HOW TO: Spot Fake MAC Cosmetics (Update)

I recently had an event with a couple of beauty bloggers, and one of them is Jamie of Mizz Makeup. Before she left, she was chatting with Phoebe about fake MAC products, and I couldn't help but overhear their conversation. Turns out that Jamie was a victim herself. I asked her about it, and she told me that she bought a fake MAC MSF Natural in Light from Ebay for P1,400.00. And to make matters worse, the seller is starting to ignore her calls and messages.

Uh- oh.....

When everything else is said and done, the only thing you can do is this.

You see, even seasoned MAC fans are lured into buying fake MAC products.

You know why?


Because these pesky counterfeiters have gotten SO GOOD at it! Okay, before you scroll down and read the rest of the post, can you tell me which is the REAL MAC MSF?!?!

Hard to tell, right? Even a MAC fan like me thought that the one on the left side is authentic!!!!

Gone are the days when fake products really looked fake. Because this time, these counterfeiters have made sure that their fake products LOOK JUST LIKE THE REAL THING. But they're just that! They will never, ever be the real thing!

Update yourselves my fellow beauty junkees. Thanks Jamie for letting me use your MAC powders for this entry.

Is your Benefit Box O' Powder authentic? Find out in this post.


Look at Jamie's fake MAC MSF. Font is too thin and jagged, and the letters felt like stickers!

MAC always uses this soft, rounded font in all their products. And the letters on this authentic MSF felt like they were stamped on the compact.

Look at this fake MSF. The font is too thin, and font color is white. The font colors of authentic MAC products are in light gray. And look at the glitters on the compact. They're too chunky, and the compact is not reflective at all. The next photo will tell you about MAC's reflective compacts.

Lastly, look at the batch code. It's too huge, and you could see it!

Notice the certain glow from an authentic MAC compact

Bear in mind that MAC's compacts are very reflective in pictures. I find this uniform in all MAC products in compacts. MAC compacts have silver glitters on it that are almost invisible in real life. But in pictures, they're very pronounced.

Let's use Jamie's authentic MAC MSF as an example. Whether you're under natural or artificial lighting, MAC's compacts will still look reflective and grainy in pictures. This could help you in authenticating a MAC compact foundation/powder you're eyeing online. But with all the advancements in photography, it is possible that a seller can make his/her fake MAC products look authentic. So please, do not rely on this aspect.

Batchcode: The batch code of MAC's products are almost invisible in pictures. Font color is sheer black. On the other hand, the fake MSF's batch code is bigger and very visible in pictures.

On fonts: The fonts of fake MAC products look too thin and jagged. Authentic MAC products' fonts are thick and rounded--always.

Check out the Fake MSF. Fall out is very significant, and it dirties the compact easily. Jamie said that the powder can't even cling on to any of her synthetic or natural brushes! She even joked by saying: "In fairness to this fake MSF, it feels nice on the skin!" But even if it feels nice, it's still fake, we don't know what the counterfeiters have put in it, and there's no way we're paying P1,400.00 for a frikkin' fake MAC MSF!

Check out the swatch of the FAKE MAC MSF in Light. It's too white and pigmented. MAC Skinfinish Natural powders yield a sheerand almost skin- like finish, while the fake MSF is too thick and white!

On the other hand, the authentic MAC MSF Natural is very light, and finish is not chalky unlike the Fake MSF Natural. Some bloggers even said that MAC's powders have this nice powdered milk- like smell, and I agree. And that fake MSF has a weird cornstarch- like smell. It's like pressed cornstarch! LOL.

Here's a compilation of some Class AAA MAC products. They're so precisely copied, you couldn't believe they're fake! But the truth lies in the littlest details. Read on and update your knowledge about the newest fake MAC products in town.

Be a makeup connoisseur! Spot Fake Urban Decay Products HERE.


Just look at the quality of the lipsticks. They're all glossy, tube is matte, and the MAC print on the silver part of the tube is too big!

Short Story:

Dawn and Trace of Peachy Pink Sisters were victimized by this seller at the Karl Edwards bazaar. They purchased a hell fake Violetta MAC lipstick. I've encountered these sellers and their fake cosmetics in Karl Edwards last year, and thought of writing about the encounter in my blog. But I've decided not to anymore. I knew it! I should have written about my encounter so a lot people could've been warned about these people. You wouldn't expect that the concessionaires would sell fake stuff because they are pretty decent, and they all speak in English plus slangs to boot!

