Kojie San Sun Patrol: Your UV ray defenders!

Greetings from Melbourne! It's been cold here since I arrived, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 11 degrees each day. It's great walking around the city in this chilly weather, but still, the sun here is mightily shining that my skin would still feel a bit burned despite the fact that it's the beginning of the winter season.

Which is why I got inspired today to write about Kojie San's Sun Patrol, their new collection of sunscreen products; they're new to me! This Melbourne experience goes to show that no matter the weather, the sun's still out there and UV rays will always find a way to affect your skin so you need your own sun patrol!

Kojie San's sunscreen range is a complete range for the face, body, pre- sun care, and post- sun care. No matter the activity, whether you're just strolling around the city or playing outdoors, Kojie San's sunscreen products will serve as your UV defenders! It is also the only sunscreen range in the Philippines that contains SUNACTYL, which repairs and relieves UV damage through the Glutathione system. Kojie San sunscreen range protects skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Kojie Sun Before Sun Spray with SPF 50 is a sheer, fast- drying sunscreen so you can have fun in the sun anytime. Kojie San SPF 50 Sports is perfect for active babes and dudes.

Keep aging at bay with Kojie San Face Sunblock SPF 50. It has very high sun protection to ensure that you won't be getting age spots sooner than expected.

Need higher SPF? Kojie San Sunblock SPF 65 and 69 have ultra high protection that's ideal for extreme sun exposure.

Take care of your skin by treating it after an eventful day out in the sun with Kojie San After Sun Spray; spray on heavily- exposed body parts and let Aloe Vera do the healing.

Don't forget the kids! Their delicate skin need some serious protection, just like mom (and dad!) so be sure to put on Kojie San Sunscreen for Kids SPF 30 and 50 on their skin so they can have total fun under the sun.

Don't forget to use Kojie San Sun Patrol so you have expert sun defense wherever you go!

Visit KOJIE SAN PHILIPPINES to get to know more about their sunscreen range.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My husband and I tried Kojie San's suncreen, yung sports version for face. Di naman siya super nag iiwan ng white cast sa face pero medyo heavy siya at sticky. Madali din ako pawisan dahil dito. Not dure kung dahil dapat active/sporty while using it kasi di naman. Anyway, it's not that bad naman. We still finished the sachet. :)

  2. I love Kojie San Products. But, once i tried their sunscreen to protect me from the sun during swimming, i still turned darker

  3. I'm an adult but I use kojie san kids so as everyone in the family.

  4. Wow! That is alot for a product that helps protect the skin from sun damage. Ang daming choices, Kojie San is really stepping up in their products. Totally covered talaga ang skin!

  5. Kahit pala malamig, need pa rin pala ng sunblock. Ndi ko alam yun. Very informative

  6. Ang sipag mo pa din Ms M. Enjoy kayo dyan ni Pikachu. Wala pa kong natry na Kojie San. Thanks for this post Ms M

  7. Yasss! Suncare is a must. Wherever you are in the worl not only in the Philippines. i'm so excited to try their products.Hope your having a great trip ate Martha❤


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