Mega Fashion and Gadget Haul!

I just went on a major shopping spree lately to prepare for my upcoming Melbourne-Brisbane honeymoon trip! It's also been a while since I shopped for new clothes. Melbourne and Brisbane are currently having below 20 degrees weather for the whole of May and early weeks of June. I realized, I don't have enough cold weather clothing, hence the purchase!

I also bought a couple more stuff for travel plus a few more things to add to my closet.

Good thing H&M is on sale! I picked up the following: Light peach pajama, royal blue pullover, and white knit pull over which is oversized yet extremely fashionable; just what I want!

Nights are definitely colder so I bought a set of Minnie Mouse pajama at SM. I think I'll be needing one more long- sleeved nightie top for my 18-day stay!

Uniqlo Heattech leggings and long- sleeves. Thermal wear is essential because it's the closest to the body and prevents heat from escaping. Heattech is not exactly affordable, but definitely more affordable than Marks and Spencers, which is another brand of popular thermal wear locally.

Some additions to my closet: long socks for my leather boots, hoops from SM Accessories (I'm digging this accessory again!) Miniso ultra seamless underwear, which is my favorite, Sogo reusable and disposable nipple tapes, and bra extenders for the H&M strapless balcony bra I bought.

I'll be hiking in Melbourne so I bought Merrell Capra Rapid, an affordable hiking shoe that is not only great for dry hikes, but for muddy, water trails as well; there are a lot of good reviews on this shoe so I chose it. I also picked up a pair of slip-ons from Forever 21; these will look great with almost anything plus it's on sale!

Finally, Go Pro Hero 5! I've been meaning to purchase a new action cam; my previous one, Supremo 1 is okay, but the accessories have failed and there have been some glitches with the system. I hope this time, I made the right decision with Go Pro Hero 5!

Excited for my trip this Friday! Can't wait to share my adventures with you!

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ingat po sa honeymoon trip ms.martha 😊
    Enjoy po kayo ni hubby mo po.

  2. Napanood ko tong haul mo kagabi sa ig live mo Ms M. Ang tagal nyo dun ni Pikachu, 18 days. Sana pagbalik nyo, positive ka na. Gusto nyo na bang magkababy? In God’s time, it will. Ingat kayo at enjoy. Will wait for the pics.

  3. I will be waiting for your blog and updates about #tbjtravelsataustralia. Have a good time there Martha, you deserve a break and rest together with your hubby. God bless! 😘 uy baka mura dun yung lucas papaw hehe. Enjoy 😉

  4. Wow andami mong nahaul ate perfect talaga for the trip tong napili niyo po. Enjoy your trip po cant wait for posts about your adventures po and enjoy your bonding with your hubby po. Deserve na deserve niyo po to after the Blog Anniversary meet and greet na pinagpuyatan niyo po at pinaghandaan ng bonggang bongga! GOD BLESS PO ON YOUR TRIP ATE MARTHA

  5. Bon voyage on your trip to Australia, dearie. Yes, my friend from Victoria is already complaining of the cold weather that her colds are starting to act up all over again. Sh can't even dry her laundry well. Wow glad you got a Go Pro. I would love to see videos of your travels. So happy for you!

  6. I love your Merrell shoes. Can't wait for your ootds! Enjoy and God bless ^_^


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