Review: Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner

Here's a review on Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner in Deep Teal

PRICE: P995.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Rustan's malls nationwide


I rarely do Tightlining. Actually, Tightlining is pretty cool because it gives an illusion of thicker lashes but unfortunately, nothing lasts on my waterlines--It's one of the reasons why I do it rarely. 

I digress. Laura Mercier actually has a product intended for Tightlining and apparently, it's one of the brand's global best- sellers. (next to the Tinted Moisturizer)

DESCRIPTION (taken from

An easy-to-use, cake eye liner that delivers long-lasting colour payoff that doesn’t fade throughout the day for flawlessly defined eyes. Applied with Laura's artistic technique using the Flat Eyeliner Brush. Begin underneath the root of the upper lash line and wiggle the brush between individual lashes.

The compact is very slim and lightweight. It also has an embedded mirror in it, although it's not enough for me to achieve a successful Tightlining.

 Deep Teal is a new shade, and is part of the new Cinema Noir Collection. It's a dark blue-green shade with a matte finish. The dry, chalky consistency is very good for the upper and lower waterlines because it helps control oil, and is pretty water- resistant. Coverage is medium, so you'd have to build it up to achieve a pigmented finish. Drying time is pretty slow, so apply the product by layers, and wait for each layer to dry up completely. I like the product because no matter how many times I wet it, it doesn't cake and crumble--it goes back to its original form.

TIP: Using a damp (not wet) flat liner brush or fine gel liner brush, swirl it onto the product, tap off excess, and apply closely to your lower lash line or waterlines.

 USED FOR TIGHTLINING- The blue-green shade pops out nicely from my peepers and it gives my eyes a fresher look. I've also observed that the shade makes eyes appear lighter than what they are. In my opinion, this shade will look absolutely fantastic on girls with light brown eyes because the shade will emphasize such eye color more.

 USED FOR EYELINING- I don't leave the house without lining my lower lash line so I've used it as an eyeliner as well. It can emphasize eyes too, but not as much as black eyeliner does. Deep Teal is also a nice shade that will keep pastel- colored eyeshadows from washing you out.

 Final look

Lasting power is average: The color has faded for a bit, but it did not streak nor smear. To make it last longer, I use a heavy duty eye primer underneath it. 

Other concerns: It does not sting, let alone enter my eyes. (which is the case with creamy powders and eye pencils) The color did not transfer onto my undereyes as well.

Overall, it's nice to have but I think it is unneccessary, at least to me. If you're a fan of tightlining, I would recommend this to you because its special texture performs way better than regular eyeshadows and creamy pencils, and safer to use than hard eye pencils. The Tightline Cake Eyeliner also has a complementing Tightliner Activator---a product from Laura Mercier that improves the staying power and pigmentation of this product. I also think that the Tightliner Activator is best used with this product instead of plain water. However, it is sold separately.

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  1. been very busy this past few months until now, it drives me crazy when i skip on reading your blogs ms.martha,anyway even though busy sched.makes me insane,try to catch up all your blogs and this laura mercier cake eyeliner,gonna grab one soon just like the laura mercier skin tone perfecting eye gel creme review before,it interest me a lot martha.more blogs to come...^_^

  2. Your makeup looks great on your skin tone! Plus, its also a fall trend to use pastels. ^_^



  3. i'm not yet that good at tightlining but this is a great product feature :)

  4. very pretty color! would you ever consider using it as eyeshadow?

  5. Purple: Awww...Thanks! :)

    Joy: Hi there! Nice question. Nope, because it's too hard to be blended evenly. :)

    Harmony: Thanks! :)

    Iya: true! :)

  6. Wow this product is so cool. I love tightlining my eyes!I'll save for this! Thanks for sharing Ms. M! :)


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