Complete Coverage with Naturactor Foundation, Makeup Base, and Powder Foundation Review, Price, Swatch

Here's a review on Naturactor Foundation, Makeup Base, and Pressed Powder.

PRICE: Coverface Foundation- P400.00; Makeup Base- P450.00; Powder Foundation- P400.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Cheska's Store; Cheska's Store on Facebook


From way back up to now, I have readers who have been asking me about my thoughts on Naturactor's foundation products so I've worked with Cheska's Store to finally bring you this much- awaited review; I'm not only reviewing the foundation, but the makeup base and powder as well! After using these products for a month, I've finally understood why a lot of Filipinas love it!


Naturactor is a Japanese makeup brand that is locally known for their foundation. 

Here is the foundation that are very popular among Filipinas and what some celebrities have been using as well. Cheska's Store carries all the shades and my shade is 151, which is described as the darkest foundation shade.

I didn't know Naturactor has powder foundation! Naturactor Powder Foundation is a medium to full coverage powder that promises to conceal discolorations and skin problems even without concealer or corrector. It comes in 5 shades and the shade I got is 250.

Meanwhile, the Makeup Base promises to prep skin and provide a flawless, lasting effect for the rest of Naturactor's products.

L-R: Naturactor Cover Foundation 151, Naturactor Makeup Base (Natura), Naturactor Powder Foundation 250

Cover Foundation is full coverage goodness in one swipe! Now I know why a lot love this foundation because it conceals perfectly, taking out the need for corrector and concealer. 151 is a medium dark shade with a pink undertone.

Makeup Base in Natura feels just like a light moisturizer and imparts a soft matte finish to the skin; it's perfect for those who dislike silicone- based primers or primers that make skin feel completely matte; doesn't have outstanding oil control though.

Powder Foundation in 250 yields medium to semi- full coverage and I'm surprised at how silky this powder is, and how evenly it applies on the skin.


Bare skin with Naturactor Makeup Base

One layer of Cover Foundation

I'm pretty impressed with the coverage of this foundation; the coverage I get from this is somewhat close to my favorite cream foundation of all time, MAC Full Coverage Foundation; it covers all my imperfections nicely and even if it's obvious that I'm wearing foundation, it doesn't look bad nor caky. Texture is pretty easy to work with as well. The only downside is the darkest is still too light for my skin tone.

Finish is semi- dewy and texture is soft and a bit creamy so it's perfect for dry and normal skin types, although it may be too creamy for severely oily skin types.

Makeup set with Naturactor Powder Foundation

The powder foundation yields a soft matte finish and it complements Cover Foundation really well; good thing that the powder is a bit darker than the foundation, thus I end up getting a finish that's tolerable for me and my skin tone with both products. The powder, surprisingly, has good oil control: it can control my oilies for up to 3 hours before I retouch. No breakouts with these products too.

My full coverage fanatic self is very happy with these products; they're so affordable as well and that's what makes me even happier about it. Now I see why a lot of Filipinas love Naturactor foundation: it's versatile, easy to use, pretty much suits a wide variety of skin types, covers discolorations, evens out skin tone really well, and most importantly, affordable!


Please visit CHESKA'S STORE ONLINE to purchase authentic Naturactor products.

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20 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Whoa that cover foundation screams perfection with its coverage power and i like that the powder foundation creates matte finish. Im loving this look miss martha coz it really looks good on you. 😊☺️ I should definitely check this out as soon as possible. πŸ˜„πŸ˜

  2. coverface green corrector is so great try it to Ms. M.

  3. Wow ang linis ng final look wala ng blemishes

  4. Wow, thanks for reviewing this. You look gorgeous Ms Martha. I love the fact that Naturactor Cover Foundation and Powder Foundation is full coverage and that they control oily faces as well. And of course the price too. Perfect for budget conscious Filipinas

  5. Wow! Im pretty impressed with the coverage and the over all look! I thinks its a bit light on you Miss marth. Di po pantay sa neck mo or maybe because of the lightning? Anyway, I love the coverage though! All I know sa Naturactor is their concealer

