Sleek Makeup's new copperlicious makeup collection and life- proof foundation!

Sleek MakeUP is about to make things hotter with these new products that will surely become your new statement makeup: a foundation that claims to be life- proof, two new primers, and a sizzling copper highlighter palette! Take a peek!

Two new primers to address common makeup concerns: Mattifying Primer for oily skin and Hydrating primer for dry skin. One has a soft- focus finish and the other, hydrating finish for makeup that stays and isn't flaky, dry, and fading.

Life- Proof foundation is a medium- full coverage foundation that promises to be sweat- proof. Oil- free formula makes it lightweight and perfect for the warm weather. It comes in 15 shades so you don't have to mix and match!

Copper may just be the new Rose Gold and Sleek MakeUP is starting the trend with Copperplate, the newest addition to their famous highlighting palettes. It comes in a beautiful metallic copper palette and the shades are copper, light bronze, light peach, and pearl. It's perfect for warm skin!

A preview of the great things to come. I'm sooo into the Copperplate highlighting palette! Can't wait to review this for everyone!

Lifeproof foundation, primers, and Copperplate Highlighting palette are now available in all selected Sleek MakeUP retailers. Visit SLEEK MAKEUP PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details about the product.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Is it really life proof? How long will the foundie last?

  2. Wow! In fairness sa Sleek, panalo ang copperplate highlighting pallete nila! Bagay sa morena

  3. Like ko din ung Copper at sana matuto akong maghighlight. Thanks for this Ms M

  4. Lifeproof foundation is kind of hard to claim but maybe Sleek can prove it. :) Like to try that at stores to check its performance. I love their new collection, it is perfect for pinays with morena skin and their highlighter is really good! <3 so pretty!

  5. Those highlightera are so extra....I'm excited for your swatches on bases.

  6. Another makeup release 💓💓💓 nakakabutas ng bulsa hehe. Super ganda nung highlight pallete cant wait for the looks and review you will make using it ate Martha. Cant wait for the swatches ❤❤❤

  7. Gand ng foundation,. Perfect din for oily skin like me


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