Eye Of Horus Brow Fiber Extend Review: Easy way to volumized brows!

Eye of Horus Brow Fiber Extend review.

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Don't you wish that on days when you're very busy or just plain lazy, you can just sweep your brows into lush, polished, tinted perfection? To achieve these, you need at least a minimum of two products, but I've found a quick solution for that! Eye of Horus Brow Fiber Extend, a brow mascara with a targeted wand and a formula that immediately defines, sculpts, volumizes, and sets brows! What a time saver!

Eye of Horus Brow Fiber Extend is a long- lasting, waterproof brow filler that instantly thickens brows with its fiber- infused formula. It comes in three shades: Husk, Dynasty, and Nile.

Here's the wand, which I find to be targeted and really effective in defining, sculpting, and setting the brows and any shape of brow for that matter. The soft, cone- like shape lets me line my brows  somehow too.

Brow Fiber Extend Ingredients

L-R: Husk, Dynasty, Nile

Husk is a light taupe shade. Dynasty is a medium dark brown shade, and Nile is a black brown shade.

Texture is a soft cream and finish is soft matte. It's spreads very evenly, dries efficiently, and doesn't clump on brow strands. It's also very pigmented and since there are brow fibers in it, apply sparingly because it will immediately give you thick brows! But then again, who doesn't want that! :p

In this photo, I mapped my brows using a regular brow pencil. I know I said that this product can be used to somewhat line the brows, but only if your brows are clean and shaped; I'm having a lot of regrowths now so I can't use it as effectively.

The brow gel has effectively and naturally darkened and thickened my brow. I like how the brow fibers have blended seamlessly into my real brow strands. 

 In this photo, I'm using Dynasty, the perfect shade for me.

In this photo, I'm using Nile, which is a bit dark, but turned out okay overall. Also, I like how the shade brightened my face!

Staying power is very good; stays put without a primer, doesn't smear, streak, the fibers hold up well and does so without the stiff feeling. It can last through a long commute, a sweaty face, and oil; in short, it's waterproof!

Another amazing product by Eye of Horus! I love how easy and fast to use this thing is; perfect for traveling, when you're busy, or when you're just plain lazy, yet you still want on fleek brows!

P.S. You can also use this as a topper for any brow product!


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I still struggle in doing my brows up to this day..may days na di sya nakikisama. Good thing there are products na easy or more convinient to use. Makakadagdag tulong na..papagandandahin pa ng bongga ang brows mo. Perfect sa weather ng Pinas..anti hulas!

  2. I’m impressed! It really looks like you have used teo brow products but in reality, brow tint lang sapat na! Hehe. I prefer wands like this one. Yung medyo shorter compared sa iban brow tint brushes kasi mas nape-prevent nya yung lagpas lagpas and mas okay sya in any brow shape. Time saver indeed! ☺️❤️

  3. How I wish I can use this product alone :( But I love it, pang tamad days talaga to!

  4. Wow, love your brows. Ganda! Glad to know that it's got great staying power. It's a bit pricey, however I guess it's value for your money still. Thanks for reviewing Ms Martha!

  5. Honestly hirap akong mag ayos ng brows ko kaya naman practice mode galore ako lalo nakapag may kilay tutorial ka. Bet ko nga pala yung nile kahit dark kasi ang ganda nya.

  6. Maganda ung Dynasty sayo Ms M. Sad to say, up to now, hindi pa din ako marunong magkilay.

  7. Im impressed on how well this product is definitely worth the price πŸ‘Œ perfect talaga po to sa mga tamad mag eyebrows at hirap katulad ko πŸ’ž thank u for introducing us this product your totally my number one source of makeup newss

  8. Wow I badly need this too Ms.martha para di na ako nagtatagal sa pagkikilay ..bet ko din po yung shades ng dynasty πŸ‘


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