Review: Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Serum

Here’s a review on Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Serum

PRICE: P3,250.00
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in Shu Uemura counters in Rustan’s Malls; Shu Uemura stores in Alabang Town Center, Trinoma, and Powerplant Mall Rockwell


Three days after finishing my Perricone MD Acyl-Glutathione tub, I’ve moved on to Shu Uemura’s Tsuya serum which leads me to a skin care tip: Before moving on to a new skin care product, give your skin a break for at least three days. This allows your skin to release the ingredients from your previous product, renews your skin channels, and makes it more receptive to the new one.

Going back to the product, I just want to say that this Tsuya serum is the shizz. It’s like coffee for your skin: It re-energizes your skin and gives back its long lost glow and softness.


Find out more about my results after the jump!

 The bottle comes with a dropper, which allows you to hygienically take the product. It comes in a lovely pearlized, although the bottle’s opening tends to accumulate some product therefore causing a spill over. It’s just a minor concern though.

 Here’s the product. It’s a milky liquid with lavender shimmers. The shimmers are not really obvious, but it gives your skin a luminous effect. It’s great to be used under light makeup to give your skin a dewy look. It has a light sweet floral scent. It’s good for people with oily and dry skin because of its hydrating prowess.

The liquid has a pleasant and spreadable texture, and its semi- watery consistency gets absorbed quickly into my skin and leaves it feeling supple. Two drops are enough to cover my entire face. I am guilty of excessive application sometimes because I really like the overall feel of the product!

So here’s my result after 30 days. Honestly, I did not see any significant effect after 7 days of usage, except that my skin looked more hydrated than ever. My skin is just like that--it takes a while for it to respond to products. This only tells you, my dear readers, that you shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t see any effect right away even if any product promises you fast results. Everything takes time! But if you’re one of the lucky few with a highly responsive skin, you could be an exception.

Anyway. After thirty days, here are the staggering results I’ve observed:

-No breakouts

- White heads were minimized. I used to have a lot prior to this product and this serum just cleared them up. My skin's surface looks more even now.

- Makeup clings better onto my skin because it feels like it retains moisture better. As we all know, well- hydrated skin is one of the foundations of flawless makeup.

- My skin felt less oily.

- My pores were minimized, especially on the sides of my nose.

- Breakouts were stalled. I've observed that it prevents zits from appearing on my skin surface right after the other.

- My skin tone looks more unified.

- My skin felt softer and smoother

Some local beauty bloggers who have used this product have experienced significant lightening of facial marks. That may be possible for me, but I cannot owe it all to the product because I’m using Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective serum along with it but I did notice that with Tsuya, my marks, especially the reddish ones, have healed faster.

Up until today, the softness and smoothness still persist, the whiteheads are still nowhere to be found, and I'm getting lesser and lesser zits! I'm already done with my bottle and I wanna get another one because I feel that if I continue with this product, my skin will just get better and better!

This is one of the serums that I'll definitely spend on. It's not really affordable but for a very good serum, it is. I also think it's a good serum for ladies who are in their mid 20's because it is good enough to address the early signs of skin aging.

For more information about the Tsuya Skin series, please visit SHU UEMURA PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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  1. wow! for the benefits you've mentioned, it looks like this is really worth it :)

  2. this looks so promising,i should try it i guess.^_^

  3. I love the packaging!:) First time to see a product that comes with a medicine dropper like thingy. It's nice din kase you can measure and see how much product you really need!:) Galing!:)

  4. yay thank you for the review!. i'm also using kiehls clearly corrective serum and i'm planning to add tsuya after reading your review:) parang mas effective pag combine silang dalawa. hihi

  5. i've asked what the best sellers are in shu uemura, they said it's this and the cleansing oil. during the mon shu girl lauch at rockwell a lot were buying skin care products too and I also saw this old lady who bought almost 10k worth of products! wow. if only i have the money. :)) but thanks to your review now I know why everyone's raving about the tsuya skin serum.

  6. did it really help in rejuvenizing ur skin? any improvement?

  7. I thought it's supposed to eradicate the "tired look"?
    You look tired in your after 30 day photo, especially around the eye area. Great review anyway.


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