In one of my Karl Edwards bazaar visits, I approached their stall and tried their MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Benefit testers. I saw MAC Crosswires from their selections and thought of buying it right away because I was missing the color badly. But good thing I swatched it first! It smells waxy, and the texture is too glossy and sheer. As far as I can remember, MAC's Crosswires lipstick feels velvety, and finish is satin or matte. Something was telling me that their cosmetics are knock-offs. But it felt unfair to judge them right away so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I asked one of the sellers:

Me: Are these authentic MAC Lipsticks?
Guy: Yes. They're all from Canada.
Me: But why do they smell waxy? MAC lipsticks are known for their iconic vanilla scent. And they feel watery. If my memory serves me right, Crosswires has a satin or matte finish.
Guy: Err.. What do you mean?
Me: Never mind.

So please beware of this seller at Karl Edwards Bazaar. I know another seller too who sells fake Benefit products. I encountered this seller at Eastwood's Night Market last December 2011. She also sells NYX Cosmetics too. But don't worry, her NYX products are authentic. But her Benefit products and Hello Kitty BB Creams (since when did Sanrio release a Hello Kitty BB Cream)? FAAAAAKKKEEEEE!

Bobbi Brown products are being faked too!


This one is from my collection. The black part of the tube is almost reflective in pictures, just like the compacts. The metal part of the tube is darker than the fake ones. I've held a fake one at The Fort's Karl Edward Bazaar, and the tube looks and feels like tin to me!


Ayayay. This one's hard to detect! The compacts look matte in here. Check out the pic of an authentic SF compact below:


This authentic one is from my collection. I would just like to recap: When you take a pic of any of MAC's compact under natural or artificial light, the compact's silver glitters tend to become pronounced in pictures, thereby making them reflective and grainy. In real life, you will hardly notice these silver glitters unless you look closely at the compact. I find this uniform in all MAC compacts from Bronzing powders to MSF Foundation.


This one's VERY hard to detect. But look at the shades. They're awfully light!


MAC's Studio Sculpt foundation yields full coverage, and they tend to be slightly darker than the other MAC liquid foundation variants.


This is my own studio fix bottle. Notice the font's color. It's shiny, and font color is silver-y, almost bordering to bronze. The rubberized cap is jet black.


Font is too shiny, and color is gold. And the shades look very light. The rubberized cap looks lighter than the authentic one.


Font is thick, and font color is intense.


Font is too thin; font color intensity poor; Shade looks too white, and seems like it doesn't have any undertone at all!

So save yourself from all the heartache and stress by buying from legit websites, MAC's official website, and MAC stores! Feel Free to add more 'How To Spot Fake MAC Cosmetics' tips to the list!

Here's my old list on how to spot makeup knock-offs.

If it's too good to be true, it probably is!

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70 Lovely Thoughts

  1. lots of online sellers sells fake MAC make ups. they say na its SINGAPORE MADE and its authentic. so beware.
    thanks for this blog. dami ko natutunan.
    --regine valenzuela

  2. omg! forreals? even batch code nagaya na? Thanks for this post! its a good heads up as well to be careful with our online purchases :)

  3. Thanks for this post Martha. I actually don't buy foreign branded makeup from bazaars unless that specific store is already recommended by other trusted beauty bloggers. kuripot ako, pero i prefer buying a local branded drugstore makeup than risk buying from a possible manloloko... Hehe. Sabi mo nga if it's too good to be true, it probably is. As much as I would really want a great deal, hindi na lang ako bumibili and pag-iipunan ang mas expensive na lang and buy from the mall if it would be the case...

    I remember an online shop pa nga from facebook, she admitted naman na singapore authentic yung mac niya pero pinaglalaban niya na walang difference yun sa original and LAHAT DAW NG MAC gawa sa singapore mas nakamura daw siya kasi doon siya sa supplier msimo kumuha. And I was like, WTF.

    Sorry, nag-rant ako... I hate fake makeup sellers din. Okay lang naman pero sana sinasabi nila na na lang upfront na they sell fake... may mga tao namang bumibili talaga fake eh. LOL :P

  4. Gellie: That is so true. I have nothing against these people, as they're trying to earn decently by selling. It's better than theft, IMO. But like what you've said, there are still people who buy fake products, so might as well admit they're fake. Singapore my a$$. I'm a MAC user for 5 years now, and MAC will always be Made In Canada. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    regz: true! singapore- made!??! kamowwn...

    ems and lee: yup! even the exact look of the products were copied!

