Gifts :)

Just wanna showcase a few blessings I've received this week. :) I think I should've opened them on Christmas day so I'd have more gifts to unwrap. :p

 This one is from Prestige Brands.

 Wow! New fragrance with a super girly watch to boot!

 This is the new Paris Hilton Dazzle EDP and a complimentary gift. You can score this gift with every qualifying Dazzle EDP purchase. :)

Moving forward to some gifts from Pinkbox. Click READ MORE and check 'em out! :)

 A lovely gold-black long chain necklace.

 A Balenciaga- inspired wrap bracelet. Looking at this beauty just makes me want to grab the real one! :)

 I bought this necklace because I really love the cat pendant. It reminds me of my beloved Siamese Cat, Barrack. :)

 Hair accessories: Medium- sized Donut bun for my fine hair, hair clamp, ponytailers, and a glossy black headband. (not in the picture)

Braided steel necklace in Rasta colors. So cute! It has a magnetic closure so it's easier to wear and take off. :)

I scored these lovely Pinkbox accessories from Pinkbox, Greenbelt 5. By the way, most of the accessories in this branch are on a sale, so please drop by and grab some! :)

Thank you Pinkbox and Prestige Brands! :)

That's it! Hope everyone's having a blessed Sunday. :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I totally adore the watch.. *I LOVE PINK* ;))

  2. wow what an early Christmas! :) I love that free watch from Paris' new perfume :D

  3. love the watch! so girly and so pretty :)

  4. I hope someday I'll experience the same thing you did. :-)
    I'm really striving hard to become a great blogger like you. :-)

  5. love the neckpiece and the pink bracelet.. kahit mukang madaling magdudumi kapag ako magsuot.. (kasi araw-arawin hehe) naalala ko tuloy yung suot ni angel locsin sa unofficially yours gusto ko nun)


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