The Ultimate Oils for Hair: Kerastase Launches Elixir Ultime Grands Crus

Grands Crus, in French, is a collective term used to call the finest wines made from the choicest grapes and in the renowned wineries in France. The Grands Crus is made to please anyone who has the most discerning taste for wine. 

Patterned after the principle of the Grands Crus, Kerastase releases ELIXIR ULTIME GRANDS CRUS, a selection of hair oils made from the finest and most precious ingredients in the world of hair care. The new Elixir Ultime Grands Crus is made for the woman who has the strictest standards for beauty, and who would not settle for anything less when it comes to hair care.

The grand launch for the line happened at R Space, Reposo, Makati. Friends from the Media and representatives from Kerastase's partner salons have gathered to witness the unveiling of Kerastase's newest miracle line.

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 The line boasts of its Ultimate Oleo- Complexe, a fusion of premium oils and rarest extracts that are guaranteed to protect hair, boost its softness, and keep it sensually radiant.

The Elixir Ultime Grands Crus Collection:

Gold Classic- Made with Pracaxi Oil, (rich in lipids and fatty acids) Argan Oil, (the golden oil; rich in Vitamins A, D, and E) and Camellia Oil (Antioxidant and rich in Vitamin F and Omega 3). It is made for all hair types.

Millenium Rose (Violet)- Made for fine hair; Rose extracts strengthens weak and fine hair. Inspired by the scent of Aromatic by Lancome.

Imperial Tea (Fuchsia)- For color- treated hair; Imperial Tea extract protects hair color from premature fading; Inspired by the scent of Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Immortal Moringa (Green)- for damaged hair; Moringa extract fortifies damaged hair and brings back its softness and shine overtime; Inspired by the scent of Flower by Kenzo.

 Kerastase Philippines also chose four ambassadors who best represent the spirit of each of the Elixir Ultime oils.

According to the ambassadors, the Elixir Ultime line helps them manage their hair despite their busy schedules: These precious oils protect their hair for them, and keep it in its tip-top shape in spite of any man-made or environmental damage. It's the choice of women who lead busy lives!

 We also had a chance to experience the magnificent scents of these precious oils.

With my favorite beauty bloggers.

 This time with Glowie and Maita from the L'Oreal group Philippines.

Thank you for these wonderful products, Kerastase Philippines! I'm totally hooked on the pink one! Reviews coming up soon!

The Elixir Ultime hair oils retail at P2,280.00. It is available in all leading salons nationwide. Please call Kerastase at (02) 672-7200 to know where you can purchase these products.

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  1. wow!!! looks so promising knowing its really rare you could see stores selling premium oils for protecting the hair for the damages...this is really a big wow..can't wait for the review.^_^

  2. Oh, I love the packaging! can't wait for the reviews :)

  3. i've always loved kerastase. I remember visiting davids salon before and was so happy whenever I go out of the salon and feel my hair extra soft and healthy bec of their kerastase products! I can see that all of you had positive reviews about these new products too ;)

  4. martha where did you bought your blazer? :) ty

  5. hmm tempting kaya lang mahalia sya hehe

  6. Jenggay: true, kaya I use my bottles sparingly! :D

    Jenny: I bought it from Zara, dear. :D

    Issa: Hi there! Yup! Will try to write it this week. :)

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