Sumptuous Sundays: La Nuova Pastelleria

 Do you have that one single restaurant you keep on coming back to no matter how many restaurants you've been to? I do-and that's La Nuova Pastelleria, a little restaurant tucked in the quiet area of Forbes Park's San Antonio Shopping Center. 

 La Nuova Pastelleria serves traditional Italian food, made and prepared fresh daily. The first time I've been here was when I was in my um-teen years. My mother has always had a particular liking for Italian food, and I've developed the same level of appreciation for it too because she'd always bring me to Italian restaurants when I was younger. This restaurant, by far, serves the tastiest home- cooked traditional Italian meals in my opinion.

PRICE RANGE: P250.00-P1,000.00+

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On the house whole and white wheat pizza slices of hot, fresh bread.

Liver Pate and Fresh Tomato Salsa to accompany the bread basket.

 Insalata Primavera- light, fresh- tasting salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar, which happens to be my most favorite salad dressing.

 Zuppa Di Funghi- the healthiest mushroom soup in my opinion: no high- fat cream, no high- carb flour--only pure broth with a generous filling of fresh mushrooms and toasted garlic.

 Spaghetti Bolognese- it's the creamiest Bolognese I've ever tasted. I don't know if it's just me, but I think this is also the most unique Bolognese pasta I've ever eaten. I've eaten tons of Bolognese renditions and this is still the most memorable for me.

 Pasta Vongole- my most favorite pasta dish! Smoked pasta in white wine sauce. Light yet very filling!

 Filleto Di Salmone Alla Spumante- Baked Salmon with wine and tomato sauce. This also comes in Filleto Salmone: It's the same dish except that the latter is cream- based. This one's too yummy! I know for a fact that Salmon is such a bland fish and it needs a lot of spicing up to give it an interesting taste, so kudos to this resto for giving it a lovely smoky, tangy taste!

Risotto Ai Porcini- I'll let you in on a little secret: I love mushrooms to death. From Shitake, Portobello, Straw, Fresh Button, Oyster, and even to canned commercialized mushrooms, I LOVE THEM! I always have to eat anything with mushroom. I feel that my meal is never complete without it! I guess it's pretty obvious because apart from the mushroom soup, I also got a Mushroom Risotto! This is such a treat for vegetarian and healthy eaters alike: It's creamy, thick baked rice in porcini sauce and sprinkled with a generous serving of fresh button mushrooms and Gruyere cheese shavings. It tastes like meat, but there's no meat in it! :)

Brazo De Mercedes- To end my meal, I went for Brazo De Mercedes, the Pinoy version of 'Angel Cake'. This Brazo De Mercedes is a bit different: It's somewhat like Canonigo already because of that creamy leche sauce. Bottomline, it's good!

Take note: I did not eat everything by myself. I was with my family hence the massive food orders. :D

I was here just last Sunday and it was nice to see familiar faces in the restaurant. I don't really know them, but I know that they always eat here on a Sunday like me. I think it's our little Sunday hideaway--a quiet place where we can just enjoy good food with our families, and take it easy before the work week arrives.

How about you? What's your go- to restaurant? :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have yet to try the food here, but I always gear great reviews :) If you like Italian food, you might like Casa Notra in Pasong Tamo Extension :)

  2. Now I'm craving for spaghetti! hahaha! After I drool over your K-Palette and fairydrops goodies.. Ngayon eto naman!! HAHAHA!!!:p


  3. oh healthy foods =) yan pala ang sikreto mo Ms Martha =)

  4. i love peri-peri. i dont need to add any condiments to my food. their chicken is very tasty as well as their alfredo and java rice. and their serving is big. i will never get tire on just eating peri-peri foods.

  5. Jenny: Thanks for sharing! I agree! Peri Peri serves yummy food!

    Rhain: one of my secrets. :)

    Crissy: If you love Italian food, then you should try this. Thanks for the reco. I will check that out. :)

    Mitchie: Haha! :D

    Hollie: :)

  6. I will take your word for it :) Apologies for the wrong spelling, I was referring to Casa Nostra :)


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