Skinpotions Dream Cream review + swatches

Skinpotions Dream Cream review.

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Skinpotions' much- awaited product, the Dream Cream, has launched a month or two ago; it's apparently one of their most exciting products to date because more than just being a lip cream, it's a versatile pigment product that can be used on the complexion as well. Let's see how it works!


Dream Cream comes in 10 shades. I have 8 to swatch here. Product is cute and very decent, and very affordable at P249 only. It's actually a well- designed product given the price; sometimes, I wonder how they do that!

Here are the shades. Dream Cream is a light creamy mousse with intense pigmentation as perfectly depicted in the photo; I didn't have to put my applicator back in the tube to get these pigmented swatches; well the product clings well on the applicator too and that's one factor.

As for the finish, it has a semi- matte finish and it feels plush, smooth, and creamy, but not sticky nor heavy.


- Pale pink with lavender undertone. Not a nude that flatters my skin tone, but fairer skin tones will look good in this.


- Muted peach. A pretty, everyday shade that will look good on any skin tone.


- Camel brown shade. Very interesting for a choice of brown; it's very vintage and you know what? I like it! It looks pretty cool on warm skin, although I'm not sure if it will look the same on fair skin or more orange then brown.


- Watermelon pink; basically hot pink with a red undertone. A classic color!


- Warm rose. Dream Cream's best- selling shade and I can see why; Rose is still the new red of this generation and personally, I like the shade.


- A much- less orange version of Zoey; this is a toasty type of brown with a hint of peach.


- Good ol' true red. Reminds me a bit of MAC Ruby Woo.


- Browned berry shade. I like that it's not overly berry; it's actually a pretty unique shade.

Dream Cream does not have insane staying power like most liquid lipsticks do; it holds up, but fades gradually throughout the day. I find that some colors leave a hint of pinkish stain on the lips once it fades, like Harper; the tint is a nice feature, but I would prefer none of it because I think it tends to mix with and change the color of the color gradually and for little bit like my experience with Harper: it's rose for the most part of the day, but when it started to fade for a little, I noticed that the color started looking more like bright pink; to solve this, I just reapply the product and that's it! But what's worth noting is that the formula did not dry my lips at all!

Dream Cream is actually recommended to be used as liquid shadow and cheek tint:

A few dots of harper on my cheeks; be careful not to apply too much because it's VERY pigmented!

As a cheek tint, the creamy mousse texture made it easy to blend and leaves a soft touch of color; it also doesn't stain my fingers, which I like. Best part is it can be applied on top of powdered skin too, but since it doesn't have intense staying power, you have to set it with translucent powder to keep it in place.

You can also use the product as cream shadow; here's Harper on my lids. Again, it's very pigmented so don't put a lot! I use it with primer and set it with a touch of translucent powder to keep it in place.

I like that Dream Cream is versatile, which makes it a perfect travel makeup partner; the colors are nice, staying power is okay, but I'm just not a huge fan of the tint effect on the lips because I feel that it does change the color of the product on the lips (well this is just me). Nevertheless, for its price, it's still a good product.

What's your favorite Dream Cream?


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