FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My underarm care regimen

Hello everybody! Here's another interesting questions from one of my readers, Gel. She asks:

Hi Ms. Martha!

Good morning! I know you'll find this question funny, but I thought of asking it anyway.

How do you take care of your underarms? Like what products do you use, and how often do you use them? Just want to know so I'll know how to start taking care of mine.


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 Hi Gel!

Hello there! What an interestingly funny query. I won't beat around the bush anymore--here's how I take care of my pits. :)

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FOR CLEANSING- As much as possible, I use all- natural lightening and brightening soaps to keep my pits' tone even. I don't really recommend whitening soaps because the bleach ingredient in it may overdry skin. At the moment, I'm using Camaru Natural's Acerola soap because not only does it brighten underarm skin, it also has Vitamin C, a known antioxidant. I use this day and night, and leave the suds on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing my pits clean. This way, I let the soap's ingredients do their job more efficiently.

FOR  TREATMENT- Right now, I use Gluta-C's Intense Whitening Underarm and Bikini Skin Whitening Gel. I like it because its ingredients are primarily plant- based, therefore natural. Find out why I'm currently using it HERE. :)

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FOR PROTECTION- I'm using Snoe's Under Armed Forces Deodorant because it's the only deo I have at the moment. :)

I'm not really choosy when it comes to deodorant brands. But if you're going to ask for my go-to brand for deodorant products, it's Nivea. I use deodorants with brightening properties to complement Gluta-C. I also don't use anti-perspirant because it blocks pores, and it prevents my body from excreting toxins through sweat. I don't really mind sweat in my pits as long as its odor-free. :)


 FOR SKIN RENEWAL- I scrub my pits twice a week to get rid of dead skin cell layers. I scrub my pits for 3 minutes, and using a gentle motion. Again, I use scrubs with brightening properties to complement Gluta-C and my current deodorant. My favorite scrub is Asian Secrets because it's not too gritty, and the emollient base keeps my underarms soft and supple.

 Sometimes, dark pits are just caused by dead skin cell build up. The best and cheapest way to get rid of it is by scrubbing. But remember, don't scrub too hard because your pits will get darker!


FOR GETTING RID OF HAIR- I wax my pits using my all-- time favorite DIY waxing kit, Strip It! It's all natural, smells good, very effective, and very affordable. I wax once to twice a month, depending on my hair growth.

TIP AFTER WAXING: After waxing, let your underarms rest for 5 minutes then rinse off the wax with cold water to shut pores, and to prevent bacteria and dirt from entering the openings and causing granulomas.

There you go, Gel! Hope my regimen is interesting enough for you to follow! Have a great weekend everybody! :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi! Thanks for all these great tips.

    My underarms aren't very dark in a 'traditional' sense, I guess. But since I'm very fair, they definitely contrast with my skin tone if you get what I mean.

    So even when I wax, I'm still never confident enough to wear sleeveless tops and raise my arms properly :(

  2. hi Martha, I also use Camaru Acero C for my UA then will try the gluta C for lightening some marks caused by ingrown hair. I use VMV essence skin saving as protection and strip it for waxing. Halos pala tayo. Btw, naiintriga ako sa SNoe na yan ah.

  3. This one's very helpful Ms.Martha! Thank you! :)


  4. I like this post. I'm a bit insecure about my underarms. :D

  5. I think the alcohol in traditional antiperspirants irritate the underarm skin and make it turn dark. So yeah, it's best to switch to natural deos! I was wondering which is better--Snoe's deo or Human Nature's deo.

  6. Ari: Hello there! Thanks for sharing! I feel you! They're not so dark, but I'm still not contended with the way they look! I'd recommend gluta-c to you. It's promising! :)

    Aviva: Hi there! I've tried HHN but I end up smelling stinky after a few hours. :( Snoe is the same, but it's more tolerable.

    Svetlani: You're welcome! :)

    Harmony: Awww...Then try these tips. Maybe it will work for you :)

    Kath: Hi there! :) Snoe is okay, although di ganun ka-impressive. :(

  7. OMG! Thanks for posting this. I've had trouble with dark underarms for quite some time na.

    I think a huge reason is deodorant. Ang tatapang ng formulation so my skin reacts quite badly. I think I'd like to try these products you've mentioned!

  8. Love this post! I think I'll try them all:)

  9. I think the Gluta C gel is really promising!:) I've read a lot of good reviews about it!:) Thanks Ms. Martha for sharing your UA beauty regimen with us!:) Btw, Nivea is also my to go brand for deodorants!:)

  10. will definitely give these a try ;)

  11. err.. is Camaru Natural's Acerola soap and gluta-c available in watsons stores?

  12. I never knew one should use these stuffs. Thanks for the added knowledge! Love you helping others out :)


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