FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Five Great Uses for Aloe Vera

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Here's today's FMF from Yam:

Hi Ms. Martha,
How do you use Aloe Vera Gel? Is it good as day or night moisturizer or as sleeping mask?

Hi Yam!

Thanks for writing! I keep a tub of Aloe Vera gel because I love how multitasking this product is; you can use it for general skin care either on the face, hair, and body, and here are 5 ways I use Aloe Vera gels:

1. As a day moisturizer

I have oily skin and I love using gel moisturizers during daytime. When I run out of my favorite gel moisturizer or it’s a particularly hot day, I slather on Aloe Vera gel and use it as moisturizer. You might be worried about the alcohol content, but to me, the Aloe Vera extract counters the drying effects of alcohol; just make sure that the one you’re using contains a good concentration of Aloe Vera. Besides, gel moisturizers for the face contain alcohol too so I don’t see any difference LOL.

2. As a hair moisturizer

When my ends are looking and feeling dry, I treat them to an overnight mask using Aloe Vera Gel. I just apply some, comb it in, and let it dry up for a little before hitting the sack.

3. As a sheet mask base

When I run out of sheet masks, I take Aloe Vera gel and pump it with serums, dip a fresh sheet mask in it, and voila! Instant sheet mask.

4. As body lotion

Believe it or not, Aloe Vera gel makes for a great body lotion. I use Aloe Vera gel a lot as lotion especially during summer!

5. As a lip treatment

Aloe Vera, aside from its moisturizing effects, is also prized for its antibacterial properties. When my lips have a wound or my cold sore episode strikes, I apply Aloe Vera on my lips before sleeping and top it with an unscented lip balm to seal the product in. My lips always feel and look better the next day, plus the cold sore is minimized. For this tip, I would recommend a product that’s natural and has a very high concentration of Aloe Vera to make sure that you’re getting all the right benefits. I’m also using Aloe Derma Pure Aloe Vera Gel.

That’s all and I hope you all have a good Friday. Any Aloe Vera lovers in here? Share your tips and tricks in using the product!

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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Aloe Vera is super nice. I also use it for itchy skin. Ang galing nwawala talaga mga kati2 and I also used it sa underarm after ko mag wax, nakakawala sya ng hapdi at kati. Ang lamig sa skin. Dati nilalaro ko lng yung Aloe Vera na halaman mismo, ngayon wala nko makita na halaman. Dami pa nmn benefits satin ng Aloe Vera. 😊

  2. Wow. It has a lot of uses. This is so timely because of the rising of aloe vera gel as part of korean beauty regimen.

  3. Good thing my sister plant a lot of aloe vera plant in our garden kaya nmn we can have it for free and fresh pa. Hehehe. My sister have been a fan of aloe vera ever since and i always see her using it on her hair,face and body. So alam na kapag wala n pambili ng moisturizer or pang pa treatment sa salon magpitas n lng sa garden ni sisterette. 😂😂😂

  4. I always have the nature republic aloe vera gel in my vanity. It helps in everything, even skin allergies and insect bites. I have dry skin so i use it as moisturizer as well :)

  5. Thanks for this informartive review ate. I believed ok talaga sya sa hair kasi gumagamit din si tita ng aloe vera sa hair nya pero I didnt know na pwede din pala sya gamitin sa lips, feeling ko pwede din sya for me kasi minsan talagang nag ccrack at dry ang lips ko. 😊

  6. Good evening Ms. Martha :) I am using aloe vera when I have sunburn po hihi lalo sa face and sooooper effective :)

  7. I have always believed in the benefits of aloe vera and so when beauty junkees started raving about it here in the Philippines, I did not have second thoughts about getting it, too. I use the Nature Republic soothing gel as a sleeping mask, and it really calms my face which is prone to irritation and breakouts. I can empty a tub in only a few weeks! Works like magic. Even our house helper complimented how my skin looks supple and glowy. Definitely a holy grail.

  8. grabee thankyou po madam sobrang dami palang use ng aloe vera talaga dati akala ko sa hair lang yan . super thankyou po

  9. Same tayo ng ginagawa Ms.M. Sobrang hulog ng langit talaga ang aloe vera gel sa sobrang dami niyang uses. I use the Nature Republic or The Face Shop po. I also use this pangmoisturize sa paa especially sa heels banda para iwas kalyo. I apply a generous amount sa paa tapos I wear socks to lock in the moisture. Yay! Thank you for this Ms.M.

  10. Yaaaay! I just got my first Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream. At first I was hesitant to try it kasi nga first time ko lang, I was thinking baka hindi naman good for skin. And then I read thissss! Will start using it tmrw na lang. didn't know Aloe Vera has a lot if benefits for our skin. ❤ Though hindi sya Gel, it is still the same since it's Aloe Vera rin naman. Hmm. Will look for Aloe Vera Gel na rin sa mall next time 😍

  11. Hi ate! When I was a kid, my mom always use aloe vera, specifically yung bagong putol sa halaman. As in super fresh. She uses it in my hair and skin. Due to having skin asthma, she always put my safety beyond anything. So we used the natural ones instead of synthetic products. Though some of those products is okay naman. Aloe vera has really lots of benefits. Sobrang ganda ano po ate. Kaya nakakatuwa na ang dami ginawa ni Lord na bagay para ma-improve and buhay ng tao. HAHAHAH. ang lalim naman non. Pero that's true po diba. Thank you for letting me know this products ate. It really gives me ideas kung ano ang cons and pros on each product. It really means a lot to me. Hihi. Love you ate!!!! <3

    PS: Ingat po always! Eat healthy! Para po mas marami pa po kayo magawa sa life nyo. Para mas marami pa po kayo ma inspire. Hihi. Ingat po! Mwa!

  12. Yes! dami uses ng aloe vera! tlgang effectively safe po yan and nakaka smooth tlga po ng balat at hair yan!

  13. Dati nung bata ako sa buhok ko lang to ginagamit eh. Ngayon pati sa mukha na din then partneran pa ng eskinol na green. NakakaWhitens sya ng dark spots nakakaputi and nakakakinis ng face.

  14. Thank you for this detailed post! Sobrang sikat nowadays ng aloe vera gel. Pero mostly sa face lang ginagamit, especially during night time. Gladly may nagtanong nito kasi nacucurious ako kung pwede syang gamitin sa buhok since aloe vera. Ang nipis kasi ng buhok ko hehe. Try ko nga din gamitin sa buhok and gawing lotion minsan :)

  15. Dami palang gamit ang Aloe Vera. Yay! Try ko to sa dry hair...Effective talaga to sa sunburn at itchiness subok ko na.

  16. Great post!!!The Aloe Vera Gel na drink ng Forever Living is also good.

  17. yay! all the more reason to try nature republic's aloe vera gel! :)
    So glad someone asked about this. hehe

  18. Im using aloe vera too! I use it as overnight mask and moisturizer. Hindi po ba malagkit s afeeling if you used it as a lotion? And is it ok if if I use it as lotion for regular days? Thank you for the honest review Miss Martha

  19. I never knew that you can use it for the hair and lips as well! Grabe, it looks super convenient and sulit at the same time. Considering the fact that it's a multi-purpose product. Must have! There have been a lot of skin care brands and Korean/Japanese concept stores like Miniso, Mumuso, Ximiso, etc. that are selling aloe gels too! Will try to drop by and check some out soon. I hope it'll help out my skin type too. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha! Looking forward to more of your reviews po. :D


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