Ara Colours Ara Mina Matte Lipstick and Lip and Cheek Tint: For the everyday woman

Ara Colours Matte Lipstick and Lip and Cheek Tint review, price, swatch

PRICE: Lipstick- P195; Lip and Cheek Tint- P175
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in Lazada


It's been the year of celebrity makeup launches here in the Philippines; a lot of our local celebrities have caught up with the beauty entrepreneurship trend and have found a new avenue to maintain their influence among Filipinos and expand their businesses. One of which is Ara Mina, a famous celebrity and beauty icon of the 90's now turned entrepreneur has just launched her very own beauty line.

In partnership with Ever Bilena, Ara Mina unveils ARA COLOURS, a makeup brand inspired by her favorite beauty products made for the everyday woman who always wants to look good!

Ara Colours is the latest celebrity makeup brand to appear in the local beauty scene. The pilot products were a matte lipstick and lip and cheek tint; recently multipurpose eyeshadow palettes, bullet lipsticks, and sculpting and highlighting sticks have been introduced.

The products come in their very own box, making them gift- worthy and more posh considering the price point. At the same time though, I find it a bit over the top for a single product; maybe there's a way to simplify the packaging so we'll generate lesser trash.

Ara Colours Lip and Cheek Tint promises to be long- lasting and non- drying. the water-gel formula allows it to be buildable and perfect for achieving ombre lip looks.

There are 5 shades for the lip and cheek tint.

Top to bottom:

Virginia- hot pink
New York- deep browned red
Oakland- warm red
Seattle- red pink
Austin- berry pink

True to what's advertised, the tints have a watery, gel feel, hydrating, comfortable texture, and dewy finish. Pigmentation is light to medium. The product is pretty huge and the tube packaging doesn't look cheap at all.

Ara Colours Matte Lipstick is a semi- matte lipstick that comes in 7 shades.

This lipstick has quite a unique shaped to it; it's a flat- shaped crayon that I find useful in creating thiner, cleaner lines and suits a variety of lip shapes including slim lips. What a creative approach to the good ol' lipstick shape and it's a shape that I never thought would ever be useful, until this.

Here are the swatches.

Top to bottom: France, Spain, Canada, Monaco, Sweden, Croatia, and Austria

Consistency is smooth and buttery; it's not a matte lipstick per se, but rather a semi- matte lipstick. When it sets, it doesn't go completely matte, but it's much less shinier than satin; it's very pigmented, rich, creamy, and hydrating.

Here are lip swatches:


- Soft peachy brown


- Powder pink with a hint of rose.


- Deep hazelnut brown; thought that this would be a mahogany kind of brown based on the photo depiction of the shade.


- A muted light peach.


- Dirty rose.


- Midtone red with neutral undertone.


- Rosy warm pink

The shades of the lipsticks are pretty and fit a variety of skin tones, although I can't say that the shade selection is groundbreaking; it's just great for everyday. I stand by the awesomeness of the lipstick shade anyway!

Staying power of the lipstick is just okay; it lasts the whole day without fading, but once you eat, you definitely have to retouch.

Meanwhile, here's the lip and cheek tint in Oakland on my lips; this is my most favorite shade among the five.

The tints are pretty and have good pigmentation; I can also apply it on to of the cheeks just by dabbing and it will only remove a wee bit of makeup. The tint shades are nice; however, I find that the formula stains my fingers more than my cheeks during application; I think formula needs a little bit more slip or an emollient ingredient so it will adhere better on the skin. S

Between the two, I love the matte lipsticks! Nevertheless, good job to Ara Mina for the equally nice brand and products!

Have you tried these already Share your thoughts!


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  1. I agree less trash sana 😊.. and i love the shade monaco for the matte lipstick 😍

    Ig: hnhfua
    Fb: han fua

  2. Good to know that another Local brand will prosper again in giving all ladies a good look. I love the Monaco and France in Matte Lipstick white in Lip & Cheek tint is Oakland. Greatful that it is also affordable, safe to use and long lasting. Thank you for sharing our honest reviews and thoughts!

  3. Parang angganda ng shade range nya..ito ung mga shades na bagay dn sa skintone ko..looks nice sau yang red liptint Ms. M 😍Mura infairness

  4. magaganda shades nila, palavan na shades hehe


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