  5. hi there martha. nice post. =) i was at the karl edwards bazaar last year too and i'm not sure if i've encountered the same seller/s you and dawn did. they were selling mac stuff, stila, too faced, and other brands which i forgot na. i was looking for a mac lippie too that time, buti na lang wala silang mac twig kaya i didn't swatch any of the lippies on their racks. i remember talking to a guy and a girl, good english plus slang pa talaga, telling me that their makeup are mostly from canada and calif, that they have business partners who ship the products to them here. i just looked at their too faced smoky eye palette and swatched it but it felt very powdery compared to mine. i just thought na baka matagal na kasing tester. i never saw fake too faced cosmetics though before so again i'm not sure. now, reading dawn's post, i remember nasa 700++ din yung price ng lipppies nila. i even asked for a card but wala daw sila. there were also a lot of knockoffs na LC cabas selling for 2k and kate spade gold coast elizabeth for 6k lang at the karl edwards too. every concessionaire i've asked there why their stuff are so cheap, keep telling me that they order in bulk daw kasi kaya cheaper. why won't they admit na they're selling fakes na lang kasi, we will understand naman diba? selling fakes is one thing but claiming that the fake product is the real deal is another. if it's too good to be true, i don't buy the excuse talaga. i ended up buying a pair of earrings na lang that day tuloy. =)

  6. ang daming fake even sa Ebay international..tsk! and looks so similar din talaga. and I agree there is no such thing as Singapore MAC or even that so-called "Singapore perfumes". If it's fake then they just sell it as that...some sellers naman are honest enough to tell if they are replicas, well..since it sounds better.

  7. blogged about my encounter with fakes too. :( and they are Php20 lang sa bangketa.

  8. Gosh, I know someone who's dealing MAC products at a lower price. She's so convincing but I have second thoughts. Thanks for pointing this out, Ms. Martha. Will be careful about this one. Thanks talaga.

  9. @Gellie, I can relate to your story. I dont get what they mean by 'singapore authentic'. It doesnt even make sense. The first time I encountered the term, I was trying to buy perfume. Tapos nung sinabi nya na singapore authentic, backout na agad ako. When a product is authentic, it's authentic everywhere.

    @Martha, ang hirap pala talaga to determine kung fake or not esp if you buy online. Kelangan meron ka talaga nung original packaging. What's even more scary is, what if they started buying original cases and refill it with fake pans. That's a possibility.

  10. i honestly dont own any MAC. but of course nangangarap din, lol! these past few days. sobrang dami ko na nga nakikitang FAKE MACs. I know they are, cause of their prices. 50pesos. whoa. that left me thinking, why do people tend to buy FAKES. when we can always just buy our local brands which can be pretty much easy on the pocket.
    very informative post. i'll keep these in mind.

  11. wow, these pirates have become really clever and great at copying. too bad for the consumers...

  12. This is very helpful ms. martha. I always go to bazaars din, and minsan nakakaengganyo din talaga bumili ng products you want especially if they’re priced cheap. It’ll be hard mostly on first time brand users who aren’t aware of what the product looks like or smell, etc. And such posts are helpful. Kaya ako, whenever I buy products, especially cosmetics, I always research on how to spot fake items and reviews of a certain seller. Pero pag di ko na talaga madetermine, yung mas mahal na lang, sa malls or stores mismo.

  13. aw. I had headache comparing the fake and authentic mac products. God, true. Fake products now are really getting better like original (physically, not the quality though.) I dont really get it, why do they have to produced fake products. if they can manufacture as good as mac products, they should have atleast established their own brand. It's better to have a "mac-inspired" products rather than fake mac. aside from that, you won't hurt people's feeling incase they bought a fake one without them knowing it (or worse, in same price range as the original). Just like the MEMEME cosmetics, the blushes are "benefit inspired" but you can't call them fake because they had established their own brnd name

    Btw, thanks for postng it. i might check this blogpost before buying mac products online. :) mac is overpriced here in the Philippines, that's why i'm taking a risk. So far, haven't got fake macs yet. thnks again for this informative post.

