Summer Saviors for Oily Skin: Banila Co The Blacks Cooling Clay Mask and Essential Mask Sheets review and price

Here's a review on Banila Co The Blacks Cooling Clay Mask and Essential Mask Sheet.

PRICE: Clay Mask- P695.00; Sheet Mask- Around P80.00+
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Banila Co Robinsons Ermita, Glorietta 3, and SM North Edsa


Summer's always brutal to my skin: I get oilier than usual and on top of that, my skin dries up on some parts. However, I only experience these in the city; when I'm away in a beach or province for summer, my skin's pretty okay; still oily, but not as bad as when I'm in the city. I guess I should stay in the beach until summer is over? LOL.

To combat the oiliness and dryness, I'm relying lately on Banila Co's The Blacks; if your skin is experiencing what my skin is experiencing during summer, grab these to keep it balanced, plus makes you feel fresh and tightens up the pores too.


The Blacks is a skin care collection for oily skin; it mainly addresses pore conditions and oiliness. The mask comes in 4 variants: Cooling, Heating, Moisturizing, and Hydrating. 


This variant contains Canadian colloidal clay, glacial soil, and peppermint extract that help tighten pores, refresh and soothe the skin, and encourages a silky, smooth complexion.

I opted for cooling clay mask because I need something to keep my pores tight for a smoother surface and for lesser oil, plus it's hot nowadays and the cooling sensation will definitely provide a pleasant feeling. It is a wash off mask and has a bouncy, gel- like consistency and minty scent.


Cooling clay mask hardens just enough, relaxing your facial muscles without that irritating stretch that's associated with clay masks. It washes off easily with facial foam and water.

After using the clay mask, I use the sheet mask; this sheet mask is bursting with a light, hydrating serum; there are three variants to choose from. I also love the posh black sheet!

I've been using the products for two weeks now and I have observed that my skin doesn't feel as dry, my pores always feel clean, and my skin looks fairly smoother because it does help tighten pores. Add to that, it helps keep skin matte after use.

The Blacks is a savior for oily skin this summer because it mattifies, hydrates, and refreshes skin. It's a great pick-me-upper on humpday and anytime your skin feels really oily, dry, and icky.


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks for this post Ms M. Something to try on. Pagnakaextra money, gonna buy the clay one.

  2. Oh my this is the product from Banila Co that I am waiting for the review. I really love masks. Oh my. But haven't tried a clay before. What Japanese brand with products like this should I try?

  3. I would love to try that especially the Essential masks sheet. I also have oily skin. Hope it works on me too.

  4. Ever since I started watching Korean dramas, I have been envious of their smooth, silky and dewy skin. Then I discovered those sheet masks! For almost a year now, I have incorporated sheet masks to my skin care routine and boy did my skin improve a lot; I've gotta try these sheet masks from Banila Co asap!

  5. Wow! I want to try this. I am addicted to sheet masks too! My skin looks awesome after using it

  6. I love using sheet masks too during summer to help relax my skin! I think this masks are abve 100+ same price range like leaders. Cooling masks win for this heat!

  7. I love using washed off mask like ganyan clay babad babad mona bago hilamusan. Tapos gustong gusto ko itim ika nga yong charcoal. Feeling ko ang linis linis pag itim na mask ginamit ko,nababawasan pagka-oily ng skin pati. Gusto ko itry yan Ms. M pak na pak ang rating, alam na this. A big YES.


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