  6. I have the foundation of Naturactor and I used it only to conceal my under eye and veins in my cheek and some pimple marks. Never ko pa na na try gawing foundation kasi parang mabilis syang maghulas eh I have oily skin. In fairness matagal sya maubos. I also have their loose powder, the only powder that I used for setting and I must say na maganda sya. Can't compare sa ibang loose powder kasi yan lang meron ako. Ttry ko pa lang nichido. 😊😊😊

  7. Ang ganda rin pala ng pressed powder nila. Yung foundation gusto ko sana bumili dati pa kaso lang online lang available. Mahirap na magkamali sa shade haha. Tagal ko nang inaabangan maging available sa watsons ang Naturactor pero wala pa rin hehe. Sana magkaroon soon para makapili ng correct shade and maswatch din :)

    1. Available po ung foundation nila s landmark. Dun ako bumibili

  8. I haven't tried it, I did bought the cover foundation before but it was for my cousin. It was in a small container but it really gives a good coverage for just a few dab of the product on the face. What I don't like about itis thes smell which is kind old smell for me. It was not that appealing to me, that is also why I didn't like to purchase one for myself even if it gives great coverage.

  9. never pako naka try ng product from that brand pero una sa lahat ang ganda po ng skin mo ate martha! w/out makeup me jelly

  10. Yay! Ganda ng coverage sayo Ms.M! I have their cover foundation and I love using it. True talaga, it has good oil control. I didn't know that they have makeup base pala. Cover and powder foundation lang lage ko nakikita na binebenta online. I'll try their makeup base po next time. Thank you Ms.M!

  11. Woahhhh naturactor! Ang tagal ng nasa wishlist ko yung cover founfation! 😍 I heard kasi noon maganda and ginagamit sya ng ibang celebrities pero di ko pa nattry hanggang ngayon. πŸ˜… Now ko lang din nalaman na may powder foundation sya saka pang make up base, sobrang dami ko talaga nadidiscover sa blog mo ate napaka informative. 😊 Worth it ba yung price nya ate? Hindi ba sya malagkit sa face ate? Yun bang parang may 10kilo ka ng founda sa face mo? πŸ˜‚ Anw, ang pretty mo pa din kahit walang make up! Thankyou for this much awaited review! πŸ’–

  12. Wow! Affordable po tlgA?! Omg! I wanna try that!! It really covers up Ung mga dark spots!

  13. Yay! Loyal Naturactor user here! I have 2 backups of these already. I am using Cover foundation in 151 as a concealer but I find it too heavy of a coverage for daily use. I switch it up with Loreal True Match if I don't have red angry zits to cover. Might try the priemr and powder next. Thanks Ms. Martha!

  14. Ang ganda po ng coverage! Bet na bet ko po yung pagkablooming and natural coverage nya, it helps to lighten your face po and nakita ko po agad yung coverage nubg first layer palang nya.

  15. To be honest, I didn't expect that one layer of the Cover Foundation could do such an amazing satin like dewy finish! Parang legit Korean/Japanese flawless skin na even without the powder foundation. It looks good on you, Ms. Martha! The finished look's great when done with the powder foundation. I want to try it out, but with an oily oily oiiily skin like mine, I don't think it would fit. Sadly. :( But, it looks amazing on your skin! Looking forward to more of your reviews, Ms. Martha! :)

  16. Parang okay to budget friendly pa. I will comment here again pag nasubukan ko na..thanks martha..

  17. I LOVE IT!!!!!! Ang ganda ateeee. And to be compared to MAC Foundation??? This one is def good!! Halata naman sa photos ate na ang ganda nya ang flawless tingnan, and ang freshhhh! Natural look lang sya, kaya mas nakakatuwa. Thank G this one is affordable compared to other products. Sana makakita ako ng counter nila 😍😍😍😍

  18. Waaaaait, ngayong naisip ko na... ito yung ginagamit ng mama ko!!! Binibigay nya sakin kasi di ko shade eh, sayaaaang 😭 Pero I've been noticing nga na ang fresh lagi tingnan ni Mama, yun pala ito gamit nya 😍

  19. Kaya po pala super fav ko po ng pinsan ko :) She always telling me to try it pero hesitant po ako hihi, but now I know na talagang maganda sya :) Familiar po ba kayo Ms. Martha sa Octard parang ganto din po sya e sabe nila, nila po hihi mas maganda daw po un hihi :)


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