  14. nice and useful post. I am really poor in spotting fake cosmetics so I NEVER buy MAC/Bobbi Brown from resellers specially ebay. I've been staring at the photos on your post and I can easily be fooled. The only product I buy online is NYX but only from reputable sellers. Singapore authentic? huh, there's no such thing! been living here in SG and they are so so strict on product quality so I doubt if those are manufactured here. Where did they get the idea to tag their products as SG authentic? lol
    Gosh pati pala Benefit may fake na. Hope to see photos of fake vs authentic ones too.

    No to fake cosmetics!

  15. I'd honestly rather buy MAC products in Rustan's or in a MAC stall, yes it can be a bit expensive but its worth every penny. Supporting fake products in general is like supporting child and human trafficking as well.



  16. Fake mac lipsticks melts faster than the authentic ones.. and its messy too.. I heard they smell different.. Thanks for this post! This should be sticky! ^^, a new follower

  17. I mentioned you by the way in my latest blog post.. :)

    please do check it out



  18. OM! :O thanks for blogging about this. and with fake make-ups so rampant, does this mean may fake brushes na rin? :O

  19. Wow! Nice to see comments from new readers here, and I'm loving the conversation. :)

    arlette: true! and there's this girl who's selling a fake MAC Lavender Whip lippie for almost 4kphp! My god lang talaga ha.

    kimpossibly: thanks for sharing! I'll check it too. :)

    Tala: thanks for sharing! if it's too good to be true, it probably is. :)

    nicayh: thank you dear! :) stores na lang talaga. even if it's costly, you're sure that you're getting the best out of your product.

    beautyjar: yes, I shall make a Benefit post too. :) thanks for visiting! :)

    prettylittlepetite: i'd rather buy local brands. at least I know they're safe.

    calin lin: thanks for sharing dear! :)

    iya: thank you dear! I will go check. :)

    zed: oh yes, there are fake MAC brushes too. they usually come in sets. :)

  20. i think those people are really insane..anu bang nakukuha nila sa panloloko..thanks for sharing least marami nang aware sa mga fake products..nakakatakot kase dahil di naman natin alam kung anung nilagay nila dun..baka nga may mga harmful chemicals pa yun ..haay..for sure maraming mag fefreak out after reading your blog..share ko to ah..

  21. Thanks for the heads up on how to spot the fake MAC products. I've learned my lesson well regarding the MAC lipsticks. It's really nice to find more bloggers talking about this and warning their readers about these kind of sellers. Cheers! :)

  22. wow! good thing i read this post today! I'm planning to buy MAC cosmetics for my boss this week and I don't want to be lured into getting this fake ones. Nakakahiya yun pag nagkataon!
    Very very helpful post. Beauty bloggers really help each other! More power!

    xoxo ★ Rose ★

  23. I don't know why they have to fake MAC Cosmetics and other high end branded makeup for that matter.. So they could attract buyers with the ridiculously cheap price and with name? The people they've embezzled could have their skin condition ruined because of their fraud.. *sigh..

    Thanks for this post by the way, now we're aware of how can we detect fake products :D

  24. Grabe, nagkalat na sila! Meron pa nga akong nakita lumabas na fake from different collections ng Mac. Kalurky!

    Thank you for this post! :-)

  25. aawww.. this is too bad! I don't know how to spot fake mac from authentic ones.. I received a pencil case-like MAC collection. It includes eyeshadow, gloss, mascara and another one. It all came from the US. I also received another lipstick and a MAC brand as well. don't know what to do??? I hope, it's not fake after all.. :(

  26. theresa: if you could show me clear and detailed pics, I could authenticate them for you. :)

    anythinggoes: true! the Hello Kitty collection is the highly copied collection.

    Rose: hello and welcome to TBJ! :) Glad it helped you. Just buy from MAC na lang. :)

    Kirin: agree. Well, it's still business and money. And what sucks is, people care about these than other people. :/

  27. Yep, nagkalat po ang mga fake mac products online, they keep on saying na from Singapore nga daw po kaya mas mura. Actually a friend of mine is selling fake mac / nars products, pero I'm not against naman, since naghahanapbuhay lang sya, and she admitted naman na unauthentic yung products nya. Thank you for sharing this once again Ms.Martha. Mahirap palang i-distinguish ang fake sa original at first. Buti nalang bloggers are very 'mausisa' and you guys really know that REAL ones.

