Review: Charm PRO 21-pc. Professional Makeup Brush Set

Here's a review on Charm Pro 21-pc. Professional Makeup Brush Set

PRICE: P3,450.00
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My former Pro brush set has just died on me. It even died a funny death: I was shooting a new makeup tutorial for my Youtube channel last week and as I was applying powder onto my face, the large powder brush has literally shed--as in the strands fell off one by one and continuously and in the end, I was left with a bald ferrule--And it was all caught on cam. LOL! I grabbed the other brushes and tugged on the strands and they ended up with the same fate. I guess it was their time. It was time for me to say goodbye to my old brush set that has served me for over four years. But I was dismayed at the same time because that just goes to show that those brushes aren't sturdy: I don't use them often as I have a set of brushes for everyday use, I'm not a makeup artist and as far as I remember, I only use them when I'm shooting video tutorials. Tsk tsk tsk!

My beloved Sophie of Beautynomics came to the rescue after she read my rants and worries over Twitter. I owe my career to her! Lulz. We all know that good makeup brushes are essential to a flawless makeup, so I can't imagine how I'd do my makeup without a set of good brushes.

To cut the story short, I now have a new set of Pro brushes. Let's take a look at this baby, shall we?

What I love most about this set is it doesn't have repetitive brushes and you really get the bang for you buck. You get a set of 21 brushes that will meet all your makeup needs, and it won't leave you feeling that you lack brushes!

The brush roll is made from durable, lightweight faux leather. It's quite stiff but I'm sure, it will soften up overtime. That's just how it is with faux leather brush rolls.

Let's look at the useful features of the brush roll:

The brush roll has extra pockets for individual brushes. You don't have to overcrowd the individual brush slots by squeezing your other brushes into them. This feature helps prevent your brushes from rubbing and bumping into each other, thus helping them preserve their shape and beauty longer.

Old brush kits come with string closures, and I hate how they take up so much time to seal. The strings also wear out quickly and break overtime. So I'm really happy to know that Charm's Pro Brush Set comes with sturdy automatic button snaps for easier and quicker storage.

The brush roll turns into a makeup brush belt too! I say, it's a great investment for makeup artists or just about anyone who wants a multifunctional brush set. You don't have to buy or bring a separate brush belt anymore. It saves so much space and money!

I feel like taking up makeup classes now. Lulz

As always, Charm's brush handles have a very comfortable and non- slippery grip.

Closer look

Let's look at the brushes in detail:

Stippling Brush
- Glad to know that this set comes with this useful brush! At least I don't have to buy it separately anymore!

Large Powder Brush
- Great for applying powder foundation and dusting loose powder onto liquid makeup.

Small Powder Brush
- Great for applying highlighters, or for applying powder on tighter and smaller areas on the face

Foundation Brush
- Ultra dense and flexible. It grabs a good amount of liquid foundation and it helps me achieve a well blended coverage.

Angled Contour Brush
- Has a rounded edge that helps blur jagged contours.

Concealer Brush
- Perfect for facial concealing

Eye Shader Brush
- Traditional brush kits have a bevy of eye shader brushes but to tell you honestly, you only need one because it's only meant to apply base colors. This brush kit only has one!

Wet/Dry Eyeshadow brush
- A bit stiffer than the eye shader brush so it'll be more effective to use on wet and cream eyeshadows.

Tapered Blending Brush
- I use this when setting my concealer. It's also great for blurring sharp edges on your eye makeup. It's not too big and not too small which makes it great for Asian eyes.

Angled Shading Brush
- Again, it's perfect for Asian eyes because its small shape helps you create more natural- looking fake creases.

Pencil Point Brush
- For defining creases and for creating V- shaped contours. Its short height gives you more control while blending.

Precise Crease Blending Brush
- Definitely my most favorite blender brush to date! It can navigate easily across my eyelids, and it helps me blend eyeshadows better because as its name implies--it's so precise! It doesn't pick up too much powder, thus it helps me build color on my lids gradually.

Flat Liner Brush
- A compact brush for applying straight lines on your upper and lower lash lines. Its bristles are sturdy yet soft, and flexible but don't feel flimsy.

Precise Concealer Brush
- For applying concealer onto your under eyes, and primer onto your lids. Its soft and smooth texture does not irritate and scratch the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Angled Liner/Brow Brush
- A compact brush for applying gel eyeliners closely to lash lines. Its size is also perfect for thin brows, and it aids in extending short brows naturally.

Bent Eyeliner Brush
- Precise, and the tip is non- scratchy

Eyebrow Defining Brush
- Much thicker than the Angled Liner/Brow Brush. This is only intended for brow use.

Mini Fan Brush
- One of the coolest brushes in this set. It's meant to dust off eyeshadow fallouts on your under eyes.

Brow Spoolie/ Lash Brush

Large Fan Brush
- I like how it's not too big. Its size is great for small and medium- sized Asian faces.

Lip Brush

Some of the brushes have shed a few hair during the first wash, while the rest didn't shed at all. This is common in all brushes, (even the more expensive ones) especially the new ones because they all have stray and loose hair strands in them. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are not sturdy. I did the durability test by tugging on the bristles one by one and nope, nothing fell off!

I am very happy with this set and I am so inspired by it. I am cooking up a lot of makeup tutorials for Youtube so stick around for them. Is it worth it? A resounding YES. I will truly say that it's a very good brush set. And I'm not saying this because I got it for free, but because I have been a loyal Charm user for over 3 years. I even think that P3,450.00 is ridiculous for such an extensive and functional brush set. I asked Sophie why it's so cheap, and she just smiled. I guess she's just happy to share to everyone the things that make her smile: great and affordable makeup brushes.

I heard you want to order your own set. :D Then visit CHARM MAKEUP BRUSHES on Facebook or BEAUTY AND MINERALS on Multiply and place your order now! :)

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  1. o.m.g!!!!! I want to have a set of those but I still have to save up for a new camera... oh the dilemma!


  2. Another thing added on my list. :)

  3. I just love how these brushes are competing effortlessly with other more expensive brands! I read a lot of reviews about this because I'm looking for a brush set that is going to be worth it! :)

  4. I have this too sis. Love them! Though I'll admit I need to take better care of them. :)

  5. aww.. awesome brushes:) I want them alsooooo.. will definitely visit charm Make up brushes on facebook..Thank u for this post, ive been looking for make up brushes that has complete set with a more affordable price.. and as far as i researched, this wud be the cheapest yet with complete set:)

  6. Awesome brushes!:) Thanks for this post! ive been looking for a complete set with a cheaper price, and this one is 2 thumbs up! I really want to own a pro make up brushes.. soon!:)

  7. This is just so perfect. I was amazed also when it turned out like a total tool belt! Love it! I hope someday I'll have my own brush set too :)

  8. I've always been eyeing on this set ever since I found it when it first came up, years ago. Seeing your post now makes me rekindle my *love* (drooling over it since forever) for it! My current Pro brush set (well, just a few ones) is shedding like a mad man on my clients' faces. I should be adding this on my list. Thanks for sharing! <3

    Makeup and My World

  9. It's always a nice feeling that local brands can compete with foreign ones. :)

  10. Oh my! I want this set badly! But I'm just a rookie and still learning the basics. I'll just add this to my wish list.

  11. Hello girls! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    Anna Monique: Hi there! Make Charm's Travel PRO Set you introduction. IMO, it has all the basic brushes a makeup rookie needs. :)

  12. I would love to try this makeup brushes. I will recommend this blog to my friends ..Thanks


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