Careline Graph-Ink Liner and Best Brow Liner Review

Careline Graph-Ink Liner and Best Brow Liner review.

PRICE: Liner- P170.00; Brow Liner- P160.00
FROM: Watsons, SM Megamall
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets


Careline is one of the brand's that impressed me last year because of the significant revamp, from the look down to the quality of the products. To be honest, I've always thought of it as a "kiddie" makeup brand that's why I've never given it much thought until their products became cooler, better, and much more pigmented.

My faves from the new Careline are the liquid lipsticks and these two products that I've tried recently: Graph-Ink Liner and Best Brow Liner; long- wearing products that make your eyes pop and brow stand out.

Best Brow Liner is a creamy, retractable brow liner for shading and shaping. It comes with a spoolie on one end plus formula claims to be long- lasting. It comes in two shades: Taupe and Brunette.

Graph-Ink Liner is an intense eyeliner that claims to have a smudge- proof, waterproof formula. It comes in one shade, Black.

Best Brow Liner has a slanted tip, which is a little wide, but workable.

I got Taupe for a change because normally, I'd go for anything brow/brunette when I buy or try brow products. Turned out that Taupe is pretty okay for my hair color; I thought it would be too light, but it's actually a semi- dark brown.

One layer of Best Brow Liner

Product softens up easily and glides smoothly; no tugging or scratching. It has an impressive, controllable formula; you can go light or bold with your brows. Product is long- lasting and holds up well on my combination oily/normal skin, but it is not waterproof. If you have severely oily skin, you may need to use a primer around the brow area or comb with a hair spray- sprayed spoolie before application to make the product last longer.

One layer of Graph-Ink Liner

This stuff is pigmented! One layer is enough to get a deep black liner and well- defined eyes.

7 hours after

Here's the eyeliner after wearing it non-stop and with no retouching. The shape is still there and even if there's a bit of fading, it is insignificant. I like this product!

Careline did a good job with both products and I'd say, try them! Between the two, I'd choose Graph-Ink Liner because it's so affordable, so pigmented, and staying power is superb!

Have you tried these products already? What are your thoughts?


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Super excited to try their new eyeliner but haven't bought one yet since I am a no buy, hehe .. but I have that taupe brow pencil and like it especially its spoolie on the other end.

  2. Mukhang mapapabili ako nung graph ink liner nila ����
    Saktong sakto tuyo na liner ko ����
    Salamat po sa review ms martha ..

  3. Whoa that eyeliner is something...been using lifeford but careline is worthy of second look.

  4. I love maybelline hypersharp liquid liner but this looks good as well! I find it hard to love a drugstore eyeliner because it doesn't last long or lacks pigmentation but kudos to careline for bringing in affordable eyeliner for every Filipina, yay!

  5. I've tried the EYELINER and it is SUPER good. I agree :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love Blog

  6. Haven't tried those products yet but it looks good and knowing that it's locally made suprises me even. Definitely must haves for girls on a budget like me❤

  7. Wala pa kong natatry na Careline products. Bagay naman sayo ung Taupe na shade. Tsaka gusto ko ung eyeshadow mo. Thanks for this post Ms M


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