  28. hay.. so sad about sellers na nagbebenta ng fake items, para lamang kumita.. parand pirated dvds hehehe..

    hugs and kisses hun,
    thanks for sharing this..

  29. Grabe! a web buying sites even and dmaing fake brands one of which is yang MAC products.. isa lang naman ang hint dyan.. mas cheaper for sure it's FAKE. which is ang pang laban ng mga counterfeit na mga yan. if u settle for mura and saying MAC naman yan eh ikaw na nag sacrifice sa sarili mo. Good thing wala akong MAC lol... can't afford! :))

    This is a nice blog kasi dami ma enlighten, and the DANGER of the fake brands that will cause u .

  30. magz: true. as for the price, we can't rely on it anymore because even fake products are as expensive as the authentic ones!

  31. yay! thank u so much Ms. Martha.. will try to do it this weekend and will try to post it on your fb page.. I hope to get clearer photos of it! :)

  32. I just recently bought "MAC" mascara from a Facebook shop. I KNOW now that that move was very stupid. I'm not very knowledgeable with make-up products, so when I saw this cheap "MAC" mascara, I went for it.

    I didn't even know people made fake MAC products. -__- I was just so clueless. Plus, on top of that, when I asked someone I know who has real MAC products she said some people sell them cheap bc they might have gotten them directly from blah blah.

    If only I had known. Bad news: the person who sold it to me is a friend of a friend. Good news: at least I didn't spend too much on it.

    Sayang lang.

  33. Actually, someone online is selling SG AUTHENTIC MAC Products. I stumbled in her page when she held a give-away contest. The nerve diba na ipapremyo niya ung MAC products nia eh fake naman pala. Grrr.

  34. kathie: that's so sad to hear! karma na lang katapat nyan.

    anonymous: huwat?!!?!? who's this seller?!?!

  35. To be sure I'll just buy from authorized sellers in the mall. These counterfeiters are getting really good at fooling people.

  36. I agree with dun sa nagcomment ng sana bumili na lang tayo ng authentic na gawang pinas kung di man afford makabili ng mahal na cosmetics.

    At least na QA check yun, at trusted naman siguro ingredients na ginamit nila coz if not, di papayag ang DFA na magsell nun.

    Lets all be careful din kasi we apply these products on our face, mamaya may toxic ingredient pala yung fake, etc.

  37. too bad! i haven't read any reviews about factory overrun and made in singapore mac. i already made my payment to the seller. huhuhu.

  38. nakakainis! nabiktima din ako neto. nakapagsend na ko ng payment ko. hindi ko kasi alam na may ganito pala. masyado meng naniwala na factory overrun at made in singapore. dahil sa pagtitipid ko. nakabili tuloy me ng fake. sana bumili na lang me ng authentic local brand.

  39. nakabili din ako ng boyfriend pa talaga nagsabi na "peke yan peke yan". isang bagay pa malalaman mong fake, they're selling lipstick colors na as in never heard. yung wonder woman collection nga, as in nakakagulat sobrang daming selection ng colors?? kaloka. and may waxy feeling and smell and may kakaibang lasa, ngayon ko lang nalaman na vanilla scented pala ang MAC.natakot ako baka lead un..haha .tsk. i'd rather buy drug store products na lang.

  40. Kakabili q lng 3 days ago. Dko agad nakita to. Ngayon ko lang narealize na fake pla nabili q. :( I am not sure if walang idea ung seller, pero I bought mine here.

    Do you think yung mga binebenta sa malls are authentic, ung mga kiosk lang? I saw one on MOA, pero parang natatakot na aq bumili.

  41. Saw one at the Supersale Bazaar yesterday. Nakakaloko lang esp if they say the items are authentic

  42. OMG! Good thing I've read this one. I was supposed to buy from a kiosk in Festival this weekend. They also say na it's from Canada. :\

  43. what's the name of the ebay seller? it would be a big help if you can give us the name, para di rin kami maging victim, thanks in advance.

  44. anonymous: hello! Jamie wouldn't tell me as well eh. It's really best to get MAC from the authorized store na lang just to be safe and sure.

  45. the so call fake mac is the same as the high price , the product itself is the same . it is great just cheaper , mac dont want you to know this , but they sell it to the vendors it is the same GREAT product

  46. Wow! Great post! I never thought that there are fake MAC products. Now I know how to distinguish one. Thanks for sharing!

