Wedding Skin Care Series: Banila Co Dream White Wedding Dream Cream and Sleeping Essence Review and Price

Here’s a review on Banila Co White Wedding Dream Cream and Sleeping Essence.

PRICE: Dream Cream- P1,385.00; Sleeping Essence- P1,595.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Banila Co. stores


17 days til I become a missus and what’s been preparing my skin for the wedding and keeping me from breaking out despite the stress is Banila Co Dream White Wedding, which I believe is a skin care line that’s really intended for bride-to-be’s!


White Wedding is a brightening skin care collection enriched with Micro Blooming Pearls, provides intense moisture, whitens spots with White Bouquet Flower Complex, and nourishes with vitamin ingredients.

Dream White Wedding Cream is a rich cream that’s best used during night time, but a little dollop makes it perfectly fine for day use. It has a lily fragrance and keeps my skin thoroughly moisturized as I sleep.

Dream White Wedding Sleeping Essence is a leave- in sleeping pack with beads, which I suppose contain the skin care actives. Product is a rich gel that doesn’t get absorbed because it’s supposed to work like a mask so apply sparingly.  It has a lily fragrance as well.


The cream has a strobing effect; it contains micro shimmer that deliver a sheen to the skin that can be natural- looking or prominent, depending on how much cream you apply. This is why I like using this product during daytime as well because it makes for a great glowing base under foundation; just a dollop is enough to deliver a radiant glow that’s perfect for makeup and to keep skin moisturized; anything overboard will cause face to feel warm and ‘thick’, and it will deliver a white cast too. This strobing effect is also perfect to conceal dull skin on your big day.

The sleeping mask keeps my skin moisturized and looking hydrated, but I’m a seasonal sleeping mask user because I dislike how it stains the bedding and pillow case as I always sleep either on my side or my face buried on the pillow so I don’t reach for this often.

Both products are supposed to whiten the skin; I’ve been using this for nearly a month now and I’ve noticed that my looked clearer and most of all, plump and fresh- looking. I’ll continue using this until the big day so my skin will look amazing!


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Sa name palang perfect na sa bride to be. In less than a month wedding day mo na Ms. Martha. Pati ako na eexcite. Thanks to Banila Co. for making this product, I'm sure ready na si Ms. Martha on her wedding day. Best wishes po to both of you! ❤❤❤😘

  2. Whoo!!! Congrats ms. Martha on ur upcoming wedding can't wait to see ur wedding look 😍 I wish you all the best on the new chapter of ur life.

  3. So excited for your wedding Ms. Martha :*

  4. Ang mahal naman nito ate martha hehehe pero im sure magiging moisturized at hydrated ang skin mo lalo kang magiging pretty nyan. πŸ™Œ Lapit na big day mo huhu ikakasal ka na, iiwan mo na kaming nag iisa 🎡🎢 hahahaha chosss lang! Congrats ate! 😘 May your love story be as magical and charming as in fairytales! 😊 Wag mo kami kakalimutan ha? πŸ˜‚

  5. Cannot wait for your big day Ms. Martha :) Wee and I cannot wait also on your wedding day journey blog/vlog <3 Wanna try the dream white wedding sleeping essence sooper cutie po nung beads hihi :)

  6. Looking fresh as ever Ms.M! 😍 Haven't tried any Banila Co products kasi I find it kinda pricy. Hehe. Your skin look so radiant, grabe. You don't look stressed! Maybe I'll try that one too pag ikakasal na din ako. Haha! So excited for your wedding Ms.M! ❤❤

  7. So that's why you're always looking so fresh!!! With its price, I can see it is def worth it kasi ang fresh mo laging tingnan grabeee 😍 I agree with you, I think it's really meant for bride to be, like youuuu. Tamang tama sayo ate. I know with all the stress and mga need ayusin for your wedding, this helps your skin stay healthy and take care of it. And it does its job perfectly well kasi kitang kita sayo yung effect. 😍 I can't wait for your wedding day, Ate! ❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Lahat naman pong product na ginagamit mo madam is magaganda at tlgang effective kasi halata naman po sa face mo na shiny and smooth at parang throughout all the hard works po na ginagawa mo each day, di ka po ata tumatanda ah hehe..i like that product kahit mahal.

  9. Ang gandaaaa Ms.Martha 😍 napansin KO sa third picture Yong glowyness at radiant nong skin mo. Pwede po rin po kaya ito makeup base since nakakaconceal din siya.?

  10. Super Expensive :( Haha. Di ko bet ng ganito kapag nagcrecream ako every night lagkit na lagkit ako and dumidikit yung buhok ko kaya nakakainis minsan then oily ako kaya ayokong masyadong naglalagay ng kung ano anong products kasi baka mapasama pa sa skin ko. Ang ganda ng skin mo ate martha kaya bagay and okay sayo halos lahat.

  11. Yieee so excited for you Ms. Martha! :) Natry mo na po ba yung Lulur whitening facial scrub? Yung body scrub kasi nila is effective, lalo pag consistent ang usage. I tried using it kaso pinipimples ako kaya ginawa ko na lang body scrub haha. Although di ko sure kung dahil dun. Yung body scrub nila ginagamit namin minsan ng sister ko sa mukha. Nakakaputi din haha at the same time ang lambot sa balat :)

  12. OMg! Advancw best wishes to your wedding Martha! Cant wait to see your makeup during that day! And Im so curious who will do your makeup hihi! Give us a hint and can you make a pre-wedding makeup look? Cant wait for the big day! Try the Ultimate Honey Sleeping Mask. Its effective especially para sa mga nag bbteakout. I love using that and paubos na yung akin kaya tipid tipid ulit

  13. Ugh why do you look so fresh all the time po? How to be you po, Ms. Martha??? No doubt sa kasal PERFECTION na. Everyone will be speechless (NO DOUBT). I wish you all the best Ms. Martha! Your skin looks really radiant here (and on every other photo!) The cream and essence are quite pricey i kennnnaaaat afford po huhu but I'mma save this up for future reference! Very informative and efficient. :) More more! Anyways, best best best wishes in advance on your wedding, Ms. Martha!

    Really excited po for your wedding make-up! I'm hoping we'd get to see you do it. If there are breakouts, one can never go wrong with tea tree oil or bentonite clay mask. Hope this helps too.

    God bless on your marriage Ms. Martha! Always looking forward to more of your posts. Thank you for being here with us for such a long time with pure dedication. Best wishes x

  14. Ateeeeeeeeee, this is it! Every girl's dream is to get married. Have a cute and happy family. I'm so happy for you ate!!! Malapit na yung wedding day mo pero you still have time to post here on your blog and do YT videos as well. Grabe. Sobrang love mo talaga kaming readers and viewers mo ate! Sobrang feel ko po!!! I wish you a happy marriage life ate!!!! Send my regards to your lucky hubby!!! Love you ate!!! <3


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