New Face Favorites: Maquillage Makeup Collection Review, Swatch, Price

Here's a review on Maquillage Dramatic Loose Powder, Dramatic Mood Veil Silky, Watery Rouge, Perfect Black Liner, and Flat Change Base

PRICE: Dramatic Loose Powder- P1,850.00; Dramatic Mood Veil Silky- P1,100.00 (Refill) and P1,100.00 (Case); Watery Rouge- P1,150.00; Flat Change Base- P1,650.00; Perfect Black Liner- P1,495.00
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OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Shiseido boutiques


Maquillage, in my opinion, is one of the brands with the most whimsical packaging; but don't let all this cuteness fool you because inside each precious compact is a hardworking product; I've recently been sent the Spring 2017 makeup collection and it's all keep, no throw, srsly.


Dramatic Loose Powder promises to prolong makeup wear by controlling sebum; it comes in a lightweight, plastic jar with a vintage vibe; the puff that comes along with it is divine and you can purchase it separately as well.

There are two shades for this: Lucent and Natural Beige; I got Lucent, which means translucent. The powder has a soft, silky texture; it's a low- dusting powder that's unscented, lightweight, and softens the texture of the skin as it sets makeup. 

Dramatic Mood Veil is a finishing powder that provides a 'lit-from'within' look and balances features with the play of light and shadow. I have already reviewed this product way back so please click HERE for the review.

This shade is called Silky.

L-R: Lavender, Cream, Pink, White, Peach, all colors combined

Compared to the first Dramatic Mood Veil that I have, which is predominantly roses and pinks, this one features tone- correcting shades. I also like the packaging better now because it has become refillable and the case has gotten less bulkier.

 Flat Change Base is a spot- specific primer; this is meant to be used on the Diamond zone of the face (eyelids, T-Zone, and lips) to smooth out rough texture and prolong makeup for up to 13 hours.

Texture is a solid balm with a silicone feel to it; it's lightweight, blurs pores in an instant, quickly mattifies skin, and does keep makeup intact for hours with very minimal fading; I've noticed that on the side crevices of my nose, foundation would stay on longer if I have this on. The only con is the form of the product; takes an effort to get some product to put on your face.

 Perfect Black Liner promises to give soft, sharp, smooth lines.

This is the first eyeliner of its kind that I've invented; it resembles fountain pen and how you put together that thing; I like this format because it keeps the ink fresh and rich before usage.

The secret to this eyeliner's perfect line is the precise brush; it's nylon bristles gathered together to  form a precise brush. Nylon is a good brush material because it springs back into shape asap and is sturdy, but still has some flexibility to it.

 Perfect Black Liner swatch.

Watery Rouge is a plumping, hydrating liquid lip color with a glossy finish. This is in a shade called BE 332.


Eye line made by Perfect Black Liner; the brush is really nice and it's the reason why I used this everyday; it does help create solid, clean lines, whether it's thin or thick.

Formula is long- wearing, although I don't think it's waterproof.

Watery Rouge BE332

BE 332 is a nude shade with a hint of peach; texture is bursting with watery goodness and keeps lips soft and moist even if coverage has come off; this is also a great topper for matte lipsticks.

 Dramatic Mood Veil Silky

Left is just powdered and right is powdered layere with Dramatic Mood Veil. Notice that DMV takes out the flatness of the look by adding luster and balancing the play of light on the features.

L- Face with foundation
R- Foundation set with Dramatic Loose Powder

Dramatic Loose Powder is one of my favorite setting powders to date; it's soft to touch, easy to use, and a small amount is enough to seal makeup, making it economical. It helps keep my T-Zone oil- free for 5 hours, plus I like that it doesn't look too powdery!

I love everything in Maquillage's Spring 2017 collection; definitely perfect for girls who like keeping it light and for this warm weather of ours!


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  1. Wow! I like the Dramatic Loose Powder. I like the before and after photo that you used to caption the product. Plus you look gorgeous as well in your photo when you used the Dramatic Loose Powder. Winner!

  2. I still have the lipstick po na prize ko from you madam hehe, tinitipid ko tlga eh kasi ang ganda nya sa lips ko, ang glossy nya at sakto lang tlga ang kulay nya sa labi ko. I really hope I can have those din! awesome brand!

  3. I super like the eyeliner! So cute! Kkaiba sya. Ang bongga din ng outcome when you apply it na. Super nice talaga. I hope nice din ang price. Hihihi 😄

  4. Wow wow wow! I really like the powder! Oh and the Watery Rouge BE 332! Shiny lipsticks and lipglosses are being in these days since Rhianna's line came out! The pigmentation of these products say a lot about the brand. It's actually very impressive. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  5. Perfect po talaga ang Perfect Black Liner. Parang ang Perfect talaga ng pag apply.

  6. I never knew the Diamond zone of the face until reading this post.

  7. Na-amaze din ako sa eyeliner nila. Fountain pen! 🖋 I haven't encountered it from other brands yet. What I usually see is the marker type. Galing! 👏👏


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