  47. I guess we should just be extra careful when buying in sites like ebay. I shop there often too but I always check the seller's feedback score.

  48. hi sissies. i am dreaming to own a MAC lipstick and browsed thru ebay for any affordable na Authentic. I have seen posts na SG MAC are authentic daw. googled same variants as of this one, pro ibang packaging ang lalabas, not the same as the this product.

  49. Hi there and thank you for making a blog on this topic. :) I hope you still get to read my comment and help a sister out even though it's been a year since you posted this entry. :-/ There are SO many sellers out there who claim to be selling the real thing whether it be online or at bazaars. or kiosks and being the cynic that I am, I give 'em the side-eye lol The best place for me to buy discounted authentic cosmetics is just at Duty Free but if anyone has any more suggestions, please do share! :)

    Anyhow, actually came across this post whilst perusing and I could not help but notice a very authentic-looking (supposedly) 12ml of Benetint being sold for REALLY cheap, as in 499PHP seller says it is from Singapore and that puzzled me because I wasn't sure how that would factor in making the product cheaper because the Benefit products I bought from Singapore at Sephora were still pricey lol I just wanted to kindly ask for your help in determining if this item is the real deal:
    Coincidentally, it is from the exact same seller as the poster above me (palangforever :)) have questions about Hehe hope to hear your always helpful and awesome cosmetic. advice! :)

  50. Hi there and thank you for making a blog on this topic. :) I hope you still get to read my comment and help a sister out even though it's been a year since you posted this entry. :-/ There are SO many sellers out there who claim to be selling the real thing whether it be online or at bazaars. or kiosks and being the cynic that I am, I give 'em the side-eye lol The best place for me to buy discounted authentic cosmetics is just at Duty Free but if anyone has any more suggestions, please do share! :)

    Anyhow, actually came across this post whilst perusing and I could not help but notice a very authentic-looking (supposedly) 12ml of Benetint being sold for REALLY cheap, as in 499PHP seller says it is from Singapore and that puzzled me because I wasn't sure how that would factor in making the product cheaper because the Benefit products I bought from Singapore at Sephora were still pricey lol I just wanted to kindly ask for your help in determining if this item is the real deal:
    Coincidentally, it is from the exact same seller as the poster above me (palangforever :)) have questions about Hehe hope to hear your always helpful and awesome cosmetic. advice! :)

  51. Infairvarona: Hi and sorry for the dated reply! Welcome to tbj!

    Hmmmm...I'm not sure if this one's authentic. It's hard to tell because the product looks exactly just like the original Benetint! But Benefit does NOT manufacture their products in Singapore, hence there are NO singapore-authentic benefit products--same with MAC, Nars, and other western makeup brands. If they have, they would state otherwise. :)

  52. Oh my!!! Even MAC have fake ones? Shit.. How about the lipstick? can you tell if its fake or authentic?

    How can you tell? I bought mine at 800 pesos at multiply.. and they said its authentic.


  53. I was backreading some of your posts and I stumbled upon this entry of yours ms. Martha. Thank you for sharing this! I was also fooled into buying fake Benefit products naman. They might be the same bazaar stall that you were telling sa eastwood. I didn't have the guts to tell the seller na fake yung binenta niya sakin but I told her that something is wrong with the product she gave so I went to another bazaar kung san she was present and she replaced it with another fake one padin. I wish I had the guts to say peke yung items niya but I really don't have enough courage because they all seem so nice and you'd initially think they wont do something like that. Another bad thing is yung display niya original pero yung items na bibigay mismo is fake. Nahiya naman akong iexamine yung pinurchase ko na kasi baka sabihin binuksan ko na tapos isosoli ko. I have a question though, are there fake the balm cosmetics?

  54. I've encountered a MAC (Obviously fake) worth 100php... and it's really a fake pag sinabi sau "Singapore class a", nagtry na ako nun dati (curious kasi ako) dumami lang dumi sa face ko. And if gustong gusto mo talaga bumili ng orig na MAC na makakamura ka unti, sa Duty free....each lipstick cost 20 USD lang (like 800 plus lang)unlike sa local store na umaabot ng 1000 plus:)
    and why we should buy fake? there are many consequence pag bumili ng fake...kaya go with the authentic one

  55. Great post, I hope if its alright if I can share a link to your page on my store website.
    I have many ppl worried about buying mac from my store ( and now we know why!) I would like to put up a link to this post, so that they can see for themselves the difference between a fake and real Mac.

