How To Prevent Makeup Meltdown

The tropics can sometimes be unfriendly to make-up. The scorching hot sun and humid temperature is the perfect tandem for disastrous, cakey, and streaky makeup. And if you have oily or combination/oily skin like me, you're in bigger trouble.

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So how do you lock your makeup in place in spite of the hot weather? Sporting clean and protected skin is a given. You'll be needing more than that. Read on and find out how you can keep your makeup from going astray.


Although Toners are optional in a basic skin care routine, I must say that it really comes handy to someone who lives in the tropics, especially the Alcohol- based kind. Alcohol- based toners rid your pores of dirt and excess oil, and magically make its openings smaller. If your pores are squeaky clean, they're less likely to excrete excess oil. If you can't stand the dry feeling after swiping toner on your face, follow with your favorite moisturizer right after.


Blotting oil from your face is much better than layering more makeup on. For one, it really gets rid of oil, whereas layering makeup on an oily part of your face just traps the excess oil in between your face and previous layer of makeup. Layering makeup for a couple of times in a day may clog and sabotage your pores. When oil starts to show, just blot them away.


Primers are made of wax, polymers, and silicone substances that help minimize the appearance of oil on your facial skin surface. It also helps fill in larger pore openings to prevent them from attracting dirt. I would recommend primers with Silicone and Mica in it, as they are proven to be effective in keeping oilies at bay, especially for people with combination/oily or excessively oily skin. If you do not have oily skin, Primers will still be of use to you because they're built to make makeup last.


Perspiration is a common body function for people who live in the tropics. I know you will all agree that in the Philippines, air- conditioning is not enough to keep us sweat- free. Beads of sweat that run on your eyes may cause your eyeliners and eyeshadows to streak, fade, and cake. If you perspire a lot, especially on the head area, make sure you fix your eyeliners and eyeshadows with a sealant.


Generally, setting foundation with pressed powder is considered as the 'Final Touch' in makeup application. However, for very hot countries, a makeup sealer/makeup fixer would be the REAL final touch. Makeup fixers are meant to lock makeup in place. There will be minimal fading during wear, but it's not very significant. However, if you're using one, I would suggest that you use it around once or twice only as it can clog pores. Fixers and Sealants come handy in prolonged makeup wear.


If your makeup base is great, you wouldn't need the fixer/sealant anymore. There are a ton of matte, oil- free, and long- wearing makeup bases available in the market. So go ahead. Indulge.


Tinted Moisturizers are best used in countries such as ours because it's lightweight and sheer. Almost all of them have SPF too to shield our skin from UVA and UVB rays. My favorite is Laura Mercier's Oil- Free Tinted Moisturizer. It amazingly conceals some minor facial marks without the heavy look and feel.


When choosing a setting powder, choose the ones with cosmetic- grade Mica or Silicone in it. As I've said, they're great oil absorbers. They keep your face oil- free longer. If you're into powder foundations, choose the non- creamy types, as they're less likely to run off. Just look for the words 'Matte' and 'Long- Wearing' on the labels.

Hope this helps! Feel free to add more. :D

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Never tried any sealants nor makeup fixers. :( I should probably look for a good one. Having very oily skin really makes it hard to keep my makeup last longer. Thanks for the tip, Martha! :D

  2. this is really very helpful...especially for me who has oily face!thanks!

  3. and so i thought oil blotting papers are just for oily skinned gals.. need to get one asap!!!

  4. Great tips! I swear I'm gonna hunt down my go-to products for each product you mentioned. :)


  5. what's a good setting powder ms.martha? this post is really helpful!

  6. Summer is fast approaching na.kahit January pa ang init-init na, thanks for this helpful post Ms.Martha!

  7. Summer is fast approaching na.kahit January pa ang init-init na, thanks for this helpful post Ms.Martha!

  8. peachy pink: thanks dearies! Haven't used one, but I know a lot of people who use it. :) Apparently, they love it. :)

    sky: thanks dear! :D

    Donna: People, especially those who live in the tropics, need it regardless if they have oily skin or not. Because oil is naturally part of our systems. So even if you have dry skin, you still have the tendency to oil up a bit, but not as much as people with oily skin. Oil blotting sheets take out shine, but they don't really rub makeup off. :)

    Tanya: thanks dear! :D

    Maricar: I swear by Physician's Formula Talc- free pressed powder, allison Raffaele loose translucent powder and tony moly berry lovely girl loose powder. :)

    Jen: true! And you're welcome. :)

  9. After reading your post, I realized I'm on the right track. I apply toner and moisturizer after shower, then a light make up. And since I work in the GY shift, instead of re applying face powder, I simply use oil blotter and it makes my face look cleaner. There was even a time that I have to work double shift and one my colleague commented that I still look fresh. For somebody like me with super duper oily face, oil blotter is the answer.

  10. I have never heard of the real final touch...I usually use humanheartnature toners...they are really good too, but you have to use them at least three times a day...and face primers from ellana...they don't break me out...Thanks for this! Maybe I will try some of these.

  11. aidisan: thanks dear! :D yes, oil blotters are wonder products. I can't leave home without them. thanks for sharing! :D

    leilani: well, it's just an opinion of mine 'cos I know a lot of people who use fixers after applying powder. :D

  12. I agree! These are all great tips especially that summer is coming to town!

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