Makeup Subject: Trixie Esguerra

Last Sunday, Trixie Esguerra, one of my friends at Nuffnang Philippines has asked for my help in doing her makeup for a Burlesque- themed Christmas party. I was a bit hesitant to say yes because I'm not really a real makeup artist, and I only did makeup on a few people. (and that was a long time ago too!) But hey, I thought it would be another experience so with just a little courage in my heart, I said yes. :D

 Here's my dear Trixie. She has clear and smooth skin to begin with so I didn't focus so much on her face makeup. The ultimate challenge for me was her eyes because as you can see, she has hooded eyes. Hooded eyes are quite hard to do, at least to me, because the goal is how I can make it appear bigger, and how I can make the eye makeup look appear more prominent--without looking fake, of course.

 Our clutter at Nuffnang's office.

Click READ MORE and see Trixie's transformation! :D

 Well, I didn't transform her totally as I am a true believer of enhancing your own beauty, not completely changing it. I focused on her eyes and gave it a dark, vampy look to suit her sexy bustier. Ack! So sorry, lighting is pretty bad here! I have a better photo below this post.

 I decided to give her eye makeup look a semi- V shape. I thought it was best to give her eyes a higher and more jagged plane because if it was lower and shorter than this, the eye makeup look would just be buried behind her hooded lids.

 I combined purple, blue, black, and silver eye shadows on her lids and lower lids. :)

In flash photography, her makeup looks like this. Hmmm...I think the eye makeup look is pretty successful because it made her eyes look bigger, which was my ultimate goal. The overall sexy result of her look was a good plus too!

How about you guys? What do you think? :D

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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like the look. I like that you didn't try to FAKE a crease. We have very similar eyes and I don't prefer tutorials that recommend that you "create" a crease even if you don't have one. That kinda makes me not look like myself

  2. i totally agree not to change her features, just enhance it, god has it purpose why he give you those kinds of features, to make you unique :)
    you definitely did a good job and if i will be given a chance to have a makeover done by you it will be my pleasure :)

  3. ooh I like the way you did and I wanted to have this make over too.:) is it okay to fit at chinky eyes?

  4. I love it! She totally rocked the look :) Great job Miss Martha :) Merry Christmas!


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