dupe for MAC Studio Finish Concealer; in fact, I think it even has better coverage!


Kill Cover Pot Concealer is a highly pigmented cream concealer with a full coverage finish.

 Product comes in 4 shades.

L-R Kill Cover Liquid 3BY and Kill Cover Pot in 4BO

Ginger is the darkest shade in the pot concealer range; this is described as the Kill Cover product with the highest coverage. Comparing it with Kill Cover Liquid, KC pot is indeed more pigmented.

Consistency is a semi- hard cream and needs to be warmed up before usage; it does tug a little on the under eyes so best to prep this area with eye cream first before use. Consistency and coverage works extremely well in concealing facial discoloration.


Bare under eye

One and a half layer of KC pot concealer

Holy moly! Look at the coverage! The coverage is very good: it effectively concealed my dark circle without the unnatural, caky look, lifted the look of my under eyes, gave it a smoother appearance, and it freakishly lasts the whole day too. I'm in love!

Other than the slightly pasty texture, I've no qualms with this concealer; one of the best full coverage concealers that's below P1,000 and I recommend it to anyone with heavy skin and under eye discolorations! It's a dupe for MAC Studio Finish Concealer, but methinks this has better coverage (although MAC has better shade selections).


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! The coverage does look amazing! I know that Club Clio's products are good but I never thought the pot concealer could pass as dupe for the MAC Studio Finish Concealer. That's says a lot considering that the coverage is even better. :) Thank you for this, Ms. Martha! I've recently been looking for good concealers that I could save up for. This post helps a lot. Looking forward to more of your posts! :)

  2. Great dupe for MAC Studio Finish Concealer but as u said ms martha that this Kill Cover pot Concealer has a better coverage so this is a good buy for what its worth. Clio Kill Cover line is killing it with their Concealers 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. I think I'm gonna need some of this too. Hahahaha.

  4. Wow! Super nice! I thought yung liquid na ng Clio yung the best na tlgang favorite halos lht ng blogger. The best concealer ever!

  5. I love the coverage Ms. Martha :) Thank you again Ms. Martha for your live video while you were on their boutique!! I saw a lot of promising products :)

  6. Wow! Nakakainlove talaga ang club clio products! Ang ganda ng coverage ate martha hehe kitang kita 😍 Saka one and a half layer palang yan ha, meron akong kilala 4 layers ang nilalagay hehehe I think worth it talaga yung products nila kahit pricey, makapag ipon ipon na nga at ng makabili din! 😅 Thanks for this review ate martha, dahil sa mga kbeauty/korean brand na yan lakas maka feeling koreana hehehe love it! 😊

  7. I'm eyeing this since the opening of their trinoma branch the only that keeps me from doing it is the limited shade selection.

  8. I love that concealer kasi it really covers the line and maganda skin, totally blend naman

  9. Love the coverage! Kinda pricey but definitely worth it. 😍

  10. Hi Ms. Martha! This is out of topic, just want to ask sana where did you buy your background? I love the color kasi <3

  11. So eto na nga yung isa sa pinakabest selling and must have items nila! Eeh kaya naman pala kasi super ganda ng coverage then madami na din akong nakitang nagpopost na maganda daw talaga to. Mukhang kailangan kong magipon para makabili haha 💜

  12. I need this for my dark under eyes haha 😅 Meron ako nong MAC concealer and maganda talaga sya, more than a year ko rin nagamit kaya sulit naman. Pero balak ko magtry ng iba na may heavy coverage din. Now I'm torn between this and their liquid concealer. Which one is better po? Thank you Ms. Martha! 😊❤

  13. Woah. I love that coverage!

  14. Hello. Thank you so much for writing this review. I was thinking of buying it but I can't find the ingredients list anywhere online. Can you help me?


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