Review: Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solutions

Here’s a review on Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

PRICE: P3,950.00
BOUGHT FROM: Kiehl’s, Greenbelt 5, Makati City
OTHER LOCATIONS: Kiehl’s boutiques in: Alabang Town Center, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, SM Mall of Asia


You guys might be getting tired of my same, old rant about my biggest skin breakout this year so I’ll stop beating around the bush and say that this dark spot solution is a wonder product! It has significantly lightened up my post- acne marks!

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution is part of the premium Dermatologist Solutions line of Kiehl’s. It promises total skin brightening in only 28 days. My skin takes a while to recover from post- acne marks (minimum is around 4 months) so the 28 day promise is really good news for me!


Here’s a detailed look at its star ingredients:

Peony- A highly valued flower in the world of skin care due to its powerful brightening properties; Contains a high concentration of Tannins, a potent skin illuminating concentrate.

White Birch- An extract from the bark of Betula Alba; Anti-inflammatory; Improves the appearance of skin discolorations; Stimulates collagen production; Improves skin clarity

Activated C- A potent, Kiehl’s- exclusive efficacious lightening ingredient

What’s up with Activated-C? According to Kiehl’s, most brightening skin solutions only remove the surface level melanin concentration, but they cannot penetrate the skin and remove the dried up mass of melanin underneath. This is why you think that your dark spot solution only works halfway.  Activated- C complex is formulated to penetrate deep into the root of discoloration and zap the clusters of dried up melanin on the cellular level. The result is significant improvement in discolorations after a few weeks of usage, and complete brightening in the long run.

I’ve put this baby to a test for one month. Click READ MORE and see my results.
 The product is housed in a delicate vintage glass bottle with a dropper.

 Here’s the product: It is a clear liquid with a semi- milky consistency. It’s very spreadable and a little goes a long way. Drying time is average, and it has a light, zesty floral fragrance.

  Before using Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective; This is a little off topic but I just want to tell everyone to never undergo any kind of corrective chemical peel unless you have to and you can continue with it! I didn’t continue with my chemical peel treatment and the result is this: Continuous purging, slow healing, and mortifying skin.

Wow! I didn't expect that it would produce results in such a short span of time, but it did! Promising!


Currently, I am already on my third month of usage. The spots are still there but they’re not obvious anymore, unless you look closely-It’s as good as saying that the spots have completely healed already. Unfortunately, I can’t show any recent pic of my progress because a few zits have popped up on the same part and covered the previous marks.

OTHER CONCERNS: I’ve experienced dryness with other skin brightening solutions but with this one, I didn’t. The milky, liquid texture even leaves my skin soft and dewy. Add to that, this product feels very pleasant on the skin and no ma, it doesn’t sting!

It did not lighten up my marks in 28 days flat, but I am very happy to know that it's effective! It’s very costly but in the field of highly effective skin lightening solutions, this one is very affordable and accessible to boot. I am very, very impressed with this product and I am definitely getting another one soon!

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. WOW! It can be considered already an investment to skin care routine. May be pricey for some but does the job well.

    ~ Sweetstrings

  2. The first thing I noticed is same sila ng Shu Uemura Serum na dropper!:) hehe.. In all fairness as seen on the pics, effective nga!:)

  3. kiel's corrective dark spot solution was just really great, i've been using it for almost a month now.nice post martha!^_^

  4. it's something worth saving up for, I guess.
    and can I just say you have a great foundation routine? there are no traces of the breakout in your LOTDS. awesome! :))

  5. Nothing beats high end skin care products talaga. Pricey but worth every peso! Pag-iipunan ko talaga to :) Thanks for sharing and Glad to know it worked for you

  6. Wow Ms. Martha! In fairness hindi halata na may breakout ka sa mga photos mo. :) Can you share to us how you conceal your blemishes, or how should we apply foundation properly? Hehe. Thanks! :)

  7. Aisa: Hi there! Really? I think otherwise hehe! I already wrote a post on how to apply foundation. Please click the HOW TOs tab. :) For my blemishes, I use Artdeco's Camouflage Cream. It's such an industrious concealer! :D

    Kath: You have good skin naman eh! :D But I would have to support your statement: Kiehl's is worth saving up for!

    Krizzia: True! :D

    Mitchie: Yupyup! :)

    Eloisa: Oh wow you have it too? Glad to know you love it too! :D

  8. expensive pero dahil kiel to maganda e try siguro mukhang ok to martha.

  9. oh my god, ive just started reading ur blog and its now officially my favorite! ive been seeing your posts in instagram but this is the first time i have actually read your blog. im likewise suffering from these post acne marks and i think this might help me! i wonder, however, if kiehls have samples for this product, since the price is so steep for me, id like to try first if this wont break me out...

    btw, i am really amazed on how beautiful you are! yes, morena is beautiful. u remind me of bianca gonzalez, patty laurel and tweety de leon!

    im looking forward to your answer and to your future posts as well! more power to your blog!

    i'l be a frequent visitor here, pls bear with me as i will flood you with numerous questions haha!


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