Review: Zen Zest EDT in Tangerine, Bullet, and Thistle

Here' a review on Zen Zest's EDP in Tangerine, Bullet, and Thistle

PRICE: These are PR samples. Regular bottle is P200.00 each
OTHER LOCATIONS: Please refer to Zen Zest Asia on Facebook


I used to believe that imported perfumes are only the good ones, but Zen Zest has proven me wrong. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough, or I might have completely forgotten the fact that Pinoy products are already world- class! Thanks Zen Zest for the reminder!

Today, I am going to talk about Zen Zest's perfumes. Click READ MORE and read my detailed review.

Zen Zest has a wide array of scents to fit your mood. Here are some of them:

If you're happy and you know it, wear Tangerine!

- Tangerine is a cult fragrance! It is one of Zen Zest's well- loved classic perfumes, and still a favorite of many Zen Zest fans today. It's an energizing, refreshing mix of melon and juicy, watery fruits.

In the mood for some romance? Then wear Thistle!

- One of my favorites apart from Marigold. It is a pretty bouquet of flowers with a powdery dry down. It smells very pretty and feminine. It's the perfect rainy season fragrance that isn't cloying and overwhelming.

If you're feeling sporty, wear Bullet!

- Bullet is one of Zen Zest's well- loved unisex fragrances. It's a zesty aquatic fragrance that reinvigorates the senses. It's something that I'd definitely want to smell on a man!

Zen Zest's perfumes have a pretty high sillage, yet staying power is impressive. I also love the fact that the fragrances smell unique from each other. Even some of the fragrances are dupes of some well- known and expensive perfumes!

For such an affordable product, I couldn't believe that its quality is superb. I've also realized that with Zen Zest, cheap perfumes don't necessarily have to smell cheap, and good perfumes don't necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg.

Please visit ZEN ZEST ASIA on Facebook for more details about the product.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is love! I can't wait for the payday! I would definitely buy! :) Which one do you recommend? I think I'll go for thistle and yep, of course the marigold!

  2. Good to know that these cheap babies still impressed you.. *_*

    i have one in Thistle.. My favorite from their scents :))

  3. Might try these out. It's great that they smell different from each other. Some local fragrance brands have annoyingly similar-smelling EDTs.

  4. I also love Zen Zest.. Mine is Seduce.. ;))

  5. I have fond memories of Thistle. I remember buying a bottle for myself back in high school to smell all sophisticated and grown up (too much Audrey Hepburn movies! LOL!)

    Also a fave apart from Marigold and Coral.

    Speaking of which, I'll be buying one of the three soon (still deciding which one)! Woohoo!

  6. I want to try one! :D May I know how many hours do they last?

  7. Gen-zel: roughly around 3- 4 hours. Good enough for an affordable edp. :)

    Aexis: Thistle is so good, no? Yeah, methinks it's something that Audrey Hepburn would wear. :)

    Marjorie: Thanks for sharing dear! :D

    Aviva: Go ahead dear! I recommend Tangerine, Thistle, and Coral :)

    Jenny: hi there! depends on what scent you prefer. If you like pretty and feminine scents, go for Thistle or Coral. If you want something fresh, go for Tangerine or Marigold. :)

    Pepay: Why yes! The owner, Ms. Michelle is a perfume fan herself, and her passion and love for perfumes are very evident in these impressive edps! When you really love something, it just shows! :D

  8. CJ: Price is posted at the top part of the entry. It's P200.00 each. :)

  9. i have the one in tangerine..and I LOOOVE it! I would love to try out thistle. :)


  10. Haven't tried any of those. I want to try Tangerine since it's my favorite color this year. Haha!

  11. 3-4 hours for a 200peso fragrance is good :) Will try the Tangerine one when I go to ATC :D Thanks!

  12. Super like ko naman yung Mulberry scent nya, been using it for 4 yrs na! old version pa ng bottle yun ngayon kasi mataas na bottle na. And kahit buntis ako sensitive sa amoy, love ko pa rin amoy ng mulberry zenzest I always make sure I have extra stock!
    Pero na-curious ako jan sa thistle ha.

  13. i also got curious with Thistle! :) looks really interesting


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