I'm in Control. I live the A Life!

I love eating. It's actually my favorite hobby. LOL. People would often ask how I get to maintain my lean physique in spite of my love for food.

My secret?


I love food, but I'm not a slave to it anymore. I was enslaved by it for the past few years, and it took me a giant leap of faith to finally detach myself from it. I've decided that it's time to show food who's the boss in my life and that's me. It was the best decision of my life because I've become more confident and happy. I've managed to stay in this lean figure for three years now, and I plan to do it for the rest of my life.

I stick to a balanced diet and I workout 3- 4 times a week. Every weekends, I enjoy high calorie meals: cakes, chocolates, cupcakes, rice, burgers, pizzas and what have you. I do not restrict what I eat on weekends because I treat it as my "Day Off" from healthy eating. It works for me because it puts me back on the healthy track. I love the taste of junk food and the happiness it brings but I hate the excess calories. So to keep excess calories at bay, I ask help from these tiny soldiers: A!Life Control

A!Life Control is made from Phase 2 White Kidney Bean extract. What's White Kidney Bean? It's a staple food in South America. Scientists have found out that White Kidney Bean paralyzes Alpha Amylase, an enzyme in your stomach that signals your body to convert starch into glucose and store it as fat. It has been widely used in the 80's to battle obesity in America, and is currently one of the most popular starch blockers in medical history.

White Kidney Beans help block 60- 75% of calories from carbs. Filipinos are carb lovers, and I think it's very good for us. Take for example, women: A lot of Filipinas are struggling to consume 1,500-1,700 calories per day in order to maintain a good weight, but taking in excess calories is inevitable because carbohydrates pack so much of it in the body. In truth, when you say you've only consumed 1,500 calories today, it's possible you've taken in around 2,000- 2,500 calories-- the excess 500-1000 came from carbs. With the help of White Kidney Bean, your body eliminates at least 500- 900 calories from carbohydrates from your body. So technically, that's like doing hard core strength exercises for 3 hours!

A! Life Control only uses premium Phase 2 Phaseolus Vulgaris Bean Extract. (White Kidney Bean) I take it 5-10 minutes before a carb- heavy meal, and no more than 3 tablets per day. The good thing about A! Life's Control is that it's in tablet form. Personally, I prefer taking tablet supplements because I'm sure that it stays fresh before usage and pure all throughout. It's also plant- derived so generally, it's non-toxic. I only take it if I'm going to eat a carb- rich meal because anything excessive is still dangerous. But bear in mind that it will not make you lose weight. It will just help you maintain a healthy weight and slimmer figure. Any pill that makes you lose weight without exercise and dieting is deadly. The only way for you to lose weight is to eat a balanced meal and exercise. Be a little bit wiser by using carb blockers such as A!Life Control to minimize the impact of carb- heavy meals.

Trying to maintain a healthy and slim figure shouldn't make you feel deprived and unhappy. You just have to decide from the very beginning that you will take control of your actions and choices. If you take control of your desires and the food you eat, then losing weight and feeling great would just come to you naturally.

Life is too short to spend it on counting calories and restricting yourself from eating burgers, fries, pizzas, chocolates, etc. Just remember to eat freely but in control!

I would like to invite everyone to live the A! Life with me by starting a healthy eating habit. If you've been taking A! Life's control, then join A!Life's exciting contest on Facebook and win tons of prizes!

Tomorrow, August 20,2012, A! Life will launch a Facebook photo submission contest called TAKE CONTROL LIVE THE A! LIFE. A! Life is looking for their next online ambassadors! The prizes at stake are:

1. Six (6) boxes of A!Life's complete supplement line
2. P10,000.00 cash prize
3. One (1) A! Life Umbrella
4. One (1) of the three gift certificates: 1.) P2,000.00 SM Gift Certificate 2.) Executive Check- Up valued at P2,000.00 3.) Gym Pass valued at P2,000.00
4. Free Makeover and feature at Cosmo.ph with A! Life's ambassadors (Dominique Tiu, Czjai Reyes Ocampo, and Martha Sta. Barbara)


1. Like A! LIFE on Facebook and follow them on Twitter
2. Go to the contest app
3. Submit your best photo and say how A!Life Control has helped you live the A Life
4. Submission of entries is from August 20, 2012- September 14,2012.
5. From September 15, 2012- September 28, 2012, tell your friends to vote for you by liking your photo on Facebook. Make sure they like A! Life's Facebook Fan Page and follow A! Life on Twitter in order for them to vote for you.
6. Two (2) contestants with the highest number of likes will be chosen as the winners. Winners will be announced on October 5,2012 via A! Life's Facebook Fan Page
7. Winners will also be notified via email regarding the schedule of the Cosmo.ph photoshoot and claiming of prizes.

Awesome prizes, right? A! Life is simply rewarding you for taking care of your body! :) So make sure you drop by A!Life's Facebook page tomorrow and join! I really hope that my readers would take advantage of this contest because I wanna meet you in the photoshoot soon! :) Good luck! :D

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. This blog only endorses products and services that I believe in. I vow to remain truthful with you!

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  1. I wish I could join, but I haven't tried Control yet.. ;(

  2. been seeing A!Life billboards and I wonder what is it.

    Do you need prescription upon purchase?

  3. Marjorie: awww. maybe you know someone. Please recommend the contest to him/her. :)

    Sam: Hi Sam! Welcome to my blog. :) As far as I know, No. :)

  4. hmmm looks interesting. how much ito mars? i need to be in control na... ^_^

  5. i have been hearing Alife for a couple of times now... from blogs to family friends.. I am a foodie as well!!! Is it okay if you're below 18 or whatever?! I havet tried anything like this yet.. soooo i might. :D


  6. I want to join, but I haven't tried this yet :(

  7. Can I try it first then submit my entry before deadline? :D Where can I buy it Ms. M and how much? I really want to do photoshoot with you! I want to join :D

  8. jheng: hello mare! it's 600php for one box. murang mura, bili na! LOL!

    gen zel: yes you may. :)

    Michelle: I guess you can, but don't take my word for it. Consult with your doctor first and ask if you can take starch blockers. :)

  9. Where can i buy this?


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