FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Skin Care Sets to Manage Oily Skin

Whew! It's been a while since we had Fan Mail Fridays! There are a lot of questions in line in my email and FB fan page! Thank you for all the questions, TBJ Beshies; I'll try my best to answer them until there's none left so let's start with Jerika's question:

Hi Ms. Martha,

I have very oily skin. They say good skin starts with skin care so I'm wondering if you can recommend good skin care that will help me manage my very oily skin. If possibly, please recommend a set because I read somewhere that sticking to a set is recommended so you can get the most out of a brand/skin care. Thank you and appreciate your input!

Hey Jerika!

Thanks for the query! I may not have very oily skin, but I do have my fair share of the slick face experience, most especially if it's summer!

Here are skin care sets that I've used to manage my oily skin problems. I love skin care sets because I also believe that in order to gauge how effective a brand is, you have to test out multiple products! Here are my suggestions:

- This is not a skin care range, but more of a treatment range. Treatment is also important in keeping skin healthy so when my skin is oiling up like crazy, Banila Co. The Blacks sheet mask and clay mask range is one of my go - tos.

- Bioderma is a known skin care brand from France. Locally, you can get them from derma clinics (through prescription) and through retail, specifically in Watsons stores. Bioderma's Sebium range is gentle and lightweight, making it perfect for our year- round warm weather. I also love that Sebium effectively keeps oil at bay while Hydrabio hydrates effectively, preventing my skin's need to produce more oil to keep it moist.

- A good pore- minimizing and oil- controlling range, plus it's affordable too! The toner is the bomb!


- Hydration is necessary for oily skin types. If you're looking for drugstore recos, I suggest Olay Aquaction; it's an effective hydrating skin care range in water- based formulas that keep oily skin hydrated without the heaviness.


- Long- time readers of mine know that Kiehl's is my HG skin care brands. Ultra Facial is one of their best- selling lines and they came up with an oily skin- friendly version of it: Ultra Facial Oil- Free, which is great for very oily to combination oily/normal skin types. I love the gel cream!

Share your favorite skin care lines for oily skin in the comments section!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have severly oily skin too and this helps a lot! Can;t wait to try out The Blacks! Sobrang cute huhuhu

  2. Yey its help me so much after I read yout blog Ms.Martha because like Jeriks I have an oily face too..thanks for your blog Ms.Martha 👍❤️

  3. I habe oily skin and drinking lots of water is your best bet.

  4. Relate! I also have a very oily skin and it sucks especially when its hot and you're wearing make up, you need to retouch every now and then since ang bilis mahulas. Or even if you're not wearing anything but the oil & the shine is always there. Huhu. :( I agree that we should invest and put our attention more on our skin care routine to somehow minimize our problem & our skin is our base after all. Before, I thought hydrating or putting moisturizer/serum/facial oil on my skin is not okay and contributes more to the oilyness but i was sooo wrong! Kaya pala lumalabas yung oil since our skin is dry & dehydrated so it releases the oil to keep itself hydrated but ends up creating excess oil so super shiny and oily ng face(based on what ive read). Ive tried using Etude house wonder pore toner din but im currently in love with Human Nature's hydrating toner. I also love using Skin potion's tomato pore serum and snowberry cream sleeping mask, fresh and blooming pagkagising and im less oily too. I also go for water based moisturizer like iwhite korea's Aqua moisturizer. These are my go to, cheap and easy to find HG products. :)

  5. Hope there is a budget friendly version of this :(

  6. Try beautyfix charcoal peeling masks..23php only. Use it 2x a week.. then followed by aloe vera and honey i mixed it..then put it on my face for 15 mins..then wash it with water.... it controls my oily face..i got less pimps since this is my routine.. just twice or once a week

  7. Thanks for the skin care suggestions. I would love to try Kiehl’s range. I’ve heard lots of good reviews about it.


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