Snail White Whipp Soap and collection review: Kris Aquino's favorite skin care brand!

Snail White Whipp Soap, Créme Body Wash, and Moisture Rich Facial Cream review.

PRICE: Soap- P295; Body Wash- P145; Moisture Rich Facial Cream- P885
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OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Watsons stores; beautymnl website


Everything Kris Aquino touches turns into gold; that's a fact; she's turned around a lot of products and businesses like, Snail White. In one of her vlogs, when she revealed that Snail White Whipp Soap is her most favorite soap, she instantly generated demand that online shops began selling the product and began running out of stocks too. With that media power comes great opportunity so Kris herself brought to the country Snail White; smart move, I must say! Let's see if she can turn this gold into a gold mine!

I've been trying the product for about two weeks and here's what I think about it.

For starters, Snail White is a skin care brand from Thailand. It's a simple and sweet skin care collection with a body wash (2 sizes), facial wash, soap, sunscreen, and face cream. The range is powered by Snail Secretion Filtrate/Snail Mucin. The brand is called Snail White, but there's only one product in the range that straightforwardly admits that it's for whitening while the rest are for moisturizing and brightening; if you're into whitening, this may be okay, but there are other brands out there that specifically delivers that benefit.

Créme Body Wash has two variants: Deep Moisture with Baobab extract and Natural White with Caviar Lime.

Créme Body Wash ingredients

The body wash has a rich, thick consistency; a little amount is enough to create a rich lather; what I find amazing with this formula is despite the rich lather, it doesn't make the skin feel dry.

In the bottle, Baobab smells amazing; like chocolate mint, but I find that this fragrance doesn't translate well to the body. Caviar Lime smells okay in the bottle, but smells amazing on the body that's why I prefer this. Baobab is a good moisturizing ingredient though.

Moisture Facial Cream ingredients

Moisture Facial Cream contains a high concentration of Snail Secretion Filtrate for long- lasting hydration; the all-in-one formula promises to rejuvenate, smooth, firm, and nourish the skin as well as diminish fine lines and boost collagen production.

The cream has a goopy, jelly- like consistency that is best applied by tapping it on the skin; given the benefits and texture, this, to me, functions more like a serum and cream: it has the delivery system of a cream and benefits of a serum.

I like that this moisturizer/serum is packed with benefits and works great under makeup, plus keeps my skin moisturized the whole day without the greasy feel; it's actually great for any skin type, even oily skin. No breakout with the cream and a little goes a long way!

Now we're down to Kris Aquino's fave! Whipp Soap is a highly moisturizing soap that promises to cleanse and moisturize the skin.

Whipp Soap ingredients

Ingredients feature Bearberry extract that promises to brighten the skin, Blackcurrant, Sunflower, and Balloon Vine seed oil to soothe sensitive areas, and Hyaluronsan to hydrate and refresh the skin.

The soap comes with a foaming net with the soap housed inside; it gave the soap two benefits immediately: exfoliation and cleansing. It's actually a good way to minimize our impact on nature because with this soap, we don't have to buy a separate loofah any longer and it can be recycled for use with other soaps.

The soap has a soft, slightly creamy texture when dry; it immediately gives you the feeling that it's highly moisturizing.

The soap lathers up instantly, thanks to the foaming net and it produces a rich foam with an almost lotion- like texture, thanks to the high concentration of Snail Secretion Filtrate. It's non- drying, I must say and I'd like to call it soapy lotion!

I suppose Whipp Soap is for the body because there's a facial cleanser offered by the range, but it doesn't specifically say that it can't be used on the face. I used the soap on my face and it's very moisturizing, I must say, and it didn't leave my face dry; it's actually a good dupe for Shiseido Perfect Whip facial foam. Sometimes, I use the soap in the net to get some exfoliation action going on. However, I got a pimple after my third usage so I say test it out first if you have sensitive skin. Now I use it on the body and it's working well.

I told myself that I will go back to using soap on my body if I can find one that's rich and highly moisturizing, and thankfully, here's Snail White Whipp soap. I like the soap as well as the body wash in Caviar Lime and Moisture Facial Cream. Snail White is great for those with dry skin, combination skin, and for those who dislike that taut, dry feeling on the skin.

Snail White is available at Beauty MNL and Watsons stores.


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  1. This seems interesting! Although personally, I don't like lightening my skin. I'm proud of my medium skin tone. However, I've recently been using Kojie JUST to lighten the sun damaged areas of my skin (pinapantay ko lang yung kulay ng arms ko sa shoulders ko). This sounds like a good product for me trying to even out my exposed skin.

  2. Medyo pricey kaya I am having second thought of buying the soap. Pero promise gustong gusto sya ma try hehehe... Budgetarian issue :)

  3. There's really a reason as to why Kris is raving this product.

  4. Really want to buy all snail white products but Wala pang pera ehh, maybe soon.


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