  56. This post does really help me identify the fake from authentic. Thank you for teaching us fellow fashion bloggers to not be fooled with online sellers selling imported mac products and other imported brands. They are considered stealers and must be punished by law.

    Good artist copy, great artist steal by Steve Jobs.

  57. Just so you know, the Studio Fix Fluid DOES come in that packaging. NC41 comes w gold font and does look lighter, but it's a legit shade on the mac cosmetics website. I use it. It could very well be fake, but don't just use that as your tell tale sign as it could be authentic.

  58. Hi Martha, I remember this post of yours after I visited the Luxe Bazaar in SMX last last weekend. They are tons of MAC products from different collection as well as Urban Decay and Naked palette. But I'm really doubtful as they come in loads talaga. Now I know some tell tale signs to watch out for. Thanks!

  59. there is many fake mac product in this worldwide and now your post is verry help who want a know about original mac kosmetik

  60. .. i guess the best thing to do is to buy mac products fRom the store itself . marami pa sila sinsbi na "singapore authentic " i can't help but comment. i've been living in Singapore for the past 10 years and i know that very strict ang singapore government ng pgttinda ng counterfeit products. whether its food. bags and make up , so def there's no such thing as singapore made..

    kung gsto ng murang Mac bili na lng sa duty free stores

  61. I've just bought a fake studio sculpt foundation off eBay by mistake. Great article youve done. Colour is clearly faked & wrong with a light greyish tint. Smells different from the real one. I have a barcode scanner app on my phone & the barcode on the box was fake & won't scan with different serial / model numbers to the real product & no batch no at all imprinted. Quite an advanced fake though as the rest of the lettering matched

  62. Hello! I live far from Manila so I can't go to a real Mac store to purchase their products. So I always just go and look online. I found this store and was wondering if you guys can tell if the products are authentic.

  63. Just to add from my previous comment... Her products look fake yata. Some of the images were blurred, I don't know if her purpose is to hide the MAC label or what. Pero yung description kasi ng page nya is 100% authentic US daw.

  64. Hi guys. As I go over your posts I could see that some of you want to buy affordable make ups that have reliable quality aside from Mac. Why don't you try Fanny Serrano Lipsticks? My mom had once worked with Fanny Serrano before and he said that his make-up formulation is imported. I recently purchased one of his lipsticks for the seventh time and it feels very moisturizing and the color really lasts. You can buy the lipstick at 299pesos. The Russian Red of Mac is sometimes compared with FS's Berry Cherry. Oh well of course Mac will always be Mac and I am also a fan of the Authentic Mac products (i love the vanilla scent of the lippies) but if you want to try cheaper lippies, just try the products I mentioned above. FS's Pink Chic and Berry Cherry are few of my choices.

  65. I guess it is safer to buy from MAC boutique itself. It is so scary that there are so many fakes MAC and Bobbi. I've even seen them in Malaysia by the road side. It's crazy!

  66. Haay nako! An Instagram seller with the handle stuffthatyoubob is trying to pass off fake cosmetics as the real thing. Meron siyang Too Faced, Urban Decay, Benefit, etc. And oh my gosh the prices, sobrang mura! Less than 500 for UD palettes. Saka obvious sa fonts na puro fake mga tinda. It's so frustrating to know that there are unscrupulous people just waiting to scam others.

  67. i think its ok to use fake mac,
    because thats the real edge of a true makeup artist, TO PULL OUT ANY LOOK BY USING ANY TYPE OF PRODUCTS (in my opinion) .


  68. Fake cosmetics can only bring allergies to your face, except if you are immune to that! But selling it at a very high price is injustice! My friend is a user of singapore class cosmetics (which is also fake!) but she says it is good especially it is cheap. She says that she has no rashes or any hypersensitivity reactions!

  69. If the price is too good to be true, then trust your instinct. Aside from MAC & Bobbi Brown, I believe there are also fake Stila, Revlon, NYX, Urban Decay, Benefit, Loreal, and Etude House. There's a FB page which sells a Stila Palette for P175. If you really want to save a little bit, try pre-ordering your stuffs from US though you have to wait. Or just go sa mall para sure